My accounts are both linked to steam and both purchased through the site and I get the same error. Fail to see where he got his account makes any difference as it pertains to a steam error, if you try to launch it directly from the folder you get that message with or without an instance already open


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Now online and admin only again lol.


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Neoxx wrote:

I realize you will be past a week if that gets implemented, but I see no other way to do this safely.  They would have to just have some "amnesty period" where anyone could respec then limit it to only noobs.  Still, that could open up a can of worms.

Live and learn, then buy a new account big_smile

Honestly I don't see it really creating some ungodly issue, if they were to implement it like discussed, with it being a few days or week whichever they decided, but give a one time reset to everyone when it is implemented on the same timer. Use it or lose it.

Everyone gets a chance to use it, if they think they need it, and no one has any reason to start a riot and stomp their feet like two year olds because someone else got a sucker and they didnt.


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Purgatory wrote:

I know which bots give shield bonuses, and believe me, i've tried them all, plus others, 100 or so kernals from every type, even rank 4 and 5 npcs, and nothing, still no research to standard shield hardener. There's only about 12 items each kernal can even give, if a certain kernal had it, 100 of that kernal would give it at least once.

As of just todays hunting, I have researched to 100%, thermal, chemical, seismic from Attalica light robot kernels.

But it may just be bad luck on your part, because I have about 8-9 other things I got 100% in before ever seeing them show up.

Draz wrote:

Instead of a full respec that would give all EP back in one large chunk, how about a respec system based that allowed individual skills to be untrained?


Let's say you thought that the Basic Kinematics skill was the best skill in the game, and you raised it to Level 10, at a cost of roughly 24,500 EP. When you realized that it wasn't as useful as you thought, you would be able to untrain levels with a high cost/penalty. The cost would be 1 million NIC per current Skill Level to go down 1 Level. The penalty would be that you would only get refunded 25% of the EP that was spent on that level.

To go from Level 10 to Level 9 in our example, it would be 10 million NIC and refund 2800 EP, out of a initial cost of 11,200 to go from 9 to 10. Total cost to go from Level 10 to Level 3 (default start for a full military character) would be 49 million NIC. The total EP that you would get back from this would be 5,964.

This would allow someone to recoup some EP from a misclick or poor skill choice, but would not be a real option to completely respec and try to follow a FOTM build.

Okay I've read this thread from start to finish, and the question I would ask you.

Is what dis-advantage are you at 'if' the new player does get a full respec of all EP, and goes a FOTM build.

It isn't going to impact you personally, for them to enjoy their experience in the game, and for their money to continue to go to AC, so they can keep developing new and exciting things for us to do.

So on that note, thats just my opinion.. And you can take it for what its worth.

I don't think he meant being able to respec at will. But more something along the lines of a single use per character type of thing.