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I like the reactor idea and think it could be expanded more into the story/plot of things. As I do recall, it's humans linking into Robots to harness energy and beam it back to earth.

Apply same concept to make it compete with other corps. Based on various rewards and/of buffs from the amount of energy being produced and sent back. Then something like a teleporter, similar to those big random beams in the sky could all have one per gamma and players need to get the energy to the transporter, so it opens it up for control and risk the supply by pvp. Almost similar to the original Transformers where the Decepticons used the transporter to Cybertron to send energon cubes back and then had the Autobots try to stop them.

Something along those lines, I think would be nice to see to actually give a purpose to be in Gamma other then to accumulate the most amount of minerals. Maybe even have some kind of smaller scale versions for Beta and Alpha to get new people started. Hell, could potentially change the random higher quality ore when mining be the Fuel source.


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I can agree with the HWY stuff for Alpha, I'm sure a lot of new people trying the game get bored fairly easily from the extensive amount of walking. I'm pretty sure I feel at the keyboard at least once trying to get somewhere.


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Would be lovely to have cooldown for Gamma/Beta and no Cooldown for Alpha.

I've noticed that some kernal drops are not consistent. It seems Assault level bots yield the most Kernals and Heavy Bots yield the least. Such as killing a Bronze Sequar yielded about 180 Common Kernals and Bronze Scarab yielded about 50-60. I've also noticed this type of trend from killing other assault bots compared to Mech type bots.

It wouldn't be possible to get some type of command or tool that we could spawn specific type of mob would it? For Loot checking.


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F2P would be good to get more people interested I think. Theres not much a player can do to get hooked in 30 days on a trial, especially when the trial limits market use and this game revolves around market use.

I think SWTOR is doing a fairly good job of their F2P system, it allows people to still continue subscription and get full access to the game while Free play still has access to stuff, but it limits it. Should the player want to do more, they pay. Bait and Hook.

Though I do think .5x or 1.5x is a bit extreme. Something like .8 and 1.2 is more fitting for EP time multiplier, if such were to be included in F2P.

I think the main goal should focus on getting more players since it's boring to have only a few people playing. My main drive in playing the game is revolved around the market, and the condition it is in is very sad and dead. Hence why it's been at least 2 months since I did something more then upgrade some skills.

N0 Clue wrote:

Why don't the DEV's get a couple Members to be Forum Moderators to take some of the small [issues] off their hands to give them more time for things that really matter. I'm sure there would be alot of people who would volunteer.

Would have to be someone the DEV's could trust, so most likely someone thats been around since BETA, and most Forums I've managed before, they can be sectioned to specific Members, so they are basically, "Channel Moderators" and not full Forum Mods.

Makes sense to me.

Probably because if they are working constantly, taking a break and checking out the forums is a huge relief.

Also, when that happens, the devs are pretty much giving random customers responsibility to properly represent their company/product. Having been around since Beta should not give anyone a sense of trust unless said person has personally interacted with devs that they can personally trust to properly represent their requests.

So this is idea to help players have short and long term goals for the game and have fun. Also to attract more players since Achievements are pretty popular with other consoles and games. It also seems to help with having a sense of purpose, so instead of a player logging in and wondering what to do for today, or what to spend EP on, they can have a list of achievements to work towards.

Weekly Achievements: Achievements obtained by doing x amount of something in a week such as getting kills, mining, etc. For each weekly achievement, the player gets a reward, probably NIC or kernals. In my opinion, it will work better with Weekly instead of Daily, so people don't feel like they have to login everyday and grind for the achievement. Some things to consider for this is the rewards so it doesn't over saturate the market by doing so.

Career Paths: This is to help players with select appropriate skills they wish to level. There are quite a bit of skills and can be really overwhelming for new players. So this is to help adjust that by having achievements such as “Whatever name for EW Pvping” which has set of skills listed to an appropriate level, a brief description about that role and such. That way the player can pretty much choose their role from the start and not worry about messing up Skills. Some other possibilities too are Core skill set. The player will be able to track their progress to see where they are at and how much is left on the achievement for whatever career path or career certificate.

Regular Achievements: Ideas are wide open for this and can help with additional future content to incorporate achievements with. Depending on some longer to do achievements, could get some fancy pancy rewards. But most I would see just get an achievement, maybe few NIC.

PvP achievement potential issue: Like the failed bounty system in EvE, one can easily get around and do pvp achievements by getting a 2nd account. So this would be more of a programming challenge to make sure kills are legit; parameters could include stuff like an equipped bot, bot worth a certain amount, achievement only counts the killed player once to avoid repeated kills/griefing, etc.

