Aww, somehow I read that differently.  I was hoping to be able to assign weapons individually to a group, e.g. 2 missile launchers to group 1, then another 2 missile launchers to group 2 etc.  Ah well, thanks for the headsup.

New: Your equipped chassis modules are now automatically assigned into groups if they are of the same type. The numbers of the assigned groups are shown in the top right corner of the module buttons. Pressing the hotkey for a module group will activate/deactivate them all. The default hotkey is ctrl+number, you can change this under Options/Keyboard.

Hmm when I read this, I thought I could group e.g. a missile launcher to group 1, then another missile launcher to group 2, but this is not the case ?   if so, how do you do this ?  I cannot find anything in the keyboard options except that you can toggle group to a key, but not to assign a weapon to a group.


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This undock bug is annoying as hell.  Sometimes it can take several minutes before you can undock, and thats when you spam undock and click ok each time the annoying sound with popup window.


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Make it so !

Oh yeah.  Make a dreadnought class robot that is a mobile factory/repair center.  Field repair broken mechs for x amount of resources, fix them up to 50% health, then if they stay close to the dreadnought they get a small repair for every 5 secs.   
Devs, make it so !   lol


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Smokeyii wrote:

So you break the game with exploits, then get mad when the devs have to do SOMETHING to fix it because you're abusing it.

Seems legit. Cry some more.

It wasnt an exploit roll, even the devs said so. Their knee jerk patch is a bad fix. Makes it too much a hassle to do any pve on beta.

DEV Zoom wrote:

They are not exploits

At least you can mine epriton, not even worth doing anything else. Nothing else to do unless you want to play on Alpha.  Thumbs up Devs.  I hope you have something extremely good in next patch, like beta content that is not epriton mining roll  and dont say do more pvp, since pvp in this game is pretty much dead.


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lmao at this game.  This game is more and more just alpha pve game.  Absolutely no reason at all to do anything on beta except for mining epriton.  Thanks Devs, this game just got another nail in the coffin.   At least there are a lot more entertaining games out there. Knee jerking patches, how sad.

At least there is plenty of games on steam's summer sale.


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If you login to test server, it login to the live server instead. This is without using steam.

2nd !!!

My gropho agrees, if its something simular to this : … g_rTVfWJPR

If you shift click on the minimap to autopilot but do this clicking on an impassible terrain, your bot seems to walk like your on follow, and in particular if you hit a building on the way, it gets "stuck" there and you will rubberband. This can be reproduced easily. The small yellow " breadcrums" becomes a very bright circle and you can walk away from that point just to rubberband around for 2-3 minutes.

Also, if you again use autopilot to an impassible terrain a a lot further away on the map and keep changing your autopilot direction to another place, again into impassible terrain, your bot will do a little twitch movement and when your moving your camera around, it will be very slow/sluggish, cpu usage increases for a short period, 5-30 secs.


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Might as well reset everything back to the beginning when the servers moved to Amsterdam.  Everything is on even ground, then we can go from there.  Then everyone have something to do, mining/harvesting, noone is "dominating" the beta islands since the terminals are reset too.   Just make that one reset count, put the game on steam when everything is reset so new players dont feel like they are 4 years behind everyone else.  Should be almost like instant newbie action on the bat.

Was toying on the test server.  Seems  there is still some issues with the rubberbanding. While running around with just 1 account, you dont feel anything.  But as soon as you have 2 accounts, where you put one of your bots on follow on the other, then you still get the rubberbanding or the bot just warp back to a previous spot.

From what I see is, the "follow" function have issues.  If your Bot A use autorun/autopilot/manual control, then Bot B which is on "Follow" will either rubberband or instant port back to a previous point.  However it doesnt always seems to happen.  Sometimes it does it, othertimes it runs fine.


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Star Citizen is out with their Area commander, pre alpha, works like a charm.


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Seems to be really bad when you have multiple clients open at the same time. Warping around like mad.  1 Client seems to reduce the warp to a bare minimum.


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Suffice to say, other games sounds much better at the moment untill this is fixed.

This game needs an upgrade !

I want an ictus with a monocle and a top hat please!

Oh I really hope they are working on something to improve this.  I havent been able to see it on the test server if its should be in that build. One can only hope.

I wonder if there is any plans of a better sorting feature for storages.  Right now its a pain to go through the endless amount of units of modules/bots/equipments etc.  I would like to be able to click on a button saying e.g. "engineering equipment" and it only shows all the engineering equipment. Then add another button for T1/T2/T3/T4 etc for e.g. T1 engineering equipment. Would be nice if you then can select multiple selection like Electronic warfare modules T4, and then select engineering modules T4 and it only shows these.  Even with lots of folders it can be a mess as it is at the moment.

Would make the life in the storage a bit easier to sort out.

I have this happen a few times, though very rare, that when you jump through a teleport from one island to another with your shields up, you end up at the other teleport with your shields up and with the instability/safe timer up.  Only seen this happen when you run multiple clients.


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Auto pilot works, thumbs up for that !   Alpha striking plants, omg, pvping plants are good.  Keep it up !


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I sometimes looses sound from weapons when doing e.g. beacon farming.  It does appear again after x amount of time. The loss of sound seems for me at least, to disappear with big explosions, hench beacon farming.  It can also happen when harvesting/mining, then the sounds can disappear for about a few seconds to a minute, seems to be random.