At the begginnig everything looks wonderful, with lots of potential.

Perpetuum was looking like semi-close copy of EVE game technology in a new setting.
And we expected that it will move in same direction like EVE was evolving:
- adding more land mass;
- adding bigger robots;
- adding better missions with instances, like "caves", maybe scannable;
- adding player build structures for mining and land protection.
- More interesting PvE encounters were expected also, and that part to our suprise is somewhat implemented (roaming mechs, Observers and etc).

But instead, developers starts to modify economic part of the game in wrong direction. They made all T4 stuff near impossible to make... They introduced more resource troubles (like solid epriton, and 12 units plants on alpha). They cut Kernel buy orders from NPC to 1/2 and so on. All those actions were taken, while game population was not healthy growing but, decreasing.

Modifying existing stuff in a game, making it worser, or much harder to make is always a bad thing to do. Sometimes it's really needed, like in case of Light EW bots, or insurance fraud. But making whole tier 4 of technology much harder to create was really bad idea. Creating T5, witch require what-ever-you-like could be a good step. Since it's a new thing, you can easily fit in any crasy materials.

T5 also fits logically in T* line. T1 - standard. T2 - easy fit, same stats. T3 - better, but harder to fit. T4 also better then T3 but also harder to fit. T5 about same good as T4 and easy to fit as T2 looks logical.

There are already too few pleople playing. Several months since start passes and market does not looks filled with goods. There are a lot of useful equipment positions, no one is crafting. Almost no competition in many equipment branches and so on.

I'm still playing, but if developers will continue to change the game, like they do it now... I afraid population will drop more, and it will become so few populated MMORPG, that won't worth a monthly fee.

BigCountry wrote:

... your playing the industry side of the MUST have an interest in PvP if you want to succeed.

Most stupid idea I ever saw. Many many crafters who do it becasue they like it (and not only for profit), have ZERO interest in PvP.

Oki. Sorry for subj. It was 1st impression.

I was seriously upset by T4 "additional resource" modification. And still is. :-)

But "in whole" patch adds lots of fun, with roaming spawns and grass planting...

So I just checked game after patch.

All T4 modules got "ninja added nerf". They all now need new component, that do not grows anywhere. According to help this new added "grass" will be hard to gain component.

So that makes all T4 stuff much harder to make. All T4 already need expensive component with can be obtained from beta islands only.

Adding more materials for new items is ok, but modifiing existing reciptes does not look fair at all. Devs even didn't annonce that!

So if it's a bug - fix it. If it's not - go play yourself, and I want my money back.

Snowstyle wrote:

I expect that at any moment while I am PvEing another player can come and kill me no matter where I am.

I expect 100% opposite. I can play PvE mission solo or with friends and no griefers, PKillers or other harrasers can spoil our fun from the game.

You got all beta islands for PvP. Here we speak about PvE improvements of the game.


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It looks like EVE. And one can use EVE knowledge to some degree. But it's NOT exactly same. So enjoy new game.

Hadouken wrote:

CT's degrade A LOT if you remove them from the factory line. They only degrade 1% each run if they stay in the factory.

No. I had 64% CT for Waspish. I've made one run with one item. It lost 8%.


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Lets make it clear about "item shop".

There are no item shops in AAA subscription based games.
You can pay only for services that are "extra" and do not affect game play. Usually they related only to your avatar and not visible to anyone else. By such "extra" services I call cross server transfer, name change, avatar look change. Those services never exist in MMORPGs for a few years, and they not needed to play, so most ppl call them also "additional payed services". Sometimes one can pay for decorations, but not always. In mentioned above WoW there are just a few decorational items that could be bought for real cash.

In EvE there is no item shop. Mentioned above "PLEX", is just a way to "pay for a buddy". If one got a lot of real money and lazy to grind in-game money, he can offer to pay for someones month of playtime, in exchange for in-game cash. PLEX just made it easy, anonymous and tradable. Mind, CCP do not sell any ISK or anything else of in-game items. They just made and item, that is equal to one month of game subscription, and made it tradable between players.

Item shops, that really affect gameplay, exist only in "free to play" games.

Some fresh rumors says that Prototype creation do not refund resources if canceled.
But thats still rumors.

Any comments from people who know for sure how it works?

Thats a reply about factory.
BTW any explanation why CT degradate ~10% per cycle if its at 80% ????
I got 64% CT and in one run it degradate a lot, but I thought that its just because for mech prudction it loose % faster then for ammo & modules.

What about Prototype and reverse engineering?

Just some more thoughts:

If cancel works here as "rollback in time" and gives everything back, then it "sound cool", from players point of view, but from game balancing point of view I'd say it's too relaxing. Players should carry more responsiblity for their actions. Here they risk only time spent.

As I know in some online games, delayed in time crafting processes, usually gives nothing if canceled or gives partical refund.

From "closer to real life simulation" point of view. Any cash given up front never returned, since money usually got consumed fast :-).

Prototype creation might give back part of resources proportinal to time spent - they've used some resources, trying to build item in question.

Reverse engineering should give nothing or something close to recyling result of item, since they broke the item to parts, while making blueprint.

