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No the fact this post came today after they got face rolled the past two nights on their island is no coincidence. They can't deal in even numbers vs 62nds piracy. However for the sake of entertaining the argument I will as we just had this last night. You want survivability to your me hand heavy mechs so you can just gank and not die, the erp coupled with sitting on a teleporter gave you that. Just jump out when it gets too hot and come back later when your repaired. Shield tanksare just as strong as an erp was te only difference is that shields could do dmg or they could stop dmg not both. While it is true ewar can sit behind a shield and ewar you they all use large sums of accum doing it ad shooting the shield will eventually fall under focused fire. Your ERP tanks didn't have to choose, you sat there dishing out the damage and loling as you were unkillable unless we brought half a dozen ictus and vagabonds to jam and drain your gang of them. No other setup requires that to kill a gang. Shields will just run out of accum, he may have to run out of energy charges first or break his peak recharge but hell go down to a roaming gang and the speed guys have a lwf on so if you can dmob them they are toast. Plate fit with resists just eat through his buffer and he will die. The problem of why chaos/cir/et all want the ERP back is it was Op and required no skill or real tactics to use. Note when I say skill I don't mean EP. I mean actual ability to play the game and use the muscle that counts


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Mara is very reputable and if she says its safe/your safe or its time to go its no joke. I am right behind Pit, us M2S guys have 62nd back when the heads start to roll. As Mara said its beta after all, but if theres one thing I have done... its gotten dozens of kills with 62nd and have yet to die on one of their roams. Ill bring any bot I own heavies included to meet their call.

Pay no attention to the trolls and nay sayers in this thread, its CIR and pets trying to get you to stop stealing their EPI.

Proof... CIR Passification squad:
http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z188 … ndkain.mp4


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Mara it seems brute force. Just pick a point draw a straightish line and walk pick next point walk. Realisticqlly I just set up a million wps to ensure that I get where I'm going first try along routes with out plants or impassible terrain.

Would be nice if a dev weighd in on it and gave the definate answer over my speculations

Syndic wrote:

I'd love to see an iPhone fitting tool / corp-chat tool. Would be awesome to crack the whip while enjoying the fruits of communism on my favorite sandy beach.

Its doable. You would need to read the memory with a third party program then have it send via mirc where you could read what's said and send back to the game. Piroexbots for world of Warcraft do this currently. There's no direct injection, it uses the chat box and a keyboard emulator to send back so the client sees it as the same as me typing it on the keyboard. Alas I only program PHP/HTML/Java. You need. A c++ or maybe c# programmer to do it as it would need to be desktop based not web based.

Wait did I just agree with syndic. Some one shoot me lol


I am in no way shape or form telling someone to go do this, simply providing theory crafting as to how it would be done with out taking a 2000lb bomb to the EULA/tos.

Arilou wrote:

Good stuff. I might change a few things due to personal taste, but I'm very in favour of there always being parts of Nia that even the best players and biggest corps are terrified of. And when those are finally conquered and tamed, we should find that they lead to even scarier places.

Who says were scared of that. Have you been to a beta lately. Observers are roaving around in packs as well as top tier roaming spawns. What we really need is a place where there's no outposts but we need to use player built and run structures be them post like from eve or walkers/mobile mini outposts.

Give us *** we actually have to skill for build then use and lose. Not something we just need to die a lot perfecting. Make gamma islands terraformable too so we can make the m2s thunderdome around the teleporter onto the island and farm the people as they teleport in and shooting down a firey death upon them.


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We all know what happens when everyone asumes. You make an *** out of u and me. No the mispelling is intentional. Lets just stop guessing and let a dev weigh in or not.


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You need something over time that increases forcing it to shut off. Else I could sit 200m off a station all day and just keep eyes on it. I can see using this module to make roaming easier, but not spying and camping undetectable forever.

Calio wrote:

I find this bit of information in the patch notes very intriguing:

"New: Mining and harvesting cycles can now occasionally yield rare materials. These are more dense isotopes or more pure variants of the standard raw materials, and can be recycled to their standard counterparts. There is also a chance that mining one type of mineral will yield a variant of another loosely related mineral. Currently rare materials have no other purpose than spicing up mining and saving some cargo space."

Note the first word in the last sentence: "Currently."

The implication is that they will have other uses down the road as the devs continue to develop manufacturing. T5 mods? MK3 bots? special prototypes? new modules entirely?

For manufacturers these implications are great news. I can see this becoming the best crafting system since SWG.

For PvP/PvE combat people, better equipement

For miners, this adds to the fun (this adds a nice loot drop table to mining).

The anticipation is killing me.

Don't hurt your self thinking too much into it.

Its less HP per second base by like three. There is more HP per point of accum by three base. Sure its less per second but more for your energy. With skills and a tuner its sufficient for a mech to tqnk t4 mechs kiting in and out of their range. You just need to have a well tanked mech.alternatively look into erps. They are more of a mmech class item that the smaller counterparts can not fit well. The boowt of qccum per point of dmg is enough to blster you t finish the fght and repair after or with the proper extensions keep fighting all day.

