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deploy from station:


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Wraithbane wrote:

Guys, don't you think you've gone completely over board with the NPC EW allocation? One group on the west coast of NV has not only demob and jamming, but energy drain as well.  With good skills and a load out tuned to their damage type, I managed to kill two assaults before I had to run (I was in one of my assaults).

Cap was totally drained and I'd taken more than 30% damage in that short time (even with natural (Bap) and active resist to their damage type). If its your intention to make solo farming as much of a PITA as possible, you've obviously succeeded.  My question is simply, why would you wish to do that?

hell, it's one of the main reasons i stop playing perp hmm

p.s. why complain about it when no one listens ?

so this means t4 stuff (epistium modules/bots etc.) will not be available in alfa yes?
i would better delete my combat char than going to beta to get/buy my mech/heavy mech

also i can safely delete my recycler alt and stop paying it (the 2nd account)
opening good market for low tier items, but killing the high one

can anyone tell me that beta corps are selling epistium on alfas ???
kill titan from recycling too !!!

p.s. sorry, too frustrated that there is little to no market on the high end.

what store ? where ?


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https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreads … p;hl=en_US

enjoy the beta v 0.001 of it smile
leave your suggestions/swearings etc. here, will look at them from time to time big_smile

good work wink
at least my lasers are not hitting the ground so often now


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competition haters neutral

x wrote:

Welcome your new robot overlords

The Nians are becoming more clever and flexible - if you partially destroy a spawn group, it will keep coming at you. If you totally destroy a spawn group, the Nians will deploy a different kind of spawn the next time to keep you guessing. There’s also the chance that the spawn group may be an "elite" spawn - special forces carrying higher quality gear, or items that will lead to higher ranked Elite Spawns.

this should be implemented in beta island only, or this will introduce a new specialization in perpetuum : griefing

a new player X is farming arkne/T1 light bots in a spot near ICS/asintec etc. terminal , i come in my mech/assault bot and kill the spawn until all the spawn in noob areas are full of asssault/mech bots, and make the life of newcomers miserable !

even changing types of bots ... i telodica in prometheus go farm t1 light nuimqol, if i accidentally kill all the spawn, and i get a spawn of green tyrannos, do you think this will make me happy ?

even changing the ammo of the rats is bad, because i keep my hardeners according to what damage the rats do, so spawning rats that shoot seismic, when i have kinetic/termal rezists will make me pop my bot... and this will make angry, even emo quit

how about thinking of the consequences ?
it will bring much drama, QQ, emo quit, flames on chat etc., this should be a beta island "feature" if you want to implement this, or at most on the new alfa islands*

*I promise i will be the first griefer what will roam the alfas, making ppl miserable

2)also regarding the intrusion system, i plan to go on a 2 week holiday, and when i come back and find my stuff stuck because i can't dock to take it and corp lost the outpost, especially since remote sell is not implemented.
-you can bet i will be unhappy

3) having 7 days for the older chars to do this, will be a good ideea !
or even better, every 3 months you get the right to reimburse 1 skill of your choosing