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SAPs changed from about every 3 days, to about every 10 hours, this would move it to every hour.

I'm not sure faster SAPs, even with a token system, is the answer to making outpost owners more active on their islands.

And the current system is working like a charm? at least my counter idea means that the terminal owner has to actively roam their island to secure sap tokens to be used to keep their stability up not undock once every 10 hours for sap defence.

Arga wrote:

The issue will always be the same, changing the mechanic isn't going to help. If the defender doesn't have the players online to counter the attacker, they won't undock. If that means they can't keep an outpost, then they'll lose it, but with beta outposts, there's no game mechanic that will 'force' players to come out to play.

What needs to happen, is the formation of larger corps, either by consolidation or introduction of a large number of new players, and of course, an actual 'reason' to hold a beta outpost.

and Large corps / alliances worked so well before....? 2 big power blocks equal 1 line of conflict the more power blocks their are the more lines of conflict their are. Also my concept is built on the idea of patrolling your island for its defence not undock to defend saps 3 k from terminal and stay docked if you have no chance. You can't patrol your island if you don't undock first. Once your undocked and roaming it is a bit hard to jump back in to terminal if you come across another roaming gang which outnumbers you.

My counter idea is also meant to promote alpha based corps roaming beta island islands for the loot rather than for the terminals. This would create more targets on beta. currently saps are fairly limited to those than want to live in a terminal or those that want to deny a terminal. But as always things never work out as intended in these games and my counter idea could fail the same as anyone else's but you have to start somewhere and the current system is a bore just look at station stability being 100 a majority of the time and the free loot every 10 hours when no one can be bothered to turn up to attack. I believe this was not the intention.

Saps need to be scattered throughout out the island with 12 on each island. Active saps change every hour, the open sap closes if not completed and one sap randomly opens up elsewhere on the island there is no way of knowing that a specific sap is open unless you actively roam the island visiting each one or each sector.

to get a can from the sap it has to be completed (ie no sit for an hour to get a can anymore). Sap Cans no longer drop loot instead they drop island specific terminal stability tokens. a terminal's stability can be decreased by depositing the tokens into a station stability terminal (attack) or similarly can be increased by droping tokens into a terminal stability terminal (defence). the terminals are similar to those you find in missions requiring you to drop an item in to fulfil an objective. however there is a limit at how much a terminal can be increased / decreased within a 24 hour period, per direction eg. it can be increased by 25 and decreased by 25 withing a 24hours period based on a timer rather than server time.

The tokens can also be turned in for packages (similar to the Aids over the christmas period) there would be different tiered packages requiring more tokens with better loot the hire the tier. The packages would also be themed eg. "Industrial" would contain a random allocation of ores / Industrial mods, "Scientific" would contain CTs (which might including possibly a ct for probes / walls / wall maint. ) and or Kernals, "Mobility" might contain  a random selection of teleporters , "Weapons" have weapon mods, "Armour" has armour mods, Engineering has engineering mods etc.

These packages would be obtainable from any syndicate store of the same colour as the island the token was recieved from (eg. Alsbale and Norhoop stability tokens can be turned in at any alsbale / norhoop terminal / outpost but also at NV and Hersh Outposts and terminals)

+1 to the OP for making a suggestion of how to improve intrusions although i don't like the merging of pvp and Pve on beta. maybe that is an idea for gamma instead?

change so that armoured probes cannot be placed 3k from station then they can't be walled off and protected they would have to rely on the HP of the probe itself as defence (keep in mind OP suggests increasing the HP of a armoured probe to that of a fully grown and healthy wall). This limit would not affect disposable probes.

would this remove the 2 bombs to kill 1 probe issue without introducing new ones?

It would be nice to have a variety of probes with different benefits.