I like the small repair with a tuner. Its cheep and with decent skills will tank my qrtemist versus a t4 spawn I'm kiting.


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Drahkar wrote:
Jita wrote:
Alexander wrote:

Mostly, No.
There is no benefit selling on the open market.
A small corps of 20+ people can be total self sufficient.

Its a popular misconception driven by the top corps in the game that NIC is useless and they dont need it. In fact all of these corps rely on NIC and generally use either higher tier tech sales or the selling of epriton to facilitate the buying of minerals so that they cut down the amount of time it takes them to produce.

Yes a small corp of 20 can be self sufficient if they work at it, but two men producing for a corp of 50 can be self sufficient with the right tech base and access to epriton.

Lucius Marcellus wrote:

Firstly, pretty much anything can be bought with NIC, so NIC is definitely powerful.

Secondly, self-sufficient corps who do never interact with the market will always suffer from low efficiency. That is not saying they can't do a lot of stuff, but they could always do even more stuff if they leveraged what they had more.

About effing time. I thought I was alone realizing that NIC is far from useless. NIC will be useless the day there is absolutely nothing on the market, ever.


I think the big misconception to the larger corps is that they can make more nic an hour therfor the worth is less. I hate to use that other game as an example but when I had tens of billions of is, it really became less of value to me al ost worthless as I squandered my fortune pvping. Very similar in perpetuum I've heard reports of twenty million nic an hour, I think that may be a bit far fetched but even half that is a *** ton of pvping assaults and ewar bots. Three hprs and I am now just pvping for a week unless your really that unlucky to run into a lot of camps and lose them.


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Howard Quartz wrote:

The difference is slightly too big to be purely accounted for by rounding of relation and CT efficiency figures.

I'm using a L1 facility, which I assumed would have no effect, but this may be wrong. Also I'd expect an effect from facility levels to increase time efficiency rather than reducing a penalty, so that still probably doesn't account for the difference I'm seeing.

Different level facilities have different efficencies so there may be your variation. However I could be wrong as your cwlculating everything on a level one so you don't have to account for thnwt variable.


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Copine Callmeknau wrote:

Yeh I don't know what you're doing wrong, I farm t3L and T3A no problems in my arbalest, not even been playing for a month.

Did you earn all your nic by your self and buy your bt and all its fittings or did people along the way help you. The u derlying issue seems to be the solo pve experience. Yes yes we all know its an mmo, but no where in the definition of mmo does it say you need to play as a group.. people who stay solo are experiencing issues, not those players who join the perpetuum version of goonswarm.


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Are you looking for a casual, mature, and fun Corp to hang out with in Nia? Abelith is a small but growing corporation and is looking for other members to join our family. We invite you to come and mine or fight along side us.

  • PVP, PVE, Mining, we do it all! Team speak 3 is NOT required unless we are PvPing, yet it is available for all who want it!

  • Play the game the way YOU want to play it. After all, if its not fun why play.

  • Knowledgeable Members. Feel free to ask any questions you have in corp chat.

  • Mature and respectable member base.

Please Contact in game: Reep or Kamikaze for an invite.

Theres q complete formulq you can use to get the recharge rate at a specific cap a mount as its on a bell curve it the peak being at 50%. Alternatively if your not worried about what you cap out at, ust take the  (capacity/regen)*2 and that's what your regen is at peak. To find your use age just do acum usage/cycle time for every module and then run a check to see if usege < peak recharge.

Accumulator Peak Recharge rate = (Axumulator Capacity/Accumulator Rcharge Rate)*2
Accumulator Drain per Second = Module Accumulator Use/Module Cycle Time


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Stupid internet... double post. Sorry.


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Better noise and animstions does not solve the issue. As I see the arguements, there's the one side of dirt sucks. I turn on the lazor and mine. When I have my fillll, I haul. The other side is well I want to do it with multiple accounts at once.

Where does this leave us. It has to be something that is not click intensive over a long duration or there will be a drop in subscriptions as its impossible to dual or triple box and mine. By the same token however when I mine the lasers do not even point at the right tile. There's no real eye candy to it. Do I think that mining as it stands is the right thing to do... hell no. Let m go mine hdt and come back in 12 hours and still be mining it. Just occasionally switching the liquid to the cargo. When I'm done I'll haul four seqs at a time in convoy.

With that said I bought a mining mech for the purpose of mining. So what people say about deploying structures ad such, there's no need you have the mechs and bots. What we really need is a new process or revised even to get the ore or liquid from the ground to the cargohold. At least in eve I could not sit in the middle of a red field and mine all day. I had to belt hop and in rare cases system hop.

From the best i can tell certain ores spawn in certain environmental conditions such as near impassable slopes or on super flat terrain.

I wont pretend t know the solution or even propose one on this as I'm just not able to think of a better system. I just recommend that miners subscribe to Netflix or get a webcam to use Skype and find something good to watch or a cute member of the opposite gender to talk to in the hopes of starving off the sheer boredom.

