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I don't even play anymore and took a run in a PvP zone and scared the crap out of and could have easily killed 2 artifacting sequers ... So I think enough people still do it for long durations and there are PvP opportunities. I agree in perhaps a little more value in the loot containers but don't think the scanning method should change, other than the smaller the charge the greater the accuracy. All charges have the same accuracy, only the range is different currently.

He tends to get a little excitable.

Eve has enough PVE content to keep an 80-85% Risk-Adverse player base, that pays the bills. So PvPers have a game. And more targets.

I did not say Risk-free. you correctly pointed out Highsec is not risk free, but its risk free enough for a player to develop and play the game.

Also, I do not agree with having a PvE Gamma.

My point is your PvP-only hardcore approach would not work as a business model. Its a simple concept I don't expect you can understand.

But hey, youre winning. I know exactly how fun it is to have power and no one brave enough to attack you. Or no one with the numbers or the assets. You pretty much just sit there and accumulate assets in the meantime. I figure you have another year to go to catch up to me.

Aye Pod wrote:
Shadowmine wrote:
Stranger Danger wrote:

Whats it like to have an ego so big it stops you from playing a game you seem desperate to stay connected with via forums?

Ask Arga? Or Syndic maybe?

Clearly he was talking about Cassius, Burial or any of the other outlast pvpers like yourself.

Nope, not me.

Syndic wrote:

Stop developing the game around people who don't want to risk anything.
Stop inventing considerations for feelings of people who don't want to risk anything.
Stop reasoning with people who don't want to risk anything.
Stop coddling people who don't want to risk anything.

MURDER THEM - with NO consideration - with NO special treatment - with NO mercy.
Until they realize what the game is about.
Or until they quit.

Play the game.

Eve would not survive if it followed this model. Do you think Perpetuum would?

Ville wrote:

Hey, just an Idea, since your on Steam now, can one of you bored Devs like make a GM account and log in and maybe answer some questions?  Logging in the Dev accounts gets you too much on questions in GC, being a dumb GM is suitable but there are rampid trolls scaring off your steamlings.  Just an fyi.



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On Gamma you can build an outpost right on a mineral spawn, since its a pvp area you can provide a shelter in case your miners get attacked. make one scarab trip to mining terminal filled with miners, scarabs, charges. Mine field over a couple of days until depleted in reasonable safety. haul minerals back to main terminal. Your travelling alone overall is significantly reduced vs leaving from the main terminal to a remote field, mining for the day, returning home. many other ways sparks save travel especially on Gamma.


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Gamma logistics, especially indy side, are much more travel intensive than any other island. Hence the reason Gamma sparks are cheaper.  I can't speak how much it may have changed with the new Gamma 2.0 system, ie PB highways but that's how it was before.


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My point is it's not all or nothing, you only lose the aura and one or two point towards facilities. That's a 10-20% production drop, it's not the end of the world. Besides, if you plan to set up top level production facilities on Beta, chances are you are actually gonna be active or live out of that Beta station. Please tell me why Ville would even care about Beta production right now considering Gamma is open and I'm sure they have a much better defended base(s) with far better production facility bonuses.

The best trolls always have a kernel of truth in them.
Mechanics that help absentee ownership are not good for the game.


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Supremacy wrote:

dont defend, we take the base and play more other games

defend, we kill you and take the base and play more games

there is no downside

Sparks allows us to easily do this

i can say it a billion times

Except for the 2 year period when the other side has more numbers available.

Ville, seriously??? One guy takes a SAP here or there and you lose one or 2 factory points .... You don't lose all of them. If one guy could consistently take a station stability down to 50% without too much trouble then there is a mechanic issue. Why should Beta ownership be even more passively incentivized?

You yourself for all your trolling know better than to suggest this.

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Celebro wrote:

Doesn't Eve give you multiple and far exceeding ways at running away, maybe that's why there is more players and pvp going on there. If you are smart enough and aware there should be choices to GTFO, and the predator need to use the heads to catch them.

No, if you know what you are doing in Eve, your targets will not get away.

I wished I still played EvE. Would love to show you what a clever mouse can do to escape the cat. I loved being hunted and pursued in that game, relentlessly.

As often mentioned the game is intended to have some risk v reward. ANY full loot drop pvp mmo will always show a large portion of the active player base is risk averse, I wouldn't expect to see a difference in how Perp was played. I agree that Armoured TPs were a pain in the *** for the defender, but their availability allowed for risk adverse players to have more incentive to set foot on beta without guaranteed death. EvE does this very well with full cloaking, bubbles, random wormholes.  The rewards of Null sec were more than enough incentive for me to run 8 bill isk worth of deadspace fitted ships to farm complexes and high value NPCs. For years. As a solo player.

the current set up of Perp does not allow much in the way of this type of ninja farming.

tl;dr Armoured encouraged more PvP opportunities than nerfing them prevented escape.
Also Rex, the other changes you mentioned are a step in the right direction for sure, but I havent played since the detector reworking, I dont know how the current mechanincs play or if they are effective.

