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How about this?
Static spawn orange and follow.
Roams red but dont follow.

-1 to anything that would reduce the value of my Arkhe collection (~1500 units).

Base / (1 + 0.05 * ExtensionLevel)


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How about when there's ore under a spawn, rivelers spawn and start mining there ore? big_smile


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I get them too every once in a while.


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Harlock wrote:

yes ok mk3 bot a variant of stuff we already got,
possibly with enough reactor and cpu so i can fit on it all modules i want.

but why not complety new bot and a new class?
Assault e-war
Mech Hauler
a big new class more than HMech for industrial and 3 faction

Well. Devs don't really have the resources to make new bots in large quantities so this is would be relatively easy way to add more content. Ofc new bots would be nice too and imo the next expansion should have atleast one or two.

Inspired by Drakhar's post about carebears. (http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … carebears/)

As we all know, a sandbox game needs carebears to work and one thing that carebears like are shiny expensive toys. Here's and idea.

Different "specs" for mk3 bots.

For example. When you upgrade a symbiont mk2 into mk3 you can choose between different "specs".
Harvesting spec would bonus harvesting and cargospace, support spec would bonus RR and shields, MPC spec would bonus terraforming.

To keep things interesting a riv mk3 would have similar but different specs. Mining spec for mining, support spec for energy transfers and eccm maybe, MPC spec with bonus to constructing.

Basically any number of specs can be added overtime, Once the choice is made it can't be reversed.



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Arga wrote:

tl;dr - Mining is about time now, not yeild.

I don't really get this. Was it not that before? I've never conserned myself how much ore I can get out of a single field but how long it takes me to mine the amount of ore I need or how much NIC/h I am making. If 1 field was not able to fill my need I'd just move to another field.

Increasing yield % and lowering cycle time both directly reduce the time it takes mine X amount of ore or in other words increases NIC/h.

I haven't tested mining at all so I don't know how much overhead the new scanning system creates or how big the fields actually are.


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EnWar tunings can be prototyped without the lower tier module and dont use fragments. Same for reactor sealing mods.

Also T1 and T2 version of EnWar use raw silgium as material.


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http://www.elektroniikkafoorumi.com/per … 34.LOG.txt (1,8 MB)


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DEV BoyC wrote:

We put out a new client with a lot more logging going on, please do another dump now, same as before with d3d debug.

http://www.elektroniikkafoorumi.com/per … 39.LOG.txt (2,11 MB)


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DEV BoyC wrote:

Allright then do the log thingie again, I added some extra logging just in case. Make sure d3d debug is on again so I can find the errors.

http://www.elektroniikkafoorumi.com/per … 34.LOG.txt (1,88 MB)


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DEV BoyC wrote:

Allright, the new client should be up, please let me know if this has fixed the game for you, Lahha.

Annihilator: no, this issue is a missing videocard feature kinda thing, those errors you referred to indicate missing artwork (they are mainly a way for the graphics artists to track down content bugs, not all of them are actual errors)

sad Still doesn't work.


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DEV BoyC wrote:

We're currently testing a build internally that might solve this issue - if we don't find any problems with it ourselves we'll put it on the test server so you can check it out. I'll notify you here if that happens.

Ok. thx.


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http://www.elektroniikkafoorumi.com/per … 48.LOG.txt (1,78MB)
It was too long  for pastebin so had to use my server.


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DEV BoyC wrote:

Well in this case I'd need to have a look at a d3d debug if you're willing to go into some length to test this issue for us - it does involve installing the d3d sdk  and dbgview however smile

I installed the SDK and ran the dbgview. Not really sure what I am supposed do with em but here's a log I was able to produce. http://pastebin.com/uC9dcLWY


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DEV BoyC wrote:

Check something for me please: turn off shadows completely, turn off AA completely, go into fullscreen 1024*768 mode, restart the client and see if that does anything to fix the issue. (This should reduce video memory requirements a bit and if this works we'll need to have a look at the vidmem usage of the client)

Didn't make any difference.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Does this only happen when you use two clients like on the screenshot?

Number of clients open has no effect.


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When on terrain I get this black screen http://postimage.org/image/3ohdnltr9

It's only graphics issue since I can redock if I can find my way back to docking range blind and click where the enter button is supposed to be.

I updated graphics driver and redownloaded the client. Didn't help.

Windows XP 32-bit
ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

Arga wrote:

But, with the new system, they can also control the volume of ore available. So, in the end faster mining doesn't actually produce more raw material, it just means miners spend less time getting it, and don't have to sit around watching TV.

This I dont really understand? When you finish your field you pack your stuff and move to another one. Well yeah. Moving between fields is gonna take some time but based on what I've read island will not run out of ore.

Reducing the volume of commodities would be good solution here as it's easy to do and has no side effects outside station to station hauling.

This is what I came up with while reading this.

Highways would be built out of series of connected stuctures and energy is only fed to one end of it. The amount of energy needed would be proportional the amount structures in the chain (length of the highway). If too many stuctures are linked up the current through the chain goes too high and it overloads. When overloaded (random?) parts of the chain will take damage. The achievable lenght could be increased somewhat by building repair nodes next to the highway but when the load gets too high the repair nodes cant keep up. (effectively limiting the highways length, just more fun way than setting a hard limit of connected nodes).

As these highways operate they emit acceleration waves that wreak havoc on other highways. Since highway pieces connected to a same chain have their waves synchronized the effect is reduced but other highway chains built too close will take damage and blow up. (limiting the amount of highways).


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Syrissa wrote:

another thing (a bit offtopic)
the think with the wall patch is that i even saw a decrease on beta activity and with that a decrease at pvp. why? because quite a few ppl used the walls to get a "save zone" where they could use "their home island" for pve or other activity that was not pvp related. of cource when you wnat to do that you dont want to be killed every half an hour.
now with the radius of walls reduced to 3000m there is no was to keep such a "save zone" so ppl who wanted to do their thing there just left for alpha or even worse left for good or took a break of the game... so even less targets for everybody how complained about these walls, and even less ppl in the game. sad but true...

Curing the cancer doesn't come without price tag. Just like chemotherapy, it's gonna make feel worse and may cause some permanent damage but in the end it's better than letting the cancer rampage freely.

From the low number of +1's I take that this was too awesome for people to really understand. I'll try to iterate on some points to hopefully make it bit more clear.

My idea on balancing the player built teleports being destructable was giving them shield with constant recharge rate. This would mean that there's minimun of X dps needed to even do damage and a decent amount of mechs or heavys have to be commited into taking it down. When popped the teleport would explode so hard that it wipes out anything within range Y making it suicide job for those heavies and mechs. This way the teleports would be destructable but it wouldn't be practical to pop them just for the lulz.

I will write more when I have some time.