Humongus Bauls wrote:

I am cool with the CEO flag. That makes logical sense.

I am not cool with having to pay you guys a weeks worth of my sub time in order to wipe the account, haha! That is a damn near ***

Come on Zoom you can do better! Instant deletion (outside of corp CEO), or negative EP!

Pay a week of ep to wipe? i dont understand?

yeah, just wanted to confirm that for myself big_smile
Nice hair btw


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the info about the downtime was in your login screen. and been there for a week i think big_smile

I dont know if there is already a thread about this. then im sorry.

Any way, would be cool to be able to get an 'one timer' ''blueprint'' to build an faction Bot with little better base stats.

Yeah guys, exacly like in eve..   so now when thats cleared. what do you guys think?

Its really uggly during the night.

On the day i can feel that mature'' eve graphic''
And during the night it feels like world of warcraft''

This may be dumb but, what if perpetuum was free to play? But u have to sub if you want the EP gain?


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So what do you guys think of the weather today?


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Tom Hawkens wrote:

Writing it like this to punctuate it more of fixes/improvements I believe would make the game more enjoyable, attract more players, and reduce frustration:

Patch 1.2345 notes:

- All robots are now equipped with a teleport button to their bound station.  It is on a 1-hour timer.  When activating, you must stand still and wait a 30 second timer to prepare for the teleport.

- Speed of all robots has been increased 20% across the board to mitigate the extremely long time commitments between certain missions, objectives and map locations.

- Containers on the ground will now be highlighted orange to the person it belongs to or has first looting rights to.  All others will be remain white.

- Rewards for level 2 missions and up have been increased substantially to make up for the time completion and difficulty imbalance between easier and faster level 1 missions.

- When mining or harvesting, a quantity shows on the targeted tile display of how much is remaining of that resource before being depleted.

- Repair costs for loot are reduced substantially to make it more viable to repair and sell on the market at a profit.

- A new extension reduction allowance (1 per week) is implemented and allows players to pick an extension to reduce by 1 level and regain their points back.  This will allow players a slow transition to new skillsets of their choice and also removes the impacts of any accidental training and unexpected patch adjustments to extension bonuses.

I like the teleport idé, but it could be an module that allows it, and instead of an hour cycle it could be useing some ''fuel''  similar to eve's cyno jumps? but then. right now the world is not that big?

Yeah something needs to be done with the containers. They are kindy messy atm.


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I think its lame with 1 EP/min, it should be 2.
Also i would be able to bank my EP, so they could grow overtime.
So i could take an big break from this double EP and respec bullshit!


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Alexadar wrote:

Some weird things in peropetuum sci-fi world, what i noticed:

1. Auto-guns. This is a human technology. We can refer to official background history:

Their advanced technology has enabled them to develop gigantic humanoid robotic forms that have destructive powers far beyond our weapons.

Why NIAns arches using weak earth technology? 
Why t2+ auto-guns available through kernel research? NIAns don't know anything about our tech, and i doubt they want to use it, because they have much powerful tech.

2. Field containers. They are small and endless in size. How they are working? Why they can contain much more than sequer? Sequer, and in general any of the bots, is bigger than field container...

2.1 Sequer can carry Seth....) How)?

3. "Ghost bot". I can pass through any bot. Because i am ghost i guess. But if i ghost, why i can't pass through the mountain? In generally, i understand why bots are ghosts for each other, but it is weird for sci-fi genre.

And Ikea is swedish, can you belive that?

yeah fireballs would be nice.


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Jasdemi wrote:

First of all. PO is really good. Sure it lacks content, but it'll come with time.

Still the almighty Jasdemi can't keep subbing for one simple reason:

You practically copied pretty much EVERYTHING from my favourite MMORPG, EVE Online. I simply can't support you in this matter. This hurts my conscience.

It's like betraying a hot blonde with some hot black chick. (You know what I mean) xD

Nonetheless I wish you, Avatar Creations, good luck and success with PO.


If this game havent been this close to eve then i wouldent have playd it big_smile

when u drop ''for example' ore in your cargo. instead of getting an there is no room.
It would be nice to get an option to drop as much as it can carry.

Kraftwerk wrote:

Here is a perfect example of why a respec is needed and why this title will lose subscriptions.

I have specced into lasers heavily to find out they cant hit and LOS is broken so my toon is basically trashed. I am not going to destroy the account but i know that a lot of users would rather play something else then continue to subscribe.

This is an example why you shouldent be able to respec. People like this would like to respec everytime in the game when one weapon is better than the other.
Fix the LOS, add more damage and lower the acc, then all wanna respec to guns.
This is bullshit.
I heard an great idé of an teammate today when we talked about this, Make it possible to respec once a year, but! you will loose 30-40% of your EP. That i can live with.

Close this thread please.

FFS! this is not world of warcraft, pay 10 gold and then respec.
This is the beauty of the game! people cant be good at everything.
You need to spend your points carefull.
The day you can respec your EP then i will quit playing.

Now close this stupid thread and all of its kind.

3 points Pushu III
2 points Deolator
1 point Baldy

franko wrote:

I think early access bonuses are imbalancing to economy, pvp and pve.
Corporations with most people that have early subscriptions will rule alpha islands, and production and with time they will have even bigger advantage.
So compensate to this accounts created after 25.11 should have for 2 weeks double EP.
This way early access people will have advantage, but after 2 weeks we can compete with them in skills.
What you think ?

what i think? that you should buy a strap on.

Urahara Kisuke wrote:

Why did headstart people get 40k starting EP in addition to being able to play the game 1 week earlier then everyone else?

Just heard about the game and I like it so far, but that headstart EP thing wtf...
Sure in 1 year nobody cares about it, but for now it's pretty stupid.

Eve like DEV corruption? Giving there alliance a headstart...

Knowledge from beta and 7 days headstart should have been more than enough.
Give everyone without an headstart account 20k additional EP imo.

To sum it up, headstart EP was stupid.

You are just like my wife, never see what she gets, only what she doesent.
Be happy about the 20k you do get, in eve it would be 1k.
So stop crying about it, its christmas!


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oh. that really took the fun out of it big_smile


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My self is number 13 of created agents.
So who is number 1??


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i would like to link this one big_smile


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