where are machine gun bonus bots? thought that would be easy just chopshop some *** together give it a bonus, Nerf all other bots to *** then say good!

where are machine gun bonus bots? thought that would be easy just chopshop some *** together give it a bonus, Nerf all other bots to *** then say good!


dont kid yourself anni.

It's summer with nice weather, and you think they are sweating in Zooms basement chainsmoking menthol cigs pushing out a patch?

If any thing goes wrong like a toaster melt down.... I doubt they would recover from such a pricey piece of equipment going down.


Look a game where the patch notes are 90% buffs!!!!

Oh my look how happy the community is!

Smokeyii wrote:

I kinda feel for zoom tbh. He's had everyone on these boards screaming for years to do this and do that and much of he's done. The only thing I've seen asked for time and time again is more PVE stuff to do that's never been addressed. I'm too lazy to look for the post I made in 2010 saying that more pve would bleed over into more pvp.

It all boils down to this - The two man team who work on this game in their spare time hasn't ever and won't ever be able to keep pace with content.

Ones just an artist and forum ref. roll

Don't want to kick the dead horse but anyone else looking forward to Albion?

Been wrecking fools in dreadnought. its eve meets world of tanks and Mechwarrior online. 5v5 pvp 5 classes of ships 3 tiers and some premium/founder ships which by no means are better than the normal ones.

Its still in Beta and has some balancing kinks to work out, shouldn't be anything new for people around here.


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you really are lost like a freaking politician flipflopping all over the place.

A. Skills are involved
B. Any sort of "free" EP is pay to win in a time based game^1
C. You keep comparing this game to eve when it suits you but then twist it when it doesn't. Maybe we should make a new thread on that.

B. Further explained Noob gets Eve account, Noob saw Mroq in super tanky Astarte/Claymore, Noob wants to fly like mroq. Noob purchases Plex with rl$, Sells plex buys injectable skill to finish off these Required Skills
Command Ships I
Armored Warfare V
Leadership I
Information Warfare V
Leadership I
Skirmish Warfare V
Leadership I
Siege Warfare V
Leadership I
Warfare Link Specialist IV
Leadership Level V
Spaceship Command V
(Racial) Battlecruiser V
(Racial) Cruiser III
(Racial) Frigate III
Spaceship Command I
Spaceship Command II
Spaceship Command III
For  the noob its clearly I win he got the ship he wanted with out waiting.... do you think he will be happy when he loses it?
For me command ships were always kinda end game alt accounts really no point after t3 cruisers came out.
If you dont think thats pay to win then ok please define your Pay to win plan. P2W is a very fuzzy blurry line some say its already been long crossed by eve.

Either way your ep gap isnt your problem is it. Whats really bothering you?


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clearly it is an I win button when you can in one hour and circa 100 mouse clicks sit in a fairly end game ship in eve no problems.

Have fun with your new command ship I'm sure you will be primary every time your on grid as you drain ep/sp from your alt to get armor laying lvl 5 or explosive shield hardening lvl 5 in the mean time.

I'm saying the ep doesn't  come from thin air like you want it to here.


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Mroq wrote:

Thats what I get for posting in the middle of the night. All the costs I mentioned are for upgrading all of them skills from lvl9 to lvl10. The actual cost of all of them from lvl1 to lvl10 is 1.336.500 EP (yes that does not include that 2880 EP you start with into calculation). All at lvl9 cost 742.500, lvl8 are 475200.
   You said maxed out I gave you maths for maxed out.
   Im done talking to all you trolls - cant even do simple calculations, only weapon being insults. Go copulate with yourselves.

I'm saying you don't need lvl 10 in all skills to be a max assault pilot just lvl 10 basic and lvl 10 of that race gunnery. a few supporting skills and you can easily take down targets in pvp. I dont see what your qq'ing about. Sorry you cant have 4mill ep when you start the game sorry its not eve where you can now pay to win, by draining your alt. That EP in eve comes from somewhere not thin air.

Sorry you want an I win button in a time progression game.


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This goes with my above post

Mroq wrote:

A single 400k ep player can max out all assault bot skills

Robot Control :
-basic robotics        10
-combat robot spec.    5-7
-hi-tec robot spec.      5-7
-nuimqol robot control 5-7

Engineering :
-accelerated armor repair       likely not needed yet but 5
-accelerated reload                     5
-accumulator expansion    10
-complex mechanics  5
-economical armor usage
-economical weapon usage
-energy management    10
-improved armor repair 
-mechanics       5-7 depending on left over ep
-optimized armor usage
-optimized engineering
-optimized weapon usage
-reactor expansion 8-10

-accelerated target locking 5-7
-data processing       10
-demobilization            10
-long distance EW             8-10
-long range targeting   5-7
-optimized EW usage

Weapon usage :
-basic magnetostatic 10
-critical hit  8
-general firing  10
-improved falloff    lol    prob should be precision firing 8-10
-rapid firing   10
-sharpshooting 8-9 its an assault your gonna be with in 200m no matter what you need to d-mob them
-target analysis 5-7 it adds 1% really don't pick bones

Now I got the maxed arbalest basic skills. But You, veteran plaer, would put more skills in before venturing out would You not?
No I would roll out in this and fit an evasive and kill a Mroq kain with out a problem
Or would you rather refuse this sort of activity for newcomers?

