Personally I'm not sure yet.  I've just returned to it after about a 2 year hiatus due to poor health, and am only 2 days into that return.

The new Prototyping Research seems better than the old system, if a little confusing at first.
I haven't seen the new Gamma personal stations and teraforming stuff yet.

So far there are two main things that disappoint me.  First, that there seems to be a big lack of newer players.  And second, in the past two years there have been no official in game events.

Having worked in the gaming industry in the past, I know how important events and holiday themed games can be to any MMO, sandbox or otherwise.  It's not about the game when it comes to these types of things, it's about the players, and a company's appreciation to those players.  They are normally silly and unimportant, but they are supposed to be.

Give Aways, competitions, holiday treats, Hosted PvP tournaments - all of these can help with the lifespan of a game.  One of the biggest driving forces behind Eve Online's growth was the annual PvP tournaments.  Not only hosted, but also podcasted with real player guests at the company offices.  It's something called a "cool factor."  When a game company does something a bit out of the ordinary that any gamer, even a diehard troll, will admit to that action being, well, cool.  When your only "event" is some sales on a product, that's just not cool.  It seems more about a company asking for money from gamers, albeit in a smaller amount per purchase sort of thing.

Both of these I think are a part of the same problem, that hundreds of other games have had as well.  That being player retention.  So again I'll restate, I'm not sure yet.


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Hah, I have returned.

As for those interviews, that was for work back in the day.  A game review with some true in-game player feedback about the game.  I submitted the reviews but unfortunately they were not published as that company's interest in the game drifted off.  Their excuse being "sandboxes are too niche."

So where have I been?  I ruptured a couple ulcers in my gut, almost died, and was told I have this condition Crohn's now.  Kicked me pretty hardcore there for a while, but it's under control now.  But because of poor health I was unable to work, was pretty much a bum being supported by my wife, and since I have yet to invent the money-growing trees, had to cut down on my gaming and spending to a bare minimum.  It sucks not working.

But my health has returned, I'm no longer spending 3 days a month in a hospital, and I have plenty of free time again so I can get back to my passion, and that's gaming.  Even plan this summer to start looking for new means of employment.

Edited to add:  It was kind of cool coming on here and seeing this post up top.  I'm grateful to be remembered.


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Heh, Hunter, if I were to do that for every character in Perpetuum, it would take me too long.

I personally want as little work for me to do as possible, thus the rules.  My event, my rules, lol.


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Gotta follow the rules of the game to win, logged in and send William Bonney a message.  Photos can be altered.


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Congratz to Azyre for winning the US Timezone part, with a time of 184 18:05

Will be doing this once more this week during the Australian Prime Time, however it won't be the 20th, as I have a pretty busy day tomorrow my time.  Will try to get it done the 21st or 22nd server time(20th/21st in AU time)


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I have begun registrations for the US timezone, please send William Bonney a message in game to enter.  All registrations from the EU timezone do not count, you must be in game again, and send me a message.


(12 replies, posted in Events)

Grond has won the first series of this event, during the EU TZ, two hours from now, or 01:00 game time will begin the US TZ, Grond will be inelligible during the next two phases (US and AU).


(12 replies, posted in Events)

Leaders so far for this Timezone (EU TZ):

1. Grond with 206 days 21:51

If he ends up winning in this TZ, he'll be ineligible for the US and AU TZ's


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It's for online time for this one.  And you send a message to this character in game.


(12 replies, posted in Events)

Greetings all,

Time right now is 19:10 server time, and opening registration for my Perpetuum Anniversary event.  Basically speaking, whoever messages this character, William Bonney, over the next 2 hours, until 21:10 server time, will be registered to win ICE.

Whoever has the most time played in game wins it.

So if you think you have played Perpetuum more than anyone else, send William Bonney a tell, we'll find out.


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Plans for future revisions:

Drop down settings for building all robots, mk1 and mk2.

Drop down setting for building all modules, T1-T4.

Will allow you to just input your numbers, and choose a selection of what you are building.

Later I will add Time Efficiency formulas to show how much time it will take to build, and modifiers based on the number to be built for both Time Efficiency and Material.

This is just the first, basic revision.  More to come in the next few days.


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Greetings All,

Finished my spreadsheet for manufacturing.  Have both formulas for refining and mass production inputted into it.

To use, just modify the sections mostly in "white" for Material Ratio Points and CT ratio.
You can also adjust "your value" of Raw Materials.

Finally, input the number of commodities needed by the "base" item you want to produce, NOT the adjusted required at the factory terminal.

I've inputted "base" value for Fragments, which you are also able to change as needed, that section is not in white however.

This spreadsheet will allow you to see the "difference" in Nic value when adding "points" into the Material Effeciency and Refining extensions, as well as the changes based on market values of minerals.  It will also allow you to look at the "value" of a commodity, and then you can decide whether to refine yourself, or put up buy orders.

