Ditto on the wow factor. Really liking the direction this is going.

It's been a long day, so I might be being thick, but....

I cannot find any Niani T3- items, eg: Niani Magnetic Weapon Tuning

Also ERP's aren't there too.

Search items would be cool.

That's it for now, nice job! smile

PS: The Windows X (close app) doesn't work and does the Settings menu open yet?

PPS: Saving the state/size/location of the windows/panes would also be cool.


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+1 for keeping the community going, nice job smile

Nice job smile

Nice to see someone putting in the effort to help the game grow.

Also nice to see a real "PFT" after using EFT in Eve.

Please add the Kain soon! wink

Do they ever post a dedicated download link that doesn't need the client running?

I have 2 PC's, 3 Clients and a slow Internet connection, so a single download for them all would be better.....

Please? smile