Increase the max lockable targets for industrial bots by 1.

Lights fit 3 gathering modules, but can only lock 2 targets.
Mediums 4, lock 3.
Heavies 5, lock 4.

Being able to dedicate 1 gathering module per node would make gathering much more efficient and less troublesome.

Simple fix, honestly.


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It's a desktop, 2 monitors (2 non-bridged video cards), and both clients act the exact same way: opening on the primary display 50% below the viewing area.  Client size is retained, client position is not.

It's always done this in windowed mode.

2x 8800 GTS video (non-SLI mode)
8gb RAM.


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When launching the game in windowed mode it always opens the client 50% below the screen area of the primary display; it must always be dragged back up into it's previous position.
This has persisted since I first started playing three patches ago.

In eve any particular container could contain 1000 entries; be it 1000 units of tritanium or 1000 stacks of it, the limit was in entries, not sheer quantity unless that container had a specific volume (from giant secures at 3900m3 to warehouses with 100 million m3).

Perpetuum's limitless capacity is just fine the way it is, even with the deployable cans; the limit comes in the cargo capacity of your mech (which is fixed at this time).


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adriaans wrote:
SmokeyIndustries wrote:
adriaans wrote:

I will stay this time though;
For those who don't know (probably all of you who don't know me from eve) I study MMO's at Staffordshire uni so what I want to do is see how much one (or a few) people can have of an effect on the game, I expect, very little, but who knows, we shall see smile

(written at 4 am, might be a bit incomprehensible)

If you played Eve, and you played this game, you should know that 1 person can have a very significant impact on the game. If you've followed at all the history of this game you'd know that for certain *cough* styx *cough*

Played eve for more or less 7 years now, so yes I know, but in eve one guy effected the market is another question.. possible yes, but deffo not that easy to manage smile

I hope I can manage to actually affect both the market and the pvp, it would be a fantastic thing to use for when I do my masters wink

I always play the longterm game, don't expect to see me everywhere in a few days tongue

I am sadly not too familiar with the history of this game yet, however I read and remember everything I ever come across, if you want to throw some links/summaries my way, I'd be very grateful smile

Unfortunately this game will not be able to provide you with a great deal of information for your research except at how a poorly seeded market can hamper a game severely.  You will have zero effect on PvP; that is almost entirely internalized.  Very few PvP folks would expect to be competitive with what little they can find on the open market.

As stated before; limited visibility of items due to corp limited listings, throttle market growth.

Sure, there's in-corp sales in Eve, but the market itself is transparent; there is no way to limit sales to corp members only.  So in-corp stuff has considerably less effect on the overall market, even when the game first launched.

Lucius Marcellus wrote:
Smokeyii wrote:

I don't think anyone is complaining about t4 margins, at least not recently. I think everyone knows that t4 is expensive to make, and therefore expensive to buy.

Then what's the complaint about then? Almost all t4 is on market, standard gear is readily, a lot of t2/t3 gear might be missing, but as I said I've already started doing something for this.

Yes, it's not the price point that people complain about (much), it's the fact that they simply cannot find anything.  Even many standard items are not seeded, much less t2/t3, and when they look at t4 most younger players simply choke...  It's like a nuublet in Eve flying his first frigate, that cost 450k, being confronted with T2 guns before invention.  A single T2 small gun could cost more than 4 frigates.  Even after invention a full kitout for a new player can be expensive.
BUT the nuublet can always open the market and 95% of the time find exactly what they're looking for somewhere in the region... and 100% in Jita.


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Lucius Marcellus wrote:
BugSplat wrote:


I set aside the game, quite forgot about it actually, until this latest promotion.

And still... no market.  Actually, much less market even.

Which items?

On the open market, not nicked out of a closed corporate hangar and privately sold between whomever this fellow is and myself.
A basic search?  Pretty much any t2 or t3, most t4 items on the market are so bloated it's not worth more than a glance and a laugh.  There are no marketers out there competing to drive prices down, but then there are no purchasers out there to drive prices up.

