Great tool!

With regards to multiple sites: I throw all the results in an Exel file with the columns set up as |x-position y-position| distance | type |. I then throw all of a single type onto the tool, and if there's more than one locus, I simply deactivate the ones that aren't required.

It would be fantastic to be able to keep all that data in the app, and not have to re-enter it several times. And, if you're really ambitious, making it able to handle multiple toons (I scan with two).


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I'm especially impressed by the smoothness of the transition from walking to running! I didn't notice the switch at first and had to do some rewinding to actually spot it.

Other than buildings you can pass through, the "leg-blur" was my biggest/only graphical beef, so copious amounts of kudos to the Devs!

"The microwave transmitter inside the modul makes it possible for one robot to relay its energy into another robot's accumulator."

Should be "module", I'm assuming. 

It's like that on all of the Energy Xfers (both small and Med), so I'm assuming a copypasta error.