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Rodger Wilcoe wrote:
Alrione wrote:

View it simply as player incentive.

What incentive? To make something that is supposed to be harder easier? That isn't incentive, that is impatience and laziness.

Why bother with implants, lets just put in a "learning" extension roll

You are still missing the point.
Due to the way progression in perpetuum works, sooner or later down the line you will start crosstraining into other areas.
It only makes sense that if someone wants to branch into something else, at some point down the line make things a little bit easier.
Say you trained heavy mechas and some big guns to some level, you SHOULD become more proficient in that area, thats how learning anything works.
Once you reached that threshold you should get little buff to stats SPECIFICALLY to that area.
This way theres no need for implants/learning extensions It will come in naturally, and reward player in the long term.
This is nothing to do with impatience or laziness.


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Rodger Wilcoe wrote:

Because it is something you aren't familiar with, it should logically take longer to learn. Augmenting this makes it rather pointless to distribute attributes in the first place if you can simply "fix" your flaws with implants.

Read my other posts, I explained exactly what I meant.
I did not suggest redistributing stats.
The idea is you get a slight decrease on the cost of high levels of the specific skill.
Ie lvl7 will give you 1% discount, lvl 8 2%. lv9 3% and lv10 4%.
Based on each skill.
NO LEARNING or such skills.
If im learning heavy mecha, and decided to stick through with it, later levels would have little discount.
Its not blowing anything out of proportion and isnt overriding your initial stat choices, so the end result is still higher then someone with better suited stat.
View it simply as player incentive.


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Arga wrote:

The trouble with RL analogies is they break down very quickly. While I studied engineering my friend couldn't care less about math but is an awesome salesguy. Is he capable of learning engineering, probably, but it doesn't come easy and he's not willing to fight for the knowledge. When you want to play an indy guy, you choose the path you want them to take, and then it's just assumed that the agent had an affintiy for that path. Thinking you have an engineering genius that was forced through the military path seems like an awkward way to rationalize being able to move ability points from combat to industrial.

I did not mean moving points from one side to another.
Sorry should have been more clear.
All I meant is literally per skill basis, if someone "fights" for that knowledge, they surely would get slight decrease to costs of later levels.
I dont mean that past lvl 4 all skills should be trained same rate for everyone smile
Something like: Im an indy, but I really want to learn for this heavy bot.
While someone who is specced for heavy bots will use, for example, 200 points for level 10.
Someone who is an indy, but stuck through this, should get slight cost decrease. ie instead of 500, lvl10 would cost 450.

And this way is certainly very different from eve where bonus gets applied across the border.


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Neoxx wrote:

I disagree with your "you can always go to another university and learn to learn better".  You'll learn more things over time (which is essentially what EP is.  Time spent doing something which you decide on later.) but you dont necessarily get better at learning everything.  Your brain is not like a hard drive that has unlimited capacity and can recall any bit of it at any time if given the command to.

Just have to barge in, but this is wrong.
Universities give you a superset/examples of tricks on how to absorb and learn information better. After you finish university you are not magically limited in the ways you learn new things.
Technology and learning processes tend to evolve based on your experiances, and say if you learned certain subject at uni, it does not make automaticly worse at other subject.
Yes your initial knowledge is low in another area, but as you progress you wilkl obviously learn how this subject works and get better and understanding it, develop new techniques for absorbing the information.

In terms of game world, this could be something like, based on your attributes initial costs for first, say 4 levels are high, but as you go, the price difference should be diminishing.

Hmm thursday, I think about 850.

lol This is pure gold.


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Srsly u guize. I just went away for few hours come back. #Botpack is active smile


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San Vigil wrote:

What podcast? I too am a podcaster... let the grassroots marketing/whoring begin!!

And yea - we need to get Twitter going. I'll try and start a Twitter Hash for all to use (like Tweetfleet)

#Botpack lol
Definitely would be a good way to add a bit of popularity to the game though.