You would have learned alot about the game if you would have gone light ewar before and been dedicated tackle for a month before going straight to kain then mesmer
Back in the day (with population) it was almost a pre req of corps that were active pvp that you played a month of only light ewar/ tackle to learn the basics of the game.


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Mroq wrote:

A single 400k ep player can max out all assault bot skills

boo hoo
Now I got the maxed arbalest basic skills. But You, veteran plaer, would put more skills in before venturing out would You not?

So for a new player to avoid waiting and get the full-single-bot-fit pvp potential he needs 294.000 more than he is getting. This looks like a job for 2 more DLC's similar in size to the previous.

Or would you rather refuse this sort of activity for newcomers?

You dont need to max any of the skillsffs, to be competitive or ever successful what does that 1% extra damage help you in most cases not much at all, I would say a bottom line competitive fit for an assault would be basic 10 racial 6-8, 5 hi tech, 5 combat for robot control

Then you look at gunnery depending on the weapons/race you went. If you went lasers ofc fall off/rapid firing/crit/ general firing are all important important. But what does a magnadart arb need falloff for? you get 20 more meters of *** damage. What would a Wasp need  falloff or precision for.

Electronics and Eng, 4 big ones are data processing/Energy man/Accu expans/reactpr expans. I would personaly bump the first 3 up to 10 and put reactor expan at 8 then look at my fit unless your going so crazy fit reactor on an assault isnt an issue more cpu. After seeing what my fit will need I then look at the Optimized/ Improved /Economical skills

With my remaining EP I would Slap in Long distance eletronic warfare to 8-10 and Demob to 8-10 (pre-req jamming lol). I would do this as most of your kills as an assault with a fleet will either be killing of enemy light ewar or demobbing the enemy mech ewar. 

Now you will likely have some EP left over. Depending on your play style you could go for masking, ewar skills, finish off some gunnery, a nexus skill like speed, or even start working on mech skills. The key here is you got 90 of the base fitting skills out of the way. You will be very effective against Lights assaults and even Mechs and Hmechs if you fit right and play your strategy right.


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Mroq wrote:

Getting a bot is the easy part. Anyway, if you lessen the 300k ep by decent harvesting skills then its even less of a combat ready pilot. Also heavy mech makes around 150mil/h on alpha but not decent - a good one.

   Noone got kicked out of ETHOS solely for loosing any number of bots.

   Never had to wait for 6 months for anything in Eve. It was 2 maximum for learning skills when those were still a thing. Probably becouse there always were large number of players with similar SP levels = activity. With our numbers you're down to whatever is happening at the moment. Creating multiple alts partially solves that problem, but is it really necessary? Also I was looking at one of my alts in Eve today and thought - "Wouldn't it be nice for him to fly a command ship" and I did so an hour and 5mil SP later. Now if that would be equivalent to 7 month old 14mil SP character we get with DLC that would be an excuse of a command ship instead of a real thing (unless were talking off grid boosting).

   Whats so scary about players having more EP at the start? Maybe you need an option to trade EP for credits but only when above 500k EP? Or you simply want to play by yourselves?

Now your just blowing smoke up someones a^^, I have 5 Eve accounts all with various skill point lvls all with different specialty. I know 100% I couldn't take my miner/hauler/jump freighter and make him a command ship pilot in an hour.
How ever I know I could take my all Subcap pilot and swap a training que and have mim/gallente command ship in an hour because they have all the prereqs covered. That particular toon has tons of EP tho. If i played through from launch it would be one of those accounts for 500 dollars.

You can pilot a mk2 mech but you never understood the fundamentals of the race your piloting you likely dont even know the effective range + falloff of your fit with out looking it up. I know them off the top of my head, That is how you become good at pvp you know your bot inside and out. No pay to win will help that, no EP will correct a fundamental logical error of thinking. Sorry you sir don't know the limits of the bot your in but expect better performance.

Look at world of tanks you can buy gold rounds but it does not mean your a better tanker than the guy shooting standard rounds.


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Annihilator wrote:

Mroq's "review" is basicly the summary of how worthless a low-EP non-heavy mech, non mk2 robot is percieved (and actually is).

and thats not only pvp, thats every aspect of the game. even maxed out extension light combat bot is nothing you would field to shoot at things.

