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When i tried Eve, it was meh, I got a trial account and logged in, had no clue what to do, tried to figure it out, then i spent some training points and saw "ETA X minutes" turn into "Hours" and though pft screw this.

I specifically don’t play EvE because of the time based skill progression, sure you can lie to yourself and say its okay because after X months your able to compete with People that have been playing for years, but honestly that’s a load of crap. They have something you don’t have any will never be able to have, tenure.

Everyone knows that the people that got involved in eve from the beginning have a bunch of advantages over people who didn’t that’s more freedom to make choices that make the game enjoyable to them. It’s like getting involved working in some industry at the bottom and moving up slowly to the top, when you’re new there is always someone else that is old and has a ton of options you don’t have.

I always run into two types of people that don’t stay:
1)Anyone that played Eve always complained they had too much invested, too much time, too much money too much whatever, they also complained about having to pay for a monthly sub.
2)The Achievers, they wanted to be piloting heavies on day 1, at the very least day 30, not day 180, no amount of power leveling was going to get them to their goal.


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Looks like the same Xsyon wanted but with something way better, Scifi, im sick and tired of fantasy mmo's.

im signed up for the alpha, hopefully i can get in. big_smile


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How about instead of screwing with the Eff of the materials with the CT, just have the CT affect the number of runs you can use the CT,

what the heck, is the CT a mold? is the blueprint information store magnetically? It makes little to no sense that it would degrade with use. What kind of RP lore is behind a blueprint becoming hard to read translating into having to use more units of wood to build the same house because the blueprints are an old copy instead of fresh out of the printer?

Now if you want to say that the earth corps have various licensing restrictions in place that limit CT production runs because of a syndicate contractual agreement.. That makes allot more sense, we don't need to put everything on a curve. Basically if you dont need to come back to me for something i can't charge you for it it makes perfect sense if this is X number of units of Items per CT or X number of production runs before its license expires and you have to go get a new one.

Fact of the matter is that the diminished return mechanic is stupid in some cases its used in to justify the time based skill progression. If prototyping was the same as im suggesting it would make more sense in a RP perspective, How you do you kinda sorta decode the method used to create a singularity or a reactor for that matter?

You know how people always say "this isn't rocket science" well this stuff uhm is "rocket science", if you kinda sorta make a reactor it doesn't just require more concreate and lead to build it just becomes a bomb.


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I remember playing that game and getting stuck about 15 minutes into it, i was pissed for about 2 years, playing it off/on until one day i finally just randomly clicked on something and was able to continue. the thing that pissed me off was the fixed camera angles with the WASD controls, not to mention that the aiming in that game sucked ***.

I belive GoG.com is have a sale on this game, or just did sometime in the last 3 months.

Still occuring sad

I really would like a portable "Silo" which can also be undeployed so there could be loading/unloading resources out on the map.

Something like this:
http://images.fordaq.com/p-17870000-178 … --Silo.jpg

The missle guidance failure rate shows 10% instead of 0%(or removed from display) when you have missle guidance 10

At missle guidance 9 it shows correctly as 1%,

Tested in Tyrannos and Waspish


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To be honest all these item names end up getting translated into a item id number(specific to my database) so the proper name is only needed on the display of the item.

but those file names are unique to each other so long as you include a translation from that file name to something else in your database then you can make 3rd party exchanges possible.

Arga wrote:

The thread is about removing the Nav skill and raising the base speeds of bots, not slowing everyone down.

Having mandatory skills does not raise the complexity of the game. The only real discussion point in the thread is if Naviagation is a 'mandatory' extension. And honestly the arguements against that are weak at best.

well the way I see it is when a extension becomes the rule its not a specialization.....

how ever if you choose Logistics doesn't NAV 10 cost like 20K versus combat only needing to spend 14K?

Auto Pilot stops working after about 45 minutes of use or multiple auto pilot travels preformed/sent.

This issue seems to compound when multiple clients are running. Additionally adjusting the autopilot destination multiple times lower the time till it breaks again.

The resolution is to close the client and start up again.

If you use it with the least amounts of Shift clicks as possible it lasts longer until it breaks.