Armored TPs allowed small gangs to attack big ones and have a chance to escape. But it was nerfed, killing hit and run PvP.  Not sure why you think eliminating armoured TPs will help small gang PvP Rex.

Not a troll btw, I am curious your reasoning on this.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

I imagine that would be "fun" for a day or two and then the joke becomes too much hassle.

You have to play the game more, Zoom.

Weedy, huh?

I have the same position as before.

I'm not happy with the current SpT format, but its far better than eliminating it entirely.
I thought and still think the base problem with power projection is the entity controlling the game has 15 people while the opposition has 5. Therefore the opposition can't do ***. The overall game population is far too low for any game mechanics to work properly, therefore the value of force projection thru simple numerical superiority is quite magnified.

The mechanic of SpT does very little to multiply power projection,


Not sure where or what gave you the impression my position changes, now that (if I played) I am on the minority side.
Show me since you are good at quoting old forum posts.

In the end it doesn't matter. I don't play anyways.

You guys shouldn't have to reset.  It's not the solution to anything, it would not fix a single thing, and people in game are free to play with whom they choose.

Your conduct in game, on the forums, and the current game mechanics and how they are used, is a completely different issue. It's entertaining to watch someone who truly enjoys the game, and is invested in it, destroy it thru his oblivious sense of self importance. And I'm not talking about Cindy.

How is the whole "force the Devs to change the game by using the game mechanics to the extreme" strategy working out?

Ville defending SpT. Enough said.


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When Perp has the same market tools as EvE then I think its right to make a comparison. SpT in Perp is essential to an industrialist. There are no remote contracts here.

Gotta agree with Ville on these particular points


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Ville wrote:
Cassius wrote:
Syndic wrote:

What we do with our territory is our choice, we're using it as we see fit.

If you want it, come take it.

Or keep crying to Zoom to change the game and hand it to you.

God forbid you had to play the game.

Irony overload. We said the same thing to your alliance for 2 years when we controlled the game.

And guess what?  We did something about it.  Taking xiantor, then langhrum, and we were pushing forward till Zoom dropped the " wiping gamma in 2 weeks bomb on us".

So what about the year and a half prior when we controlled everything I guess was because you all quit the game? The same situation occurs now. Only one powerblock plays, everyone else quit. The 5 of you who stayed thru that period couldn't do *** vs the 10 of us who did as well. Same situation today. Too low of a population allows a small strong powerblock to control everything.

The difference is now when (if I actually played) I am in the minority opposition, I agree with you. It's a PvP game. Territory should be taken by force, not forum warriors. Mechanics need to be changed if its not good for the game, not because of politics.

And I have stated I'm not a fan of "outlasting" but apparently it allowed us to kill multiple CIR/77/Chaos/PHM bases and islands and allowed STC to rule the game for almost 2 years. We are still the wealthiest corp in game, by far.

So yeah I guess outlasting sucks.

Until I see you (Ville) say something decent about the existing Gamma mechanics, I don't even feel the need to give it a look. The only reason I will even log the accounts in is to keep EP flowing incase I ever do come back, because I don't have enough.


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Syndic wrote:

What we do with our territory is our choice, we're using it as we see fit.

If you want it, come take it.

Or keep crying to Zoom to change the game and hand it to you.

God forbid you had to play the game.

Irony overload. We said the same thing to your alliance for 2 years when we controlled the game.


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When I played and PVE'd on my own I never used support bots and it was manageable and profitable.

Of course it's not the same or as fast as a logistic support but it's certainly doable.

Interesting thread.

Pretty sure the OP was expecting reimbursement for used charges and not existing ones as the patch notes said.
The existing terraforming structure certainly eliminates what we could do in the past by far. Reimbursement per terminal of 500 mill Nic is ***. I think anyone who was on Gamma 1.0 should have walked away with more in Nic than they invested. So not really sure how much should be reimbursed. But since Ville is probably only one of the few on Gamma 2.0, maybe that's his call.

Also Ville, after 4 years in the game surely you know the jeopardy of being first out the gate with a new mechanic.
Good luck with Gamma.


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There appears to be some misconceptions about artifact scanning.

Yes low skills do affect the accuracy of your result, but not by as much as you think.
When I played and first started, artifacting was my main source of income and I did it for at least 7-8 months straight. Made good coin. Moved to gamma and scanned, made good coin.

You don't need to scan in a bonused bot. The only equipment I improved was the scanner, a T4 scanner is worth the investment. Having a scan accuracy of around 70-75% is more than sufficient to find any artifact reasonably quickly. The only activity that requires as close to 100% scanner accuracy is SAP intrusion times. Good luck.


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Long ago, Kent had no harvestable plants, the Devs fixed it but it had to spread naturally from highest elevations to lowest, it's possible you have the same effect on Gamma Ville. Check and see if the elevated points have more plants. It will probably take a month or 2 for the island to be covered.  If the same system is still in effect.


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As any business can attest, sometimes the customers are terrible, too.