How exciting. Looking forward to it.


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logicalNegation wrote:

Specifically, do you store and record kills to a DB you pay/host?


logicalNegation wrote:

Or are you querying a DB owned by Perp-Online?



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Cheers, Mitix. was a great resource and made the game a lot of fun in its day.

Thanks for all your efforts - they are much appreciated.

Good Luck.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

The plan is to release all remaining bots before the end of the year. This might mean that they will come in one big patch instead of two, with the associated balance changes.

That begs a question ... what's on the agenda for 2017?
Are outstanding items from this roadmap of July 2015 still in the pipeline?

NPC rework would be top priority for me. Still a fan of something like this.

Go on Devs be bold, make the game more dynamic and less grindy.

Rovoc wrote:

Thoughts on the Hermes:  Not enough cpu to effectively run a speed nexus.  Biggest limiting factor is the cargo size.  If i had to run around and grab 1 or 2 artifacts and head back this bot would be awesome.  However, if you're looking for a long session of being out on gamma i wouldn't recommend.  I would use this bot if this were prepatch and i didn't have enough ep to max geoscanning.  Doesn't come anywhere near an artifacting sequer.

To make this a true artefact specialist I would suggest applying a bonus to artefact popping range such that with full extensions one could pop a level 3 from, say, 100m and a level 1 from, say 200m.

BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Rovoc wrote:

Who's STC?...

... [STC] held the longest standing gamma fortress up until the gamma wipe ...

Actually, Beast, NeBs did. Same island (Imidero) but NeBs built their base and two of the three gate fortresses before STC. STC only built their own base on the island after the CHAOS sieges. Happy days.

Interesting balance change.
PvE fits now need a bit of a rethink.
What to do with all those head slots on a MK2 Heavy?

Faullen wrote:

... but you will have to pay for the 'ammo' you need to do so...

I would suggest building your own 'ammo' both combat and indy. You don't have to sink too much EP into it to make it worthwhile when you start. If you're indy focused anyway it's definitely the thing to start doing.

Whatever happened to all BMGs clones certain community members created? Did Zoom delete them?
My favourites were YeastModeBuns and LeastLoadNuns.


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Nice work.

A sneaky bit of Tyro re-balancing in there too.


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With the reintroduction of the Alpha 1 triangle and some intelligent rebalancing of resources and content I think that FTP Alpha 1 could work nicely.

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

Cut out the macro miners & fully automate mining. its boring & no one sane does it for "fun". Just have deployable items that mine for us while players can be doing more enjoyable things.
Just a random thought that has been mentioned by others for years..

I actually quite enjoy mining and harvesting. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

There is, however, a place for passive mining modules if balanced correctly.

Something like: Deploy, load with fuel, defend, haul
Condidtions: Deployable on all islands, Can be emptied by anyone, Destroyable by NPCs and players, Single use only, Player manufactured, Slow extraction rate.

Ensireka wrote:

There was a time back when there are suggestions about harvesting that lead to the idea of the inability to kill plants by harvesting them below 1 cycle count.  Anyone (or Mr Dev Zoom) know if anything has become of the topic suggested a year or so ago? i

There is definitely scope for advanced harvesting and mining modules (new modules = new content) and the ability to queue targets and set harvest/mining limits whereby module deactivates when target goes below a threshold would be useful properties for such modules.

Hunter wrote:
Ensireka wrote:

Just fyi, I was on Gamma...

nuff said

Indeed. The curve is so shallow at the gamma end of things that the industry points from the extension make bugger all difference. Try again at TMA.


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Has been thus for many years.

logicalNegation wrote:

... I would put robot-paint way ahead of this ...

Dev Blog May 2014 wrote:

Robot paint system
We have already deployed the foundations of the paint system in a recent patch (you probably noticed because most of the robots received a white color due to a bug).

The coloring system will be definitely not just some “pick a color and be done with it”-thing: we’ll have paint items that you can either gather or manufacture and then mix them together to get the final color for your robot; so basically fully integrate the painting frenzy into the industry and market economy.

