I thought the repopulation was dead since hero engine has stopped.

can i have your stuff stuck on dormalarm plzzzzzz ?


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To Crepitus

Same thing, just posting & trolling but never playing ... fuuu


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WooT ?_?

Hello ! Welcome in perpetuum TCO ! Wish you the best and have fun !

-1 , delete the spark teleports plz !


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gratz m8!

Hope you ll call him/her poKK.


You best poKK

shait iam in the wrong place ...

Hello ladies and gentlemens

Here is my pink artemis. I know you are going to be mad about seeing this cute and shy little artemis, but here is the pic .




I have made more than 30 kills so far with it, it's a foukin beast on the battlefield.

I challenge you to make a perpetuum bot to see who's the best at doing it eventhough i know i ll bit you easy with my robo eyes that can see  blocker's naked zenith across his T4 medium plate.

Kindly regard


WoW that a nice intellectual and mutual wankling i see here smile

Line wrote:

don't fly over the ukraine, seriously

Depends if Poutine is in a good mood fuuu

Yeah i have try out this game, it is very fun, and the devs put lot of effort making the game more interresting.
The survival game is really awesome, you have to build every single thing that you want to create. It makes you feel playing a proper sandbox game without any limits.

I recommand this game !


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Hi guys,

Just came back in game few weeks ago, now tanks are realeased but still in beta. So far the mechanics of the  game seems to be working, except few bugs of terrain while you driving. I didn't like WoT this "pay to win game" but i have lot more fun on WT. I know there are only 2 sides (Russians and Germans) i can't wait for the other nations :c. It's a shame they haven't planed to add the french but still, Japan could be interresting to play.
Anyone have try out WT and want to discuss ?

You dear and sincere Malkuth : ))

We all remember what happened after the eve exile, server lagging like crazy and they all left after 1 or 2 month...


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Iam currently living in France, but since about 2 weeks i get serious lag , it takes 5 min to open the window for a beacon teleport, about the same time for the teleport window and docking process. The game looks fluid, low ping but sometimes it happen. No big deal so far, it happen few times a day.
And I have noticed that it was always in hershfield, i dont really move out of hersh so i dunno about the others islands.

Zoom & Co, i know it's useless comment, on a useless Thread but YOU DO and DID GREAT JOBS since the game as been released. I know how things can change specially in the hard world of game development. Stay focus on what you have in mind and DON'T GIVE UP. You already have done 75% of the work. I agree with Bleu, players should $$$$ up or create their own games before beeing so criticize again the development team.

Ciao Bello Zoom : ))

nice to see you Balf smile
Good chance mate smile