Well we could firesale nia, and have everyone start over from day one just with giant EP pools. tongue let the hate posts flow.

Seriously though, I am sure the right decision will be made.my concerns at least were voiced

DEV Zoom wrote:

Snowman: the account reset changes have nothing to do with the combat/indy mission relation changes. Those extensions will be reimbursed, like we used to do so many times when we changed something fundamentally affecting their effects.

So all combat and industry extensions will be reimbursed then? How will you determine which extnsions an industry toon pumped to combat vs a combat mission and which ones a combat to on pumped to run industry missions. Your better off just reseting everyone's EP and giving us the thirty days. Its a fair and level play field and prevents the server from having to do a million account resets that everyone will crunch out prior to release so their characters are under the thirty day mark.


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AeonThePiglet wrote:

Bigger problem with pve than all this garbage is it being duller than dried ***. Make the bots dance while I shoot them, possibly while playing 8 bit music.

And mining needs to be made less push butan receive bacon. It's the stupidest thing ever. Of all the mechanics this game borrowed from eve, why did it bring that garbage along.

Yes. You are successful miner. You has sat on your *** while ore accumulated. Sometimes you moved the ore to a can. Dull.

Real miners drill holes and use explosives and people *** die trying to rip *** out of the ground. They build vast complexes where the ore gets processed, and they poison the ground and sky with their tools and their chemicals. Why can't it be awesome like that? Player versus Minerals: This Time, It's Mother *** Personal!

lol    +1 just answerme how you would scale it to multiple accounts mining.

No way. If its there and ready I can wait a while and all of a sudden I want to undo a 45 day extension... pow instant done. Click and wait you need to wait once you decide you want to do it. Wasteng the I between time. The game works on pools of extensions and should follow suit there's a pool of reset points. Why change the way things work

I feel like rest points should pool and accumulate instead of just click de level and wait. I mean they are machines after all, we learn an extension instant based on an EP pool the same should apply to unlearning it.

As jack so well put it with his reset gain idea, it works and stays true to the idea of the game. Lets look at the argument from the foundation of the game which is the persistence of the world and continuity of the server.

I give you a spark. The spark is escentially a block of code transmitted from earth to nia. It is mechanical in nature as all machines are. The spar, drives the robots of nia around and fights for its corporation. Over time it grows its knowledge and understanding with EP. My understanding of EP is that over time the complexity of the spark increases and you can install in it subroutines that I crease existing equipment or allow access to new equipment. This happens not by putting a skill in queue and over time a capsuleer learns it as he has to read the book, but by installing it to your hard drive much like we installed perpetuum. Just as quickly as I installed perpetuum to my hard drive I can uninstall it and move to a new game. In the case of the game world, I reformatted the hard drive of my spark and installed some new extensions..

Where am I going with this you ask.

Jack mentioned RP. Its an interesting concept and so les a lot of the issues we currently face. Reset anaccount and recreating it destroys the persistence of the game world and its continuity. The account reset destroys the character allowing it to be remade again as seen with all the EP it had prior to rest. Its a drastic change to the game world as it changes the characters that reside in it, it can allow an imbalance in power as Mega corporations gain and lose pilots and we see a flavor of the month emerge.

RP is a solution to this. Since we are complex machines, have there be a penalty to removing an extension in that ripping it out of such a complex system results in damage to what it can do. Escentailly would be a loss in EP. The loss of EP is offset by the reset points as they basically say the system is stable enough to remove xxx EP for redistrobution safely so there will be no EP loss when doing so. There are 525600 EP gained in a year. Allow for reset points to accumulate at a rate of 10:1.this way there will always be more EP thenypu can reset forcing you to think about your choices, but over time of savings theres enough rp to fix the occasional mistake or eventually wipe out a lvl 10 extension and reinvest those points.

To sum up my thoughts on this issuer restores EP.


So what you are really saying is that you want a system that will further benefit the Mega player run corporations and exceedingly rich triangle runners by allowing them to crank off 1000 of something and be making them stupid cheep.

I think if anything there should be an effect in the factory in that the more is in buld the more the CT decay. So if you build one item the may be a 1% decay, but if you build 10 things at once. Not 10 runs but 10 different lines in use there is an increased usage on the cts as the resources of the factory are spread thinner. So maybe a .5% CT decay per production line running with a base value of something.

This would encourage and allow newer players and smaller corps to compete with the larger ones by doing a lower quantity at a lower cost and still keep the competition as the quantity would be such that the larger corps could still compete due to the sheer quantity. Think of it as 1 item for 100 nic profit or 100 items for 50  nic profit. The quantity always wins but the single item at a time guy is no  where near the mass production profit but enough to stay competitive. The Lowe number of runs guy can then sell those items for a smaller profit margin then the mass production guys. It will encourage small corps and individual builders.


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Good Robot wrote:

We warned you.

Leave our planet or our elite will spawn on you!