Perception and reality are 2 different things.... Yes Mk2 heavy pvp is a mainstay in this game but look at the #1 pvp player last month. Mainly used an assault. I mainly use assaults. A single 400k ep player can max out all assault bot skills.

Peoples Perception that a Mk2 HM is the be all end all bot, is a logical error compounded by the fact that: Speeds are screwed in favor of un-demobable heavys, a Mech with speed nexus can out run an assault built to kill a Mech. Ranges and robot bonuses in the patch that killed all flavors other than seth mk2.

For sap warfare yes Hm is a preferred tool. But like others have mentioned good pvp'er use scouts, use maskers and understand bots limitations and bonuses. I myself like to solo pvp when I can, I've turned down alot of 1v1s because I don't have the element of surprise or a terrain that suits me.

TL:dr New players focus on end content before they explore the content they could use.

Not many people still have arkhe mk2 just laying around I have one collecting dust as its slowly becoming a relic of old times.

The fact that there are 6 on the market for 100mil each, shows me that other people are of the same mindset.

My Idea is to bring them back but with vengeance. They are obviously the only bot to survive the dreaded re-balance. So here's my thoughts on this dying breed of bot.

  • Make them player producible at very low costs(this needs to be priority)

  • Give them meaning full bonuses (demob res, Locking range and speed, Damage pure damage bonus, optimal range, Signal detection and accu recharge)

  • add an extra head, leg and turret/missile/misc slot

  • Increase/decrease their hard stats like speed, hitsize, cpu, accu cap.

  • Last but not least if you make them a viable player built item remove the dumb interference with the mk2 versions


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push the info (help) button on the intrusions window
opens help window with following text "Page not found: Help:Intrusions"

Reproduce-able lvl easy


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problem is solved with the field terminals! undock a sequer move to nearest field terminal dump all required fittings, undock stripped hvy mk2 go to secrete terminal refit and no problem.


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wtf...... sad face


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I cant even get my clients to connect to the server.... Well at least one did the other 4 forget it kept cycling and not finding.:fuuu:

My only gripe with it is unflagged units jump freely while Agressed upon.... Flagged units have to open map.... wait 3 secs of "hang time" hit the center to unit button map flys to you and zooms in.... quickly calculate which is the next closest tpa then speed off that way.

Either make tpa for agressed upon units not tp or let flagged units jump with no extended cool down instability. Its become all to easy for a shield tanked and plated unit to just walk un-worried across an island. They flag on me I hit a tpa they cant jump. They dont flag.... I dont die. Stupid new meta.

Keep the regular Teleports with extended CDs but tpa shouldnt block flagged units and shouldn't add an instability to flagged units.


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There are alternate options on how to get in or on an Island unseen, Interzone being the biggest of these imo.
Inda I brought this up to Zoom in my previous post on the patch thread he seemed unconcerned with my concern for this topic. I still think of things from my time with 62nd when it comes to infiltration and ganking. It was extremely hard to gank CIR in those times but not impossible. Alot of effort has to go in to being on an island undetected to get any reward. I remember a good week involved me safe logging on island with a detector and dps bot never leaving the island either.


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Why would he preset an arkhe.... but who knows that is possible.


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Add Taxation of mission points to the outpost owners and give them a reason to be taken.... Doubt there would be alot of closed out posts.


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Inda wrote:

Khader I think you feel something right. But I dont think that is any solution, they will do the balance things.

bit off topic:
What if we have speed booster on every robot and it needs accu to use ?

Cool Idea Inda make a post about it so Anni can troll your post with his toxic behavior as well


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Annihilator wrote:
Burial wrote:

1. 50% demob strength against 50% demob resistance makes demob slow the target for 0%.
2. 50% demob strength against -25% demob resistance makes the demob slow the target for 75%..

whats so hard to understand there?
50% - 50% = 0%
50% -(-25%) = 75%

one is a resist, the other one is a penalty (given by lwf)

thats not potato math... thats elementry school math

Yeah cause that's exactly how the equation works. That is what is embedded in the game code.

Please take your troll back under a bridge and go to the test server and pretend your still a GM.


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Burial wrote:

In my opinion, there's nothing really wrong about battles being more about speed, especially since they're going to do the big robot speed balance at one point anyway, however the formula for speed calculation is strange.

1. 50% demob strength against 50% demob resistance makes demob slow the target for 0%.
2. 50% demob strength against -25% demob resistance makes the demob slow the target for 75%.

That's basically polarised from 0 effect to wrecking effect, and regardless of EVERYTHING, highway buff is added on top the end result.. but velo nexus isn't.

Thanks Burial maybe we should look at the effect itself.

Or maybe zoom (or Burial) can post up the potato math on demobbing vs resistance + speed nexus + Highway bonuses.