REMEMBER to use the points you get at the terminals you plan on crafting at.  The current listed on the spreadsheet is my production guys.  It is a total of Facility, Relations, and Extensions, as well as the CT bonus for mass production.

Reply here if it's useful to folks, or if you find any mistakes in my formulas.

I'm planning on revising it to be more in depth for my personal uses, and will post updates here as I do for the Perpetuum crafting community.

Good luck and have fun all.


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bleu wrote:

I would like to see one starter island in the center of map then leave it to the play where they would like to spread

That is a great idea that's been floating around a bit on these forums, a central "starter" island.  Been working on that suggestion a bit and should have something next week that I think is a well laid plan to submit to these folks.


(14 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

I personally think the Alpha 1 & 2 islands are perfect in what they have available to them now, except maybe variety of assignments.

Not on that though, I just hate it that a new player makes their character, then either joins a corp, or meets another new character in general or help chat, and so they try to meet up with each other to learn the game together, it could take them an hour, sometimes two, in order to do that.  First, because the map isn't the easiest thing to always figure out on how to get to other islands, and secondly, it's just too much travel.

It's an mmo.  It's supposed to enforce grouping together.  New players cannot "band" together well with this current setup unless they all choose the same faction, which isn't right.  You don't force players into playing a certain way.

The look and set-up of the map is great.  The function of it for a new player, is terrible.


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Annihilator wrote:

i dont say highways alone are necessary to be implemented.

  • working autopilot ON those highways.

  • Syndicate faction sequer and lithus NPCs that "roam" back and forth from terminal to teleporter on set path with different default speeds that provide a "follow" target for player (taxibots)

  • meaningfull PvE on ALL islands. Alpha 1 islands do not provide any reason to stay on them for more then a few days!! recent change to non-agression-npcs on alpha made it even more boring -> IMHO it helped only low-member-pvp corps. It was counterproductive regarding new (combat) player retention. Yet still no word from DEVs how they intend to replace this temporay feature.

  • ...

Hehe, I love reading your ideas Annihilator, truly, but most of your suggestions are "new code."  I try my best to either work within existing code, or not so difficult modifications, as much as possible.

Asking for new stuff all the time is great, but takes a hell of a lot longer to implement than changes/modifications of existing system.


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Maybe my next race should be in an arkhe, with no light weight frame....


(14 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

in order to keep the new members?  I think it is.  I think you haven't experienced the new player stuff in a while Celebro.  It sucks.

I agree however, do not bring back the triangle.  Arrangement of hte teleports in this method brings back the alpha1 - alpha 1 connections, but in a manner where you still have to travel on highways and off them to jump to the a different alpha-1.

The old triangle was a 30 second hop from station, to next alpha, to entering the next station.  This method will still require you to travel to teleporter, jump, travel to next teleporter, jump again.  So still keeping the "seperation" without causing a 2 hour walk for an arkhe.


(14 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

I have not been shy about telling folks on  my return to the game, I dislike the "new" map layout.

With this in mind, I do like the "ring" of sorts for the Alpha islands, I do prefer the "factional ore," and I like the commodity changes.  However, the distance two new players have to travel to meet up with their friends, especially for someone not used to the systems, is insane.  If you don't believe or agree with me, grab an arkhe, no LWF, traveling about 52 from ICS alpha to TMA.  Have fun with that.

I do not like complaining however without coming up with a solution, so I've spent quite a bit of time looking at the map, and believe I have come up with a way to reconnect the Alpha-1's, without bringing back the old style "triangle" we used to have:

Attalica Blaha II teleporter (not in use) connect to Weyster Port on Tellesis

Disconnect it's Weyster Port from Zapetsky on Attalica

Connect Zapetsky to Mata Shoto II on Daoden (not in use)

Connect either Chotassia II or Dan Shoto on Daoden to Bellicha II on New Virginia

Connect Maddis Gutaro to Radholme West on Attalica

This method, would still require "off road" traveling to get to the teleporters to then move you to a new Alpha-1 island, but not make you have to travel all of the Alpha-2's as a new player still trying to figure out the teleporters.

I also feel it would cut down a lot for the new player's travel when trying to join a corp that's set up on the opposite side of the world of Nia, without making it as easy as it used to be.  It will keep the seperation, give use to the "not in use" teleporters, and optimize the new player travel experience.

Well, thanks for reading.  /comment


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Sorry, a lot going on for me this morning. 

Perpetuumrace came in first, with a time of 23 minutes.

Ishlavah (alt of BeastmodeGuNs) came in second with 26 minutes.

And with a time of 32 minutes, Rainer L came in third.

They were the only three competitors, which is not as many as I had hoped for honestly.  However, as a "first try" and seeing how it'd go, along with the staff set-up, I know what I need now for future events such as this.

I thank all who helped me organize this, the staff and the racers themselves.