Because this is a sandbox game and there is a lot to do, I believe adding an achievement system would be a fun addition and attract more players as it gives them some guidance. But that's basically the idea in a nutshell.

Hello, so this is an idea to help with the market/industrialists/ratters. Basically, IMO I think there is an abudent amount of T1 Equipment as it's mostly being seeded and drops quite frequently from wrecks. For an Industrialist trying to begin making stuff, it makes it pretty difficult to get in when there's surplus of T1. Granted the next step is to do T2 and such, but the first step is a problem.

So to essentially shift that curve where it will require more of a presence and chance for new industrialists to get their foot in the game, I think T1 equipment needs to stop being dropped from wrecks and instead replace it with 'Generic Term for drone parts that end up recycling to the same amount of T1 stuff". That way people can salvage the loot and still reprocess it and have more minerals available and will create a higher demand for T1 Production. The gap to skip T1 altogether and do T2 is a pretty big gap and takes a while to research up kernals for T2 and higher. By the time a new player wanting to focus on industry, that player will probably be deterred by then.

So that's that in a nutshell. I personally think it would help out a little bit. Feel free to post comments agreeing or disagreeing. And any ideas to add-on/fix. Thanks

Got 3 new people so far, we might not be a big badass corp, but it'll be fun and everyone will have a voice for what the corp does.


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Greetings Programs! If you haven't noticed, I am pretty big fan of Tron and His Dudeness.

When: Saturday June 23rd 6pm EST / 0:00 Sunday Server Time. (Time can change if there is a strong desire for an earlier time).

Where: Tellesis (Spots on island TBD)

What: Arkhes, Arkhe MK2 and Lightbots

Event Types: Tournament style 1v1s and Free for All at the end.

Prizes: The warm and excited feeling you get for blowing someone up.

So this will be my first pvp event, so it's going to be started off with something simple to see how it goes and what people like and don't like and what can be added/changed for future events.

Everyone is welcomed. You will (most likely) eventually be fighting your own corp mates and allies, matches will be randomized(though I will try to match people up closer to their character ages). The free for all, everyone will flag PvP at a countdown timer and the last person surviving wins.

I ask everyone attending please do not grief the event and attack people during matches that you are not in. I also hope for everyone to use T1 equipment just to be more on par. Later events will allow for different grades of equipment.

There will be no prizes, from me anyways for this event. I figure the fun factor and bragging rights should be enough. However anyone wanting to donate stuff, then we can have something for Last man Standing and Tournament Champ.

Again, this is my first event and I'm by far no pro at the game. I just want people to have fun with the game for how it's supposed to be and PvP it up! This is a Neutral event so leave all your politics at the gates I am open to suggestions and feedback regarding this and future events. That should be all for now. Hope to see lots of people there!

EDIT: X up if you are interested with most prefered type of bot you want to use. If there is a good number of people, we can do mechs and heavy mechs too.

A digital frontier to reshape the human condition.

This corporation is focused on both PvE and PvP. Any play style is welcome, however the Corp atmosphere will be casually relaxed. There are no requirements to join, however do ask to be active and active in corporation activities and sociable.

The corporation plans on staying Neutral. No Friends, No Enemies, No Griefing. Do plan on having scheduled PvP/PvE Ops and throw-together ops are welcomed as well.

Future Goals include but are not limited to: Moving into Beta and Gamma. PvP regularly and not give a *** about losses, Robots and Modules are made to be blown up so I believe killing and being killed will speed up that cycle and increase overall Server activity. Along with having server wide PvP events, such as 1v1, Group vs Group, Free for All, Survival, etc

If you are a complete noob or know everything about the game, all are welcomed.

If interested in joining, please send a message to me(Exolis) and tell me why you want to join and whatever else. Don't need a long application, just an idea of who you are.

Also please do visit http://perpetuum.wikia.com/wiki/Perpetuum_Wiki it's currently a work in progress picked up from the original maker, so feel free to contribute in anyway you can.


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PM or Inbox me in game with offer.

For the sake of testing, would it be possible to change the stats of the Construction and Terraforming Modules to require less CPU/Reactor and consume lot less Accu and increase of cycle Speed. Also decreasing the volume of Construction building charges would be nice too.

The stats make sense for Live server in which it will require some teamwork and coordination of a corporation to setup a PBS, however for Testing, it will take a LOT of time and effort to complete building. Terraforming is also painfully long since beacons are not ready yet.