Sounds to me like it's been tantalisingly close for two years now.  The community has been clamouring for this pretty much since the game launched.
Any chance of an update, Zoom?


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Perpetuum wrote:

Lot's of sensible stuff

You should listen to this man, he was the best fitter/tactician I ever played with. He gets it.


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Ville wrote:

...You should sell CTs via the shop instead using gamma materials.

I agree with this, just not using gamma materials. It will encourages activity in a couple more areas.

Will the new Syndicate robots be able to be bought/sold on the market?


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Annihilator wrote:

important question:
what can i do on those new islands that i cannot do on any other, same "tier" island?

i mean. all missions are always everywhere availiable,
NPC spawns are same everywhere now, and shall be gone soon (tm)
mineral spawns are same everywhere,
crafting is the same everywhere.

basicly, the only reasons to be on any of the three alpha 2's atm are the factional differences.

AFAIK there is not even a real reason for a veteran to do anything on alpha1 islands.

what do you expect from more dead space?

I expect real differences. Both myself and others have bemoaned the small world of  islands homogeneous in many aspects.

post 1 by me some years ago.
post 2 longish but worth reading by Syndic where he touches on this aspect very well, I think
post 3 more recent by you Anni, where you seem to agree.

There needn't be any dead space of there is enough variety.


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Excellent, a chance to bang my very worn out "more land" drum.

Please can we have:

  • 3 new alpha 3s with 3 NPC terminals and areas without syndicate protection

  • 6 new betas, 4 with 2 NPC terminals only and 2 with at least 2 player owned outposts

  • 0 new gammas until current issues are addressed


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Ludlow Bursar wrote:

When AC's income streams are to a large extent derived from sales of EP boosters

They are not, by far.

That is interesting to hear.

Unless I've missed something then the only thing I was aware of apart from renaming that you can spend Perpetuum Credits on is EP boosters and EP downgrades. The Upgrade kits are also heavily weighted with EP.

If this isn't a significant proportion of revenue I can only assume that most revenue comes from game purchases and I'm not really seeing many of those.

Nonetheless, If you give us lots of stuff to spend EP on surely credits and upgrade kits will become more desirable.

Maybe if I'd said Perpetuum's revenue rather than AC's would the answer have been different?


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Two and a half years ago I posted this post about what EP means to me personally

I think the point is more relevant now than ever.

When AC's income streams are to a large extent derived from sales of EP boosters, EP has to have some value. There needs to be a lot of extensions to spend EP on and, as mentioned in the 2013 post, new super-extensions.

Extensions should cover much narrower aspects of the game. There needs to be extension requirements to access certain bots and modules of particular levels and above all .... there needs to be more content that requires new extensions.

With the latest patch you've just put a big dent in your revenue.


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Patch Notes wrote:

New: Starting from today, chat channels with no active members during the last 3 months will be deleted during server downtimes.

Hurrah! Long time coming.


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Hulk_Hogue wrote:

You mean that PHM proximity sensor I've walked past a couple times a day?

Shoot it. See what happens.

Ville wrote:

Why not get rid of daily EP?  Use boosters to pump up EP gained by doing stuff.  Increase EP requirements by an incriminatle amounts so you can be a maxed EP pilot in 1 year playing 8 hours a day.  Then instead of doing that whole ex potential curve stuff, just make it simple.

If this is they way the Devs are going then I agree - get rid of daily EP.
Add a daily EP package(s) to the store. (financially for AC a bit like the old subscription model)
Add activity EP boosters to the store.

I'd take it a bit further even. Extensions are split into categories at the moment. Re-jig the categories a bit and have different types of Activity EP to "spend" in the different categories with an extension tree rather like the current research tree.

The tree gives players something to aim for which is another hook for staying and playing. You can take it further still by making certain extensions and/or levels only available by exchanging other items in addition to EP.

The potential for encouraging activity in such a model without requiring grind could work out very well if considered carefully.