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Weedy wrote:
Cassius wrote:
Stranger Danger wrote:

Cassius quit with no intention to return im sure that's some current player on his account.

Anyway, Mastablasta was top agent on perpkill after less than two months worth of EP in a waspish.  Proof positive you don't need a billion EP to compete.

Weedy, seriously 600k is enough EP? Skill or not please run a Mk2 Heavy with 600 k and see how well you do.

Stranger, you're still an idiot. Is that enough proof I still control my accounts?

As Cindy pointed out, free lifetime accounts. Remember?

Do the maff. My completely maxed out Mesmer Mk2 pilot has 700k points on it (10 in everything for mesmer). That is together with the fitting skills.

My main has 750k and is able to run Mk2 Seth, Mk1 Mesmer and Mk2 Zenith. That is with all the necessary skills at 8 or higher (range skills obviously 10).

You are just outright wrong.

Now, that being said, I find it kinda funny that you guys LOVE to throw around stuff like 'oh in blob environment personal skill doesn't matter at all'. At the same time, you whine that even 2mil EP is not enough for some players. Seems like you fail to comprehend the fact that the contribution of EVERY SINGLE PLAYER counts. Perhaps it's the main reason that attributes to your incredible military failures. Can see this trend going through your recruitment and political processes as well.

Lol. Okay. My point that was kinda lost was EP is more valuable than NiC.  If you read anything else into my comments that's your choice. I personally would not sell any EP (or accounts) myself, regardless of whether I'm active or not.

Thanks for your input though, and good luck on Gamma. Hopefully it's substainable and balanced and worth the time and NiC investment. I'm curious to see if this is the case.


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Stranger Danger wrote:

how is that outlasting going for you cassius?

Lol, wrong guy. Was never my strategy.  Enjoy the game. Reading the forums at work is entertaining but depressingly repetitive over the last few months.


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Stranger Danger wrote:
Weedy wrote:

Are you kidding me. Even 600k is plentiful to be more than viable to perform a certain role (HM dps, mech ewar, enwar, anything). Actually with 700-800k you can already branch out between 2-3 roles.

If you feel like 2mil EP is not enough, then perhaps it is a question of smart allocation of points and arithmetic, which I agree is a skill that some vets definitely lack.

Cassius quit with no intention to return im sure that's some current player on his account.

Anyway, Mastablasta was top agent on perpkill after less than two months worth of EP in a waspish.  Proof positive you don't need a billion EP to compete.

Weedy, seriously 600k is enough EP? Skill or not please run a Mk2 Heavy with 600 k and see how well you do.

Stranger, you're still an idiot. Is that enough proof I still control my accounts?

As Cindy pointed out, free lifetime accounts. Remember?


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Edit: I hate stupid iPhones.


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I'm sorry, but EP is far more valuable than NiC. NiC is easy to earn, EP much slower. And although some vets are over 2 million EP now, I would say very few feel like they have all they need and have an excess to sell.


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Sigras wrote:

I guess what I dont understand is why a level 0 mission would require a skill that I cant afford in order to complete

You shouldn't need any extra skills from the starting ones to scan for artifacts. I used to artifact extensively and while I would use the T4 geoscanner, I always used unbonused light bots like yagels or cams. But to each his own. And I never upgraded the artifacting skill whatsoever.


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Travel on your image in the direction of 12 o'clock, or up, for 400m and then scan again. This scan will not be roughly "in line" like all your other scans are and should point to roughly where you need to go. Having low scanner accuracy means you will get more variation the closer to the location you are.  If I had to guess your site is located to the left of the large building behind you, between it and the accelerator path further behind the building. You should also always have the ground tile selected where you do your scan from, and your landmark info window open. This is the best way to accurately calculate distance traveled.


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Toku wrote:

So former players THAT DO NOT PLAY are wanting to stop players that do play the ability to share bots. Too funny that the bitter EX PLAYER still feels the need to troll the forums trying to get players banned. How about you go play sims online and quit worrying about a game YOU NO LONGER play.

First, to quote Cindy, since I have a lifetime account now and access to forums, clearly it's within my rights to post whatever and whenever I feel like it. I could even resume playing should I choose.

