I invite you to go out there and take a look

Alsbale and Xiantor ones for sure, not sure about the other islands atm


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Recruitment is currently closed.....especially for spies.


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Here is where I QQ a little about the amount of Common Kernals needed for everything in the game.  As such, why are there only 2 beacons of each faction that drop common kernals and 10 beacons of each faction that drop Hi tech kernals.   Could you please have more beacon types that drop common kernals (like make the 1 star beacons drop common instead of Hi tech).  This seems to be the largest bottle neck in the game.  Or, keep it the same and change the need for common kernals for t3 to be hi tech ( but a smaller number of them of course).

Can you add a search window in the Corporate Management - Storages section that allows you to tyle in a search phrase (ie Scarab) and it will remove all of the corporate storages that do not have scarabs inside them.  This will make life easier to locate corporate assets in the 50 ish folders that we have out there.  You can also add this feature to the transaction list and production lists as well in the Corporation Management folder.

Is it possible to create a preset save feature for the Landmark Filters?  This way it makes it easier to switch from say doing beacons, to PvP, etc without having to retick all the little boxes every time.  And when you forget and PvP happens, it doesnt take 5 minutes to change while trying to not die.


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Good move Zoom...please consider proposing a change in server providers for the health and well being of your community.



While doing our normal Teamspeak banter the other day an idea was pitched for future content.  What is the community's thoughts of a Omega island set, which include larger island sizes with normal teleporters to the island.  However, this is where it gets different:

- The Omega islands are home to larger mechs than Alpha-Gamma islands and are too large to come through the normal teleporters, although there are larger teleporters to facilitate the larger bots between these islands. 
- All other mech are able to go to these islands at their own risk, however they will be largely over-powered by the new ultra heavy mechs. 
- All normal alpha resources are need to build these mechs  (and in large quantities to continue pushing the alpha markets to thrive), plus Epriton from beta, Colixum from Gamma and a new resource only to be obtained by a larger and more diverse industrial bot on the Omega islands. 
- One thing that the Omega islands have that differ from the other 3 islands is there is a PvPvE element where all PC's will have to band together to fight NPC events that threaten the new Omega bases that can only be built at Gamma and Omega bases. 
- There is only 1 lawless terminal on the Omega islands for purchases which can only be used if the PvPvE element of the game is completed every x amount of time.

Just a few ideas to draw from in the future.


PS.  I want copyrights lol


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Got back in, unsure what the issue was...will update if the problem re-occurs


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Now I am getting a "Fatal Error"  -  Server not Responding pop up window.


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Is anyone else having this issue?  I am able to connect to the internet but unable to connect to the game.  The game says it is online.  Once and a while, one of my accounts is able to log in and get to the character select screen, and then I get a black screen when I log in.  Other corp mates can see when this character logs in but the bot is unable to move.  All my bots crashed while out of terminal.

This has happened to 2 of my other corp mates and none of them have gotten any answers from the dev's and are able to re-connect the next day after leaving it over night.  This HAS to be a server side issue and we need some answers please Devs.

+1, I like having more areas to do Epi, plus, why would it NOT be on Gamma?  Would it not follow the lore to have it out there?  So why is Noralgis allowed out there then?

Bump, also can we make it so we can use a corporate hanger to pull materials out of instead of having to move things from our corporate hangers into our personal folders?

I would be willing to spend NIC to do this as well, or even credits.....


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Me too!