When it breaks the bot travels 10-20 meters then stops, shift clicking on the radar or double clicking on the ground will only make it travel another 10-20 meters then stop.

Hello, I noticed the following bug with the recent change to the way csv files are generated in the market.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Click on a item like Titan ore, then click on "Markets in Range" hold down shift and export the demand/supply information.
2. Click on a new item while staying on the "Markets in range" tab, hold down shift and click export.

the new export will have the old file name and data

Steps to work around:
1. Click on a item like Titan ore, then click on "Markets in Range" hold down shift and export the demand/supply information.
2. Click on a new item.
3. Click on the "Supply/Demand" tab and see that the new item has been updated.
4. Now change back to "Markets in Range" tab and export as normal.

The "Supply/Demand" tab has to be "seen" so the current item id is update for the function that exports the csv file.

When you click back to the Supply/Demand screen you can see briefly that the old item was still there.


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The reason i like the file name change over putting the data in the file is because it would prevent me from doing bulk updates to my database.

What i did is create a table in MySQL that has the display name like "Titan-50 (PL-10)" then it has a file name like "__Titan_50__PL-10___" so that i can get the proper display name and parse the item id out of the file name


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Sundial wrote:

Regardless, we are all having fun, alpha industrialists are getting epriton, we are creating our own sandbox content.

Actually i believe that's called "You're doing it right" which was intended and i wish more players would do stuff like this on there own instead of crying to the dev's to nerf this or buff that.

Still here and looking for more.

There are some people who don't train Nav anything for the EP to dump in other skills, namely alts that are rolled with logistics skills so they can sell/buy to the market at a specific terminal.

If you roll a alt you get the benefit of 19k EP in nav skill too.

how ever i do agree with the OP in that if something becomes the rule then there is no point in specilizing it, especially when everyone tells everyone to get Nav 10, except the fact that it discourages having alts.

big_smile big_smile big_smile THANK YOU SO MUCH big_smile big_smile big_smile


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Syndic wrote:

all balance was in favor of using cheap T1 light and assault ships for PVP

This is exactly what the overall interpretation.


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added you to my fellow gamers circle on G+

Ville wrote:

If you get the trials into public recruitment channels, they could be more inclinded to sub.

If you get trials to interact with players of the game they are more inclined to sub..

I can't count the number of people that would reply "Wait a min im going to resub im tired this limit stuff....."

something along those lines.

If there is something that encourages new players to group up or some how interact with the sub players but not be able to directly get things from other players then that would be something

This isn't like game breaking just though i would suggest it.

It would be nice if you could designate one account as a master to one or more other accounts.

so that i can go to Redeem codes on behalf of one account with out having to log into it or that account having to login to the portal.

I think the idea is the all sides had there rock to some other paper and a combined force is what was intended based on the current available setups.

Tbh it looks like they intended groups to fight with the blues at the front of the battle with the yellows in the middle and the greens at the back of the force.

the mechs would probably stay static in there range distribution but the lights and assaults would move in between two of the three groups.

yes in 1v1 you can be deadly but im sure a pair of scissors has no issue going thought a sheet of paper and the person behind it if you throw it at the paper.


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oh and yes its techno/trance


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why dont you all get with the folks at newedenradio.com one of the DJ's was doing shows in perpetuum and eve on fridays, should be on tonight if that guy is still doing them.

They use Sam broadcaster

or virtual dj, winamp with sam broadcaster plugin, winamp with the shoutcast plugin.

the sam broadcaster software is 300.00 or 3x100.00 and i know the new eden radio guys have a broadcaster licenses.

honestly i think a simulator wouldn't break immersion from a stand point, logically the Nia's are a synthetic race they have intelligence and a logical though process and in that though process you would figure they would find it in-efficient to test something by building it first instead it could be done in a simulator.

if the humans figured out how access the API for the terminal simulator they could then upload there own simulations or even do a real time simulation. which would probably come with spectators.

That has plenty of logic,lore and back story to support this.

you can even add a cost to it so its not free, lower the cost with your relation to the combat factions.

I really wish they would add a api to gather market data