Second, once your reading comprehension improves, revisit what I wrote, you will see I am not actively trying to get any specific player or group banned, I am merely trying to get an area of the game having clearer rules.

Third, this is only a suggestion, like all others in "Features Discussions", that is intended to make the game better so it survives so you still have a game to play in the future.

But thank you for your input.


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Edit: I know my comments are good enough to be posted twice, but meh ....


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Right now the problem isn't who might be doing it, it's the rules that are currenty at best, grey.

You can't do *** about it until it's made extremely clear what's allowed and what isn't.


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Rex, huh? History says your alliance mates had engaged in this previously. Why would you find it surprising people may imply it again?

Gremrod you said you were in favour of account transfers and gifting. They are not the same.
Accounts playing the game doesn't equal success.

If one maxxed miner account is gifted to 3 different players in a day and is continuously used to mine a resource at peak efficiency, the net effect is a higher yield of resources and wealth. And this yield is done with a 1/3 of the account cost if each player was required to max their characters in the same field. This is why account "gifting" can be used and abused.

If the character is sold, transferred publicly, and cannot be returned for a reasonable period of time, then theoretically newer enthusiastic players can purchase experienced accounts and dive into a deeper level of gameplay sooner than 1 EP a minute. In this scenario, the Devs make money on the transfers.

I'm not advocating anything. All I'm saying as I said in the OP is that the current system is ripe for abuse. I also stated it's not something I'd do. In light that I no longer play the game, and I have 3 accounts with 1.6+ mill EP and 5 accounts with at least 200k + unspent EP, you'd think I'd be happy to see this implemented so I can sell them. But it's not a practice I'd ever do and my position hasn't changed.


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Game content should not be created by making things artificially harder to prolongue your gaming experience.
slow walking speeds (increases playing time, decreases efficiency)
EP sinks for no reason or higher than relative Extension complexity (Navigation skill for example)
Player Built Highways on Gamma (concept, great! mechanics restricts building)
Bandwidth for structures on Gamma (another great concept! but costs prohibit building a complete base with one terminal)

I'd love to see the overall layout for this game, the Devs vision of how the game is supposed to function and what is supposed to be coming next and when. Hell, forget about the future. I'd just like to see in detail from the Devs how the various mechanics are supposed to function with each other now.

Has anyone done any protracted PvP base assaults on the test server?  Because testing individual mechanics and how they work is far different from testing to see if the multi billion Nic base is actually defendable now.

No more gamma wipes, please.


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Bad idea.

There is a fundamental flaw with making the game world bigger so one entity cannot control it. It's not the size of the world but the number of players. STC ruled a 36 island game with 10 people and 30~ people online total, average, for 2 years. The size of the world, or SpT made no difference. It was the number of people playing. CIR/77 own what they own because there is not enough opposition, not because of the game world or SpT in its current form.

Alpha needs to be a viable area with enough content and resources for the constant new players to learn the game and establish a basic foothold of wealth and resources. Only then will this game start retaining its new growth and actually expand. Forget about making changes based on the population over the last 3 years.


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The frog and the scorpion. Enjoy.


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Ville, you wonder why no one takes you seriously.
Actually you don't wonder. You know exactly what you post and what you mean. But so does everyone else.

Regarding the topic, I agree with Shadow. Long travel times and slow movement was one of the constant complaints in the game. Maybe this exact change is not the perfect solution to the problem but it's a step in the right direction. It certainly changes how the current game is played. For better or for worse who knows.


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Celebro wrote:
Gremrod wrote:

And if you develop a game listening to all of this you have "Perpetuum".......

Nobody, ever, asked for SPT.

Not quite true. Pretty much everyone when I first joined complained about the long travel times on terrain and several times a form of EvE clone jumping was requested. SpT was the result and I personally think its wasn't a bad concept.

Other factors harmed the game far more.


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It's not sparks, it's low population. No ones turtle Gammas would have survived only 500 concurrent players online, yet everything gets changed to cater towards the 30 guys that only play (credit to Rex for pointing this out)

On topic, the theory of 3 terminals per island is good in theory to limit networks and sprawl. But the reality is the best prepared powerblock will simply use this limit to lock Gammas out for other players.  I personally think Gammas should have a per island-wide substainability point. Terminals have no cost, but all other structures use bandwidth. The island has a bandwidth cap. The player is left to choose whether he want one massive sprawling base with all facilities or several small mining bases connected by highways. Or something in between. It's called creativity. Something that has been killed in the new terraforming system. Arbitrary hard caps on bandwidth and terminals per island does not accomplish anything .. in the same way the current highway mechanics discourage attempting to build that really useful and long highway from main base to tele. This is based on what. I have read on the testing forums, not from doing things on the testing server.