What I propose is:
[To existing probes]
Implement the ability for probes to be affected by interference
Increase HP to to the same amount of HP  that a fully grown fully healthy wall has.
Increase cost of Probe to = Cost of Bomb (because a bomb would equal an instant probe death; the "investment" of the attacking corp should be roughly equal to the "investment" of the defending corp per probe)

This would give probes some defence, decrease the "blow it up" motive and increase the jam (with interference emitters) / neut it strategy

[New Disposable Probe Type]

Make a new probe type which is harder to find (masking closer to the initial implementation's value)
Cheaper (eg. 250k - 500k nic)
everything else is the same as the current probe with the exception that these probes have a time limit on them (eg. 2 hours then they explode a result of the over clocking the masking component of the probe to unsustainable levels)

just a thought gives a bit more diversity to the probes dynamic and strategy in their use.

* changed AP to HP to avoid confusion


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I have asked that if this issue is acknowledged by the Dev team and has been placed on their "lets get this fixed list" that this thread be closed and locked. The Dev Team can then open another thread requesting specific information as needed.


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The key issue I find:
Is not removing observers from alpha a good week or two before an effective NPC / PvE alternative was ready for deployment
Is not the change in intrusion system which in the long term decreased intrusion based PVP and increased the hurry up and wait for juicy loot to drop.
Is not the fact the dev's ninja nerfed a skill and then refused to soften the blow by refunding ep / adjusting the complexity.
Is not the implementing of probes only to pull them down 24hrs later because people chose to play the game how they wanted to not how the devs intended or thought people would,
Is not the introduction of walls and then much like the probes had to be changed because people used them how they intended to instead of how the devs thought they would be (or maybe hoped) they would be used.
Is not the Lag-Lines / Failed AI upgrade / <Insert other bug here> which gets denied / put on a low priority because PBS is all of a sudden so important that if PBS isn't put into the game before bug fixes are implemented then the game will explode.
Is not the... wait I think I am out sure I will think of more though as time goes on.

The Biggest issue I see is the lack of effective communication between the Devs and the players.

When I first started during the monocle rebellion of 2010 I was impressed with this game not because it had eve quality graphics not because it had massive player base, not because of some other reason which would usually draw me to a game I was drawn to the fact that the Devs and GMs where present in the game and you could actually communicate with them. I was impressed that they delayed content to address server issues.
however this seams to have been lost as of late. All of the above issues and probably lots more could have been avoided if more communication took place.

I am interested in the new gamma islands and the new content being mentioned in the blogs but if the dev team said "we can release the PBS / gamma islands next week or we can hold off a week and instead spend the next week fixing bugs and being present in the game / running events etc. Have a vote" I would vote for the later 100% of the time and my guess (and probably hope) is that more players would vote the same way.

as the OP said "I[t] would seem from my perspective that a lot, if not most of the community at large is simply in a "waiting" period"

I would prefer to wait for new content in a stable game with very minor issues than in a game which rushes out new and buggy content into a playing environment which is already buggy as it is.


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This video was taken while travelling along one of the lines which trigger the server to send information about the terrain (at least that is my understanding of what the lines are). Best watch it in full screen so you can see the text. The ping on the side is there as a baseline to compare performance against ping and hopefully show that it is not a networking issue. The "openprofiler" window isn't too good in that video. I will post a better video showing the openprofiler>network window and map soon.

I would ask you to go hunting and look for these lines. You can find them by looking at the map. look at the big squares created by the grid system, then draw a line vertically and horizontally through the middle of the square. the border of the big square and the lines in the middle are what i refer to as lag lines. Go back and forth over them and see if you get a lag spike or N/A Lag. If you see what I am seeing then can you +1 this post. could you also include the country you are playing in so that network routing etc. issues can be eliminated / more effectively investigated.

The reason I see this issue as being of high importance is not simply cause it is killing my ( and others) experience as every time I hit the line I have to stop for ~10 seconds to let everything catch up but I see that this will only get worse as PBS increases, if it is not addressed early on. I also think it is responsible for old problems in the game such as lag on highways etc. because the faster you go the more often you will cross the lines.

New Video:

the problem with it bugging out is with "Fittings.xml" it does not create it if it is not present when you try to make a new build. I believe it crashes because it doesn't know how to handle a situation where the fittings.xml file can't be found. I have managed to get it working but not exatly sure how, however i did use an older version in the end but still got the same problem initially.