TOG, which I joined yesterday, is aware of this and ... well, like any other corp out there just shrugs and maintains internal markets or just internal stock bins.  You're looking for something you just ask, someone either has something in their stash or can produce it.
Not that much of it will ever see the open market; it's consumed internally for the most part.  I'm sure CIR, NeX, and any others are the same way.  Four or five t4 producers, who got in before the research nerf, can barely produce enough for the corp, much less enough to slap on the open market.

T2 and T3 seldom see the market because what's not in use on bots goes into T4 straightaway.

A player driven economy is a great way to make a game dynamic, but restrictions on those markets must be reduced, or altogether eliminated, for the early life of a game so that the market can become established.  Perp seems to have missed something to enable growth, but I'm no economist to point out the fine details;  I only see the big huge gaping hole where a dynamic, active market was supposed to go.


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I set aside the game, quite forgot about it actually, until this latest promotion.

And still... no market.  Actually, much less market even.

Devs need to step up and take action; without a market and no NPC market to speak off, using a subscription model, there's nothing to keep the new players coming because there's nothing for them to purchase and thus no way for them to progress forward.

Private markets are all well and good, but they're going to result in zero open market activity, flat stopping new players dead in their tracks.  Perp has promise, but not when it's door is shut to newcomers.


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Well, if the first troll is ^^^ I guess I'm not wrong in my observations.



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Honestly, while I originally thought the idea of corp restricted orders on the market was a pretty good idea, I'm finding that it's the bane of the entire game's growth.

Corps buy and sell internally so product never gets out to the unaffiliated or small corps.  With nothing to buy, and no one selling, the small corps and independents are left to their own devices.

So, IMO, I feel that the game is doomed to extinction solely because of closed internal corporate markets.  A game that relies strongly on a player driven market cannot grow without any market.

So, as much as I enjoy the game, I don't want to slave myself to some megacorp just to access any sort of viable market.  Once my accounts expire I can't bring myself to renew them.

'Perfect' seems to be perfect at one thing, and one thing only:  A Perfect spoiled brat.

I want to be God NOW, I want to win all battles NOW,  I never want to loose.  And I want to do it NOW.

Perfect, go away.  Go play Hello Kitty, it suits you.

Having been cast out into the cold by the paranoid, a couple of expatriates from Hershfield are seeking a new home.

Longer docking timers = fewer people who want to bother, and they start going elsewhere.

30 seconds should be the hard ceiling on undocking, period.  Any longer than that and I'm looking for another game to play, as I have the last few days.

Mk2 industrial mechs should get a 30% cargo capacity gain, or even 50% (removing the added slots) so that they're worth having beyond bait tank.

The weapon has to cool down before you go shoving new material into it, or risk overhead discharge of the ammunition, or other jamming.

Though when the weapon reaches zero and does not have a firing cycle queued (i.e. the target just died) it should also reload automatically once the cooldown cycle completes.

I like the idea of three materials spread across the betas, so long as the two native to any individual island can be cross-refined with themselves and other ores without the necessity of the third and the factional items built from those two will not require the third, either.

The idea of any beta-only refining is just a 'come here and die to build' for the rabid dogs.

Lack of the ability to talk to the white dots around you makes Perpetuum feel like an awfully lonely place sometimes.

Just make it like SecondLife; chat has a range.  If you're outside that range you don't see it at all.   What that range might be would either be the sensor range of your mech (allowing long-range sneaky mechs to eavesdrop on a lot of chats) or a fixed range.  There is no channel listing, the speaker's name only appears on what they say.  Say nothing & no one knows you're there until they spot you.


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ECM, either NPC or Player, should confer a degree of resistance per event; in other MMO's it's called 'Stun Resistance' - i.e. you can't usually be stuck in an endless stunned loop no matter how hard the foe tries (barring exploits).

So if you've been ECM'd you're immune to continued uses of ECM for a set duration (for brevity let's say the default duration of a target lock cycle - about 10 seconds).   With damps or demobs each subsequent attack only has a portion of its full effect so that, after three stacked effects no more effect can be achieved.