Factory run, should give nothing for item at witch it stops. Might return resources for next items, and already made items. CT should degradate proportional to items made. Might also require additional cash to support "urgent production halt", as option, and return nothing if not payed.

Buy all above is theory. Since the game have "cancel" button attached to  those actions, I'd like to see clean explanation from devs how it works.

If I change mind and deside to cancel a process:

1. building batch of things on a factory
2. making CT from item & decoder
3. creation of prototype

Will I get instantly all 100% of reagents including cash back?
So will loose only time spent and will be able to start it again, without adding anything.

Or no? If no, what will I get?

Also, in case of factory:

1f. What CT condition will be? same % as at beginning? or?
2f. if I cancel on half way a process, that queued for say 6 items, will I get several of them, and rest as resources, or still 100% resources + cash?

Internal help says nothing about cancelation.

Since things like production and etc. have detailed explanation in help, I hope questions, I'm asking is not part of game "find yourself" and should be explained by devs.

Asking in chat gives different opinions, from "you will get everything back, so it's ok to cancel" to "you will loose everything and get only free production line, maybe with CT".


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I got a few modules that are not sold by NPC, and not present on market in large amounts yet. If someone interested - mail me, how many you want and what price looks reasonable. Can always trade for other useful modules or resources.

1. Standard medium armor plate
2. Standard medium LCL laser


PS I'll update the list if I get more.


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Tiggus wrote:

  The satisfaction you will get from taking and holding an area in beta islands will be 1000x more rewarding than farming mindlessly on alpha forever.  It's going to take hard work of your entire corp to do, and maybe this is what scares some people.

Competition for objectives, like holding a fortress or an outpost is a good PvP goal. No one against it. If free PvP were limited to areas around outposts in question, then no one will mind.

So called "open PvP" witch lead to unusability of area (all beta islands) for PvE players is the problem is this game. Islands are not big enough to hide from roaming PvP ganks, nether game mehcanics provide good ways to escape from roaming gank.

Yes beta islands might stay mostly empty, in their current form. Game mechanics and design gives nearly zero chances for solo players to go there and escape even small groups of PKillers. I afraid that a tackler on fast robot and EW mech will likely kill any solo player they see. And due to small area size such groups can catch almost everyone.


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CenDre wrote:

Issues I see developing:
roaving gank squads patroling the entire game world constantly looking for targets. they can patrol the entire game worls in about 2 hours or less. This basicly means no carebear will ever be able to play the game without getting ganked constantly every time he/she goes out into a pvp zone. they will be limited to the core 3 Islands. I doubt the carebears would play a game with those kinds of limitations.

Sounds horrible.

I was sure, when I bought the game that alpha and beta isles are exact 100% same isles, with same mobs and resources, but betas just have PvP on. So all PvPers can play there. And all PvE players can enjoy the game fully on alpha isles.

To my disappointment I was wrong. I'm sure I will never (like 95+%) go to zone where I would be ganked and killed by PvP griefers.

CenDre wrote:

My appeal to PvPers:

I afraid this won't work.
There are 2 types of PvPers. Those who like to fight with equal and ready opponent and others who are PKillers and griefers. Those others will use any opportunity, even exploits to kill someone.

CenDre wrote:

The mistake that was made by games like ...Vanguard... and countless others was simple they crammed the carebears into a small world where they are at the mercy of PvPers.

There was no PvP in Vanguard. I've played it to level 39 and never ever had a problem about PvP. I even unaware that PvP exist in Vanguard. I mean Vanguard SoH, developed by original EQ devs, whitch late was bought by SOE.

CenDre wrote:

PvE style = people who never pvp, don't want to be attacked and do not accept the cost of a lost bot lightly and prefer the safty of the Alpha Islands 100% of the times. These people never want to be blown up by other players and will find other games to play as a result.

I'll join this group of people. I like the game. I was able to play EVE despite it has same PvP problems, but due to more complex game mechanic I was able to avoid PvP most of time even in PvP enabled areas. BTW EVE have pvp enabled everywhere ;-), just with some limitations in high sec.

But in this game I see no safe way to wonder to beta islands at all.

Okey, I'll play and try to enjoy part of game, that is available on alpha islands. If it will happens to be boring, I'll cancel all accounts (PvE type crafters like to buy quite a few accounts for EVE type games ;-) and move to another game.

About replies.

"go play WoW" - we want different games, can't play that one only.

"alpha islands is enough for PvE" - PvE players like to fight mobs. There are not enough harder encounters. I never saw group of mechs and heavy mechs on alpha. A lot of players will quit soon, if they find no challengeable npc targets to fight.

We are small industrial corporation.

Looking for same or any other kind corporation to cooperate in mech research & production.

Prototype production uses a lot of resources and some corps missing raw resources to make them all right now (or all needed).
We offer to make an agreement, like we make (prototype, CT, one factory run) for one mech, another corp do same for other mech. Then we trade.

For now we planning to prototype Termis, but almost every one do same. So we can instead build other mech, like Gargoyle, and exchange it for Termis.

If we get no offers any soon, we'll make Termis. Will consider same offer for any combat mech or heavy mech.

Post here or mail Dizi ingame.