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200nic per 10k yarr


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35nic per 10k ?

Internal market should be at least taxed normaly in every outpost you don't own.

If you own an outpost in beta, well no taxes or taxed according the stability ^^

Twiz wrote:

Spending 2 hours every 16 hours is a lot of my gametime spend on intrusions every day. I hope the devs will take a closer look into that system. So far the server population is far too low for this to actually be fun as it might have been if we were thousands of players online.  But since we are only a merely handful, this part could have been implemented at a later date.

This is true.


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Rex Amelius wrote:

This thread is embarrassing.



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not enough smile


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hehe good one smile

I heard Mobios talked about openning a perpetuum academy, that was few month ago... i don't how it is now.


so T2+ and the second ? smile

great smile thx for the info ^^

Oh if zoom was coy i may be patient ^^

My bad, by tradable i mean that you can sell it on the market...

Look like they aren't on the market... as far as i kown all sellable items can be found on the market, even if there are no adverts.

Can someone confirm that ?

you just looking for new thing to sell ^^

and possibility to sort by tier

You should try it at Shinjalar.

Asbale pvp activity create a lot of mouvements on shinjalar.
And  some active corp use it as their alpha HQ.

how was it celebro ?


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We need others scores to tell who is the high-score of independant producer ^^


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So the most reliable DEV is Gargaj,
everything he said was done ^^

In order to make the trading a real profession, maybe it could be great to add some specialized trading skill.

For exemple: the possibility to change order from a terminal to an other should be affected by a skill.
A kind of long range marketing.

lvl 0: you can only change advert in the station you are docked in.
lvl 10: you change advert everywhere (or a limited distance...)

i don't how to make this progress trough the lvl ^^

It's only one idea, i think there are  many possibility to make the trade a specialisation.

And that could be enjoyable when the market will be more active, when ICS alpha will be a new Jita ^^


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Why the market price are rounded sometime ?

It happened really often that when i want to modify an advert to stay the first, both selling and buying advert, the price don't appear at the value i wanted to.

With small price it's ok, there will no rounding as far as i tried it. For exemple if someone sell Titanium at 19nic/unit, i will manage to put it at 18.99nic//units

But with high price, the rounding thing start to come.

For exemple, i put a buy order for a seth at 22 000 000 nic.
During the day, another guy put a buy order at 22 100 000 nic.
If i modify my advert to stay the first, and put 22 100 000.01 nic. It wil appear  on the market at 22 100 000 nic.

If i try with 22 100 000.50, it will be the same, the price will be rounded at the lower value.

I think it should be better to control the exact price of our market adverts, rounded price is not good for bizness cool

I hope i manage to make that understandable wink