The next one will not require a "trial account" as stated it's not necesary with the banning of the Nexus Modules, and it will also be more of a "EU Timezone" setting.  I'm hoping to have this organized for some time after Thanksgiving.

Hope to see everyone next time, and stay tuned for the "Bots Deathrace" which I am working on now, for some time near Christmas.

Edited to forward from first post:

A BIG thank you for all Staff who, even though we only had three racers, seemed to have just as much fun with it as the racers.

So thanks again:
Hydra - with Phalanxx and Warblade
Statecorp - Cassius/Brutus/Atticus
Axis Inc - Azyre (who also let us jump on her TS so we could have VOIP)
Brotherhood of Steel - Slouson


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There's really no checkpoints for the race, other than the islands themselves.  You're allowed to take any path you want across the islands, those are the checkpoints.


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Rabus0 wrote:
Arjha Shanoo wrote:
Rabus0 wrote:

So, what if some guys turn on pvp flag and kill all race drivers? Its not impossible!

it is - if you yourself don't turn on your PvP-flag or try to shoot the flagged one. Why? Because the necessary isles are alpha ones and you can't shoot a non-PvP-flagged player (if happens otherwise it would be a bug and a big exploit too...) But if you really want to run through PvP-zones, your fault.

William Bonney wrote:

... to Tellesis.  Then Daoden, Shinjalar, New Virginia, Hershfield, and then Back to Attalica....

You didnt understand! If you will be allowed to shoot on other members in race that means that some guys who is not in race can kill you all!

And yes, really.  Even if you had started the trial account on the day I announced the race, any trial would only have about 28,000 EP.  That's enough to get to level 7 in Navigation Nexus.  I had originally thought of allowing it, however due to conversations with other's, and their concerns, all Speed Nexus module are banned.  So discussing them it a moot point.

Same amount of EP - no one has an upper hand because of maxed Speed Nexus Ext. with this.


The only way you can be shot at on an Alpha island, is if you flag for PvP.  If you're in the race, and you want to, I'm not gonna stop you, that's your choice.  And yes, 20k starter EP means no one will have level 10 speed nexus skills (as was the original intent).  Now though, nexus' are not allowed at all, period.  If you have one, or are caught using one, you are not only removed from squad, but if it looks like you meant to do it, to help out friends or one of you alts, they will also be DQ'd.

Edited to add:  the 26,000 EP, something a trial account who started on the day I announced the event, would be enough for Navigation Nexus 7.  I had orginally intended to allow that, however, after conversations with others, and their concerns, I decided to ban all Speed Nexus's.  So this argument/point, whatever, is all moot.


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Annihilator wrote:

just to make sure - noone forces any1 of the participants to activate his pvp flag
therefor its impossible to shoot at any of the participants that don't voluntary activate the flag.
so the phrase that weapons are allowed to be used is just obligatory in there.

PS: William, you wrote my name wrong...

fixed, sorry.


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aye, the original intent, was allowing the speed nexus or not.  With the rule of trials, it prevented someone for having a character with max speed nexus skills.

2nd.  It lets me differentiate in squad, who is a staff person, and who is a trial account racer.

3rd.  It potentially provides Perpetuum with more trial accounts, new and older vets, who may one day spend ICE or other, to keep those new trial accounts active after the trial is over.

I want more business for Perpetuum.  I want more accounts, I don't care if they already have 1-5.  I want more ICE being bought on their site, and sold or traded in the actual game.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the Race is to get us all together, new players and old, to have some fun together.  Show that there are a lot of people playing.  For the vets, it allows them to have their racer there, withouit leaving the Beta or Gamma islands at their stations.  It's quite easy making a new account, and start them at ICS.   It doesn't take up a character slot, and they are not penalized 2880 EP for deleting it on their main accounts.

So, is that reason enough for you?


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Hunter wrote:

This is sad and nice.
Sadly that there are absolutely no mass event mechanic in the game.
...But this is nice to see player's desire to organize such events.

good luck William

Who knows Hunter, maybe they'll add something in game for me, if these events I am doing become successfull.  It does market "Player Driven Content" so I don't see why they wouldn't.


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Staff Announcement:  These are the players who I have spoken with in game, and they have agreed to be apart of my staff, to help the Event be a success.  It's tentative of course, because some weren't sure of their schedule, so it may change from this time, until next week:

Azyre - Axis Inc (AIC)
Phalanxx - Hydra (HYDRA)
bobo1994 - Pretty Hate Machine (PHM)
Annhilator - Bunkerkinder e.V (BKK)
Reynava Mohric- Immortal Legacy (IL)
Slouson - Brotherhood of Steel (B.O.S)
Cassius/Brutus - Statecorp (STC)
Warblade - Hyrda (HYDRA)

Warblade is the only player who has volunteered so far, thus why Hydra has two, and will be used as an alternate for Phalanxx.  Thanks for your interest and support all.