so i was farming the vet reds just neer truehold with a corp mate and i suddenly blew up,..
i was not at low hp i had my armour rep constantly running all the mobs were targeting my corp mate at the time one was targeting me and suddenly i just died belw up and both of us went WTF no gm's on right now. time of death was just before [05:38:10] 14th jan which is when i joined the terminal chat chanel. so if someone could please check the logs and find out what happend?


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looking to buy junk loot yes, the stuff most of you leve on the ground to dissapear.
will buy as much of it as you can sell for the following prices

red = 1.5k
yellow = 2.5k
white/green = 3.5k

contact Scilya Stingray in game on at


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bump our forum and site our now up check us out!

hello there, i am Scilya Stingray CEO of SABRE aka The Knight Sabers.
we are a mercenary corp offering our services to anyone who wishes to buy them.
Rouge Trader is the corp rep you can also contact him with any questions
we offer both pvp and pve services like:

Kernel grinding
Junk loot grinding
refining- (currently not available only lvl 6 refining)
Escort to the beta outposts and terminals (assault bots and down only for hire right now)
Patrolling beta islands
Harassing enemy corp
assisting with intrusion events, attacking or defending

and anything else you can think of

right now only a small price list is up on our web-page which i will post below.
you can see more prices as they are added at

those of you who would like to hire us can post here, however i would recommend posting in the jobs section of our forum here all our members can view them and you have more chance of your job being accepted. anyone can post in the jobs section you do not have to register.
the forum url is

if you wish to contact me and ask questions or talk a job over you may mail me in-game or go to the contact rep tab of our site and fill in the form.

Price List So Far!

Contract Info and Prices
this will be updates as prices are worked out

Please post your jobs in the jobs section of our forum
(you do not need to register to do so) OR mail/pm Scilya Stingray in game

Transport Runs

Prices are as stated, Discounts are availble on larger orders
Alpha to Alpha - 25k NIC if under 61U 1K per U if over
Alpha to outpost (same island) - 80k if under 70U 1.5K per U if over
Outpost to Outpost (same island) - 100k
Alpha to outpost (island change) 2k Per U (160k per sequer load)
Outpost to Outpost (island change) 2.3k per U
Loot puckup 60k per load to neerest outpost 100k ot annywhere on same island
Alpha to Beta - price on request

Q&A:- why does the price suddenly jump up at over 61U?
Because for those runs Missions are also availble and if we can do those as we deliver your goods it lets us cut the price down for you!

Geo-Scanning and mining

due to the nature of resources and the markets, prices will differ
however the following is a guideline
Geo-Scanning 500k we will scan all arround the area you chose,
for the resource you wish us to search for and deliver the results.

the cost will differ on a case to case basis however as a guide, the price per unit will be
slightly higher than the minimum supply price, this is to cover the geo-scanning and deliver
of the resource to a terminal of your choice

Non pvp combat

What do we mean by non pvp combat?
we mean kernel grinding or junk loot grinding

Kernel grinding
you say how manny kernels you want of which type and color
we go out and grind these for you. price is beta prices + 500 NIC per (capped at 100k) for transport costs
again as with our outher service's we will deliver to any NON BETA facilty for this small added price

Junk loot Grinding
the price for junk loot is worked out per item
red = 2k
yellow = 4k
white/green = 6k
this is per piece
we are also able to offer a recycling service for 500 NIC per U (40k for a sequer full)
right now a refining service is not availble as we do not have a lvl 10 refiner, we expect
to provide this service soon

PVP jobs

yes all these jobs involve fighting or protecting agents
Now priceing for these jobs go by bot type right now only assault, light and archies
are availble for hire each with there own costs.
For general jobs such as harassing an enemy corp, guarding teleporters, patroling beta islands
and participating in intrusion events the safety deposits are as follow
Assault :- safety deposit fee 500k exact mission cost will depend on the mission attributes

Q&A:- what is a safety deposit?
a safety deposit is a small fee payed per agent hired before an operation, this
is incase of a set up and will be returned once the mission is over. you lose the deposit if
a member of your corp or allied member attacks and destroy 1 or more bots.


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ah a fellow swg player i used to be in tarquines before the server merge then to starsider

annyway my corp The Knightsabers is small and just starting we are growing.
we are aiming to be a merc corp and we will be trying to take jobs from outher guilds and pvping while mainaining a strong corp industry.
our site is not quite online yet however you can view our forum at
alltho thats about 30 mins old rightnow wink
we also have a large teamspeak server for chatting , pvp and pve events


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hi there we are The Knight Sabers small right now and growing
our website is not quite up yet but the forums are. tho they are sparse you can check them out at
wel also have a large teamspeak server for events and such


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our forum is now up our web site will follow shortly please come check it out join and post if you feel like it!


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The website is broken....
You might just want to raise the tax to 7-10% you will get more money in the long run if people are active. People will not really want to have to worry about paying out 70K per week in membership fees.
Not sure if the corp name can be used, most names based on copyrighted material tend to be forced into changing it in most MMO's.
Lastly when putting up advertising you might want to pay attention to the spell checker, it looks much better.

1. its not broken i stated under construction. it will be up on january 1st
2. unfair to people who do more missions than outhers
3. lol your kidding right? or have you just never played an mmo before?
4. i did i just dont spell in usa


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The Knight Sabers recruting!
We Are A Corporation Primarily Based From Truehold Alpha. We Take On Jobs For Nic Or Resources Of Appropriate Value. We Can Be Hired No Only For Pvp Duties Such as guarding teleports, patrolling beta islands or harassing an enemy corp But Also For Transportation Of Loot Or An Extra Mining Bot Or Two To Mine That Nice Spawn You Found. We Take Pride In The Services We Offer And We Take Care To Ensure That Our Missions Are Completed In A Satisfactory Manner.

we are loking for agents of all kinds to join our cause. be you pvp or pve or even miner, there is a place for you here. we stick together help eachouther out and pass jobs along.
if you are interested in pvp, pve or mining and industry then look us up!
we have team speak 3 for voice and a website and forum which you can see here,


post on the forum or contact Scilya Stingray / Rouge Trader in game