And ECCM needs to have a more active result... rather than simply protecting the user, it should actually counter the attack.   With an extension plus a module, let's say ECCM, a successful counterattack can have a possibility of reflecting the attack back on the issuing bot (a small chance, mind you) after each successful counter.

I usually get by with Artifact hunting, but there's been a marked falloff of decent hits and decent finds in high end hits (Class III sites dropping the same stuff as class I sites, FE.  Intrusion III giving nothing but plasma, ect).  Stealthily nerft perhaps?


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Overall, it won't change a thing.

The blob corps will still have their blobs out in force, 24/7.   Small corps simply will have no better chance under the new system than they do now.


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How about just set up another area of 12 or so islands like the one currently in use...  have a central transit hub that actually costs some hefty NIC to use, per the class of bot going through.
Resources across regions would be differently distributed, with a few unique to each region.

That would spread things out, and do so with relative speed with the main terminals being centrally located.   Now, let's say you've got three such archipelagos, each one would have a transit hub on one of the 'starter' islands, turning those three islands into a Central regional market but allow secondary regional markets to build on distant island groups due to the cost of transit between them.

In the future, anyway.

Interesting ideas... but then, how are our meagre little bots supposed to assail such impregnable defenses?
Outpost owners will spam defense structures no matter the costs, especially the *kof* communist corps with inexhaustible funds rendering their outposts untouchable for any but a corp bigger than they are, but at such an attrition rate that no one would want to bother trying.

Arga wrote:

Bug, something similar to that is in place.

Light/Assaults give upto T4 small

Mech-Hmech give upto t4 medium

Specific ammo's are by faction kernel.

Putting Medium items in the light bot tree would go against making it difficult to obtain.

Edit: Also, putting most T4 gear into the 5th star would actually make it worse then it is now.

Yes, yes, I know... it was a basic suggestion.
Suppose I want to focus on say... just armor modules, which research by flavor from each faction, but I don't want to waste my research on guns.   Since they've gimped research speed, putting me already behind those who have it all already and doubling my time to catch up while they dominate the market, then why not the option to let me focus on a specific area of research, lowering the total number of kernels I need rather than forcing everything down the old research gullet before progress can be made toward the next level.

Also, I've got a question:
Tier 1 light bots give X research, and I was told that i can use tier 1 assault, mech, and heavy kernels for the same research ends.    What, then, does a tier 1 assault kernel give me over a light besides research on that faction's assault level mech?  Why would I even care about researching a bot schematic when I can just snag one off the market, reverse it with a high end decryptor, and build my own?

Well, with the reduction in the ability of the players to learn the should have at least enabled a player to direct their knowledge.

So, say, you get a whole huge tech tree, and each kernel has a tech valuation type.  Let's use an off-the-cuff example:
1-2 star - 'Blue' tech tree (t1/t2, small)
3-4 star - 'green' tech tree (t3, t1/t2 medium)
5 star - 'purple' tech tree (t4, t3/t4 medium)

Thus the kernels can only be used to unlock their tier of research, but you can select any item in that tech tree to apply some or all of your kernel research to.  Specialized tech, as it were.  Thus industrialists can focus on, say, 'small/medium' lasers & cells, and not worry about firearms or missiles, leaving that tech tree open to another industrialist.


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In a free market, such as the US, a vendor is only allowed to change their prices once per day.

If games would do that you'd see a lot more wide variance in orders, and people 'sitting', hoping everyone else will cap out their available modifications before they do so that they can take advantage of market shifts.

I vote for a 24 hour lock on any placed or altered order, except of course for cancelling (which keeps the VAT and transaction taxes anyway).

Simple fix...  have the calculated maximum materials drawn from storage when the job is initiated, factoring in the highest probable CT degradation through the entire job process.  Once the job is complete all remaining materials are discharged with the finished goods back into storage.  If the job is canceled all unallocated resources are returned to storage (those not already consumed by the current cycle but claimed for subsequent job cycles) along with completed products, if any.