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Alatari wrote:

The Perpetuum Planner github page has instructions on how to extract the images (and other resource files) from the Perpetuum.gbf file. I've used this as a basis for a couple of projects, including the hi-res island maps used by the Foom Scan1App (raw maps available here).

How up to date is that data though? I know a few of the extensions are wrong, which can be corrected, but what about the item/bot stats and such?

Edit: Nevermind, I think I misunderstood after reading the github, I was assuming you could get the data out of the Perpetuum planner as well. Can you? It seems to only give details for getting images out of the perpetuum.gbf


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I haven't seen this requested yet and found nothing with a search, which surprises me, it's something I figure most people would be asking for.

Are there any plans to release a (heavily edited) database dump? Or did I miss it somewhere? I'm talking about the tables that list all the data for in game items and stats, skills, locations/terrain data, etc. Not player or market info, or anything of that nature.

These things would be extremely helpful in building 3rd party tools like the Perpetuum fitting tool, Perpetuum skill planner, killboards, maps and route planning tools, and a whole host of other things I haven't the imagination to consider.

Along these same lines, I notice that the Perpetuum Planner has an image for everything, is there an image dump available?

The containers in your private/corp storage that is. For example, you have an "Ammo" container in your private storage, and a bunch of ammo. You click+hold and drag the ammo on top of your container, and it gets dropped in the container.

Same thing for your bots cargo. Dragging ammo onto the top of the Cargo button on the Equip window of your bot will drop ammo into the cargo hold.


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Neoxx wrote:

right click -> select all

Menus don't replace keyboard shortcuts. Eve was a great example of this. 90% of the stuff you did was right click -> menu -> sub menu -> sub sub men -> select option.

IIRC one of the devs said this wouldn't happen (at least not anytime soon) because they didn't really have a focused window. In other words the client would have to know in what window you were trying to select everything, but it has no way of knowing this.

Still, I support keyboard shortcuts, hopefully somewhere down the road.


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I do miss being able to see fits from Eve, partially for intel, but mostly for lulz (he fit WHAT on that?!?!). Not sure how other PO players feel about this, but I'd like to see it, and more information in general (what weapon/ammo was used for the kill, for example).


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For saving the file, wouldn't XML be best if you wanted to be able to use it with another program. The excel fitting tool would have to be reworked a little, but for future projects I would think standardizing some XML would be best.

I wasn't thinking follow route, just a single spot, move to that location. That would be... interesting to see on my radar though.


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There are a lot of times I'd like to move to a location by double clicking on the terrain in front of me, but I can't because I can't see that terrain, there's a small ridge or something blocking my vision.

I think it would be nice if double clicking the radar would move you towards that location. Alternatively, if a "drawing on the radar" idea were implemented, then a right click -> move to option would work just as well.


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+1, first thing I thought of was guild wars too, but it's a very handy feature.

Any chance you'll release the spreadsheet itself, with the formulas you used to get that? It seems like it may be misleading, let me see if I can explain why with an example.

Take Blue (therm weak) for example, firing bullets, from your chart it looks like the best ammo to use would be Composite Bullets because 71.09% of their damage gets through. However, when you look at the damage types you see that Composite does mostly Kinetic damage, which Blue tanks fairly well (2nd best resist). So it may be better to use Flechette bullets, while not as much damage gets through from them overall, a higher amount of that damage is thermal, so more may be done. Or the TFJ bullet, which damages the second most (67.42%), but does more overall damage (26 points as opposed to 22 with the Composite).

I hope I expressed that right. Basically it looks like your looking at percentages instead of the total damage that gets through. So something with a lower percentage, but higher damage may actually be better.

Annihilator wrote:

please ignore the lower part

most of the npc names you see there are not in their propper classification (Armadillo - the name itself already says "tank" not "scout")

Finally got around to fixing this on my version, it was just that "Tank" and "Scout" had been switched around, swap the headers tongue

bigsteve wrote:

Yip. left out for some reason,

What's that supposed to mean?!? sad I like the Arkhe!

I don't see Arkhe/Arkhe Mk2 on there sad

Thanks for the donation CIR, just know that it won't save you from the Arkhe roams of death!

Your correct Lemakor, I had it backwards

Alatari wrote:

Seems like a good time to promote the FOOM wiki; feel free to add this (and other) information. smile


I looked it up in there, and I think I found a problem. I'll let someone with more knowledge than me correct it, in case there isn't anything wrong.

On this page, second section down "Safety Through Durability" it lists what each NCP likes to shoot, and what they are weak against. The very last seems to be wrong

All Numiqol NPCs <snip> and fear Seismic the most.

Each race seems to be setup to have a different weakness than the others, but Theolodic are listed as having Seismic resist as well. It's also listed on that damage chart, linked earlier, as being something else (Thermal).

Someone mind taking a look at it for me?

Annihilator wrote:

please ignore the lower part

most of the npc names you see there are not in their propper classification (Armadillo - the name itself already says "tank" not "scout")

Is there another place all this is compiled? I could try to put the names in the proper place (on the pieced together one of mine anyway), any other corrections that need to be made?

Also, to make sure I'm understanding it correctly myself...
So for any Nuimqol bot you want to shoot Seismic at it and it will deal Kinetic to you.
Pelistal shoots Seismic and is weak to Thermal

Nice! Thanks for these, they made things a lot clearer.

This should help all the new guys (if I'm reading it right, someone tell me if I'm not)


So for any Nuimqol bot you want to shoot Seismic at it and it will deal Kinetic to you.
Pelistal shoots Seismic and is weak to Thermal

I can't take credit for the charts, all credit goes to ot0_m0t0. I just arranged them on one sheet so I could see it better without tabbing back and forth. That link has his pages with all ammo separated so you can view just yours.