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I lost my mec, due to my own complete stupidity, PVEing this evening, but reading this thread has put a smile on my face.  Partly because of fond memories of Eve, and partly because of some extremely well written and interesting posts.  Thank you all :-).

Two things.  Firstly, it will be fantastic when we are writing about Perpetuum in the present in the same way that people have written about Eve in the past.  Secondly, Mammoth, I really don't think you get the sheer immensity of the leadership, logistical, social, political, and military challenges a game like Eve can present.  In that regard Eve is...... remarkable.  The leaders, whether on "my" old side, or "other" sides, being equally remarkable, and deserving of as much respect as it is possible to give in a game world.


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4/10 for looking like a goblin.

(not that I am one to talk yikes)


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Thank you Gut Punch, that confirms my own observations, and thank you to the person I spoke to in-game today (no idea whether or not they care, but will assume confidences where they aren't asked for).

I think the following is true:-

* There are ten per island (it just feels right, no direct proof)
* A new one is respawned when you find one (it feels righter)
* Level 1s aren't worth the charges, level 2 should cover costs, level 3 could result in a nice pagoff
* They get reset when the server is restarted
* Clearing low level sites might result in higher level sites (no idea on the rate, assume an equal distribution)
* There might be nooks and crannies, given inaccuracy, that don't get covered from the "obvious" scanning points.  These might be worth finding.

The thing that tripped me up was the "got the whole island covered and nothing showing, where are they".  I still don't know where they are, but I do now believe that they are out there.


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I've heard it said, confidently, that the "game spawns ten artefact sites per person, per island, and that these get regenerated as you find them".  Please can somebody confirm (or deny) this for me?

The reason I ask is that I was scanning Attalica yesterday.  It's quite a friendly map to scan.  5k charges from the following locations will, I believe, cover the entire map:-

Radholme West Teleport
Berwalem I Teleport
Blaha I Teleport
Galoly Belil Teleport
ICS Alpha (or ZP Teleport)

But I can only find four (crappy) artefact sites…….  Perhaps I have to clear all ten before it regenerates the entire lot?



That too is a good point :-).  Me roaming in an Ankhe != pvp :-).

I don't have a problem with pvp, when there's a purpose behind it.  If I just want to shoot "real people" then I'll go play any number of FPS games.....

Before I feel ready to pvp in PO I want to understand more of the mechanics, more of the structure of the game, explore different (as many as I can) aspects of it and generally see what it has to offer.  That includes combat missions.  But people are disincentivised from doing them at the moment.  That's my main point.

With one account, in a Sequer, able to take five level one missions in parallel, I can make north of 1.2 million NIC an hour.  This comes at zero expense (no ammo etc), zero risk, and no rep negatives.

Compare and contrast with running level two combat missions, which are much more demanding in terms of EP investment, where I can make between 50k - 200k NIC an hour, after taking into account mission reward and drops of plasma / modules / kernels and the cost of ammunition.  This involves some risk (especially if a Supreme Observer wanders past) and negative rep hits.

Now I accept that it will scale better as my skills improve, but in terms of EP investment and the risks involved the rewards are completely disproportionate. 

I'm not asking for the courier missions to be nerfed, but if they're not combat missions should see significantly increased rewards.  I believe that this is generally accepted by the devs, what I'd like to know is, if you can tell us, when something is likely to happen?



Just wanted to add a word of thanks.  Very nice tool!


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Offers here or in game....

I'm new to the game too, but I am an Eve vet so many of the mechanics and memes are already familiar to me.  That helps a lot with preventing things from being too bewildering.  I've been playing less than a week now but here are some thoughts:-

a)  Skills, yes, there's lots of them, and too much to choose from.  This is part of the fun in my book.  Some skills require prerequisites, this is easy to determine if you click on the little "I" information button.  What you might be getting confused with is the primary and secondary attributes that determine how many EPs it takes to raise a skill by one level.  Remember when you created your account and you made all of those choices about which "school" you went to?  Those choices determined your characteristics.  Check you character page.

b)  Missions, they're pretty tedious.  They're not where a game like this will shine (which is in the player driven interactions and content).  One thing to understand though is that all of the game is PVP, whether you are competing for spawns, trying to buy raw materials to produce with, or out in "beta".  All of that having been said yes, those early missions are annoying, particularly if somebody is farming the spawns.  One piece of advice here, start the "triangle route" transport missions (each of the main hubs on each of the three alpha islands).  They're also boring, but they yield reasonable money, reasonable rep, and you're not having to compete with anybody.  They are also going to be nerfed soon so milk them whilst you can.

c)  Yep, mining is boring.  But there are people who love it.  It can be very profitable but it's not without risk (I had an officer overseer spawn on my head yesterday and instajib two mining bots).  The thing about mining is as much finding good spots to mine in, and getting your ore out safely, as it is about actually sucking the stuff out of the ground.  Don't forget to use the different types of charges and scanners appropriately, and don't forget to add waypoints to your map so you remember the spots.  It's not for everybody, but, truth be told, nothing on the market would be there without those who enjoy a bit of mining....

d)  Check the wiki, it explains the basics well.  Ignoring prototyping, essentially you take an item, reverse engineer it with a decoder to get a CT (the higher the level of the decoder the better ME or "Material Efficiency you get).  You then chuck the CT into a factory with the right materials and tell it to produce.  Sounds simple?  It is.  But it's also a lot more complex than that.  The more relevant skills you have the more efficient, quicker, cheaper etc you'll be.  If you go into industry in a big way you'll find yourself competing with other players just as much as you would if you were firing missiles at them.

e)  Yep, though there are some tips above.  Not losing bots (like I seem to have a habbit of doing) is one of the best ways of not losing money.  Truth be told though you don't need a great deal of money to start with.

tldr version, yep, there's a steep learning curve here, but once you get your head around things you'll find a lot of depth.  My hope is that it becomes as deep as Eve, if it does we have a very, very good game on our hands.  You're just dipping your toes in the water at the moment, my advice would be to keep dabbling, try out different things (carefully), and not get too impatient.