Devs, introducing mechanics and artificially handicapping them to limit their use is the wrong way to do things.


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I think there are many different reasons why the game had low population. I don't believe the CIR/77 dominance of Beta is the MAIN one, although it has some negative effect. If Alpha was content rich, then the continual new faces that join the game would have a reason to stay and learn the game and get hooked, much like what High Sec does in EvE. I always noticed new players in the 3 years I played, it was a continual flow, the key as mentioned is to keep them. There are far more EP rich vets not playing than what is available to the current powerhouse so that the political landscape could be changed, but again there are many reasons why people don't play. 95% of why I don't has nothing to do with the game. The 5% why I would is Gamma 2.0 .... I may try and make a base on the test server if I get get time.


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Jita wrote:

so the reverse charges would have to be small and cheap.

ideally ofc it would show you what its going to look like 5 or 10 charges from now but that would probably be another month.

Wouldn't this cause a problem by making offensive terraforming an enemy base far easier?

Ok, now that was funny. Gj Syndic. big_smile

Thanks for confirming my point. That was quicker than expected.
Syndic I realize with you being ESL you may not understand the difference between your members conduct being good for the game as opposed to your members conduct being acceptable to you. But we both know you know the difference.

Aye Pod, my personal criticism of this game revolves around the handling of Gamma and it's future. This is not a new player issue. Nor has any of your factions actions affected my decision not to play. I was a vet and used to how you play. It's the newer players that are affected most.

Rex, sorry do you feel left out I didn't include you on the list of most detrimental? Truth is yours and the likes of Strangers trolls are not that good and thus don't deserve attention.

The bottom line is there are many things wrong with this game. And when the dust settles and the autopsy is done your faction will have been part of the problem.

Crepitus wrote:
Jita wrote:
Crepitus wrote:

There aren't even 10 people for us to fight against left.  True story.  Just a lot of loud mouth trolls on the forums who never log in.

Given that you have been the dominant power throughout that period are you happy with your factions choices?

I think you undeservedly (as is your custom) give us the lion's share of the blame for people leaving.  That blame rests, as ever, squarely on the shoulders of the DEVs. 

We've had the majority of our new players stop logging in the same as everyone else's; most weren't even PvPers.  This is in spite of having 2x a week corp ops scheduled with them in mind, both for training and finances. 

Guess why?  Could it be long travel times and *** missions?  The near total lack of viable solo game play?  The near black out of information and the fanatical devotion to Gamma which no one asked for? 

Gamers in general are a fickle bunch, and this game caters to a niche of a niche (hardcore full loot PvP  with robots).  But even so, getting new players is one thing, keeping them is an entirely different matter altogether.

While I agree with this fully I think your faction needs to take responsibility for your persistent detrimental to the game conduct you guys continually employ on the forums, in chat, and other public areas where new players come and get their impressions. The worst of these have been Ville, Gunner, and Syndic. Your efforts to improve the game thru exposing various flawed mechanics pale in comparison to the damage you have caused the game and community by the conduct I have mentioned.

List all the problems to the game you choose, but don't minimize your own part in it, it's not a small role.


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I think Zoom you have eliminated one of the greatest features the game had. The creativity and detail you could build with beacon terraforming, and the subsequent bases will never be duplicated. All you had to do was adjust the terraforming limits.

Saying 4 or 5 Symbionts can terraform reasonably quickly with the new system is like saying 4 or 5 arkhes can kill a heavy in a reasonable time. Maybe it can be done, but who is really going to bother with all this extra work and time?

With the new system people will do the least terraforming required, a big fat pyramid base structure with maxed slope for defense to build your terminal and facilities on, or simply level the ground enough to place a structure.

Goodbye creativity. If you thought the old bases were ugly, youre gonna be surprised. People are really going to miss the PLANNING stage of base building.