@ original question: why would you want to (srs question, but i suppose trolls are gonna troll this one)?
and 2: why do u think you can?

in fact if you're paying for a game, you shouldnt worry about supporting it in any other way tongue Or put otherwise: if you have to worry for that game, it's not worth the money tongue (sry dev team tongue obvious truth is obvious).

Yay 3 minutes of my life smile)


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Lemon why do you still take part in irrelevant forum whoring? It's a cluster ***. This game has probably the highest relative amount of know-it-alls, yourself included. While it's true you're better than 99% of them, 70% of them think they know the game better than you, without really knowing you.

Afaicr you have quite a good taste in other games as well. Stop wasting your energies here.

Kind regards smile


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I must add it's nice to see you guys are all still alive and kicking in this MMO.

And unfortunately still dealing with same game problems as ever. Was about to login today, check you all out, this post made me not do it smile There are some very high quality replies in this thread. Except for :Mara's post: lol smile))) That one still makes me chuckle.

Guys, have fun and keep up the hopes.


PS: and no, this reply adds nothing constructive smile


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Why isn't the above (and this one as it referes to above one) post deleted? It contains no content and insinuates insult on a personal level.

Also it's double posting (76+77) by a single person. Good forum conduct prohibits it.


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You seriously think most of us stopped playing because of the stupid (temporary) ban?

........ roll ........


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Cant wait to press them buttons. Please include a "Shut up" button, "Lol" button, "Can I haz ur stuff" button and "Calling devPhone" button.

Will it be free for download?


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Segreto wrote:

I, for one, am glad that people are quiting because they can no longer cheat...

Yes it's sad CIR can no longer use godmode. That's why we're keeping the 9k mechs in corp storage until further notice.


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Also you're not alone mate:

<22:55:04>"Norrdec": Welcome to EVE Online! You are now part of an online community filled with thousands of brave pilots, savage pirates and calculating player-run corporations. Enjoy your stay!


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I see what you did there tongue

Bibi's teaching me.


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Yea why didnt you choose "Dog"? .... you know "God"<>?

EDIT: also petitioned for offensive name, trying to hide it. But too obvious.


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No seems we should be posting it all in "Open discussion"


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Wrong forum section is wrong mate :S We as CIR should know where to place new threads.


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Yea I was just browsing for those, that read Closed:XXYZ u know... looking for some stuff for my research project on social interaction between players and devs in MMOs.

Now i'm stuck with nothing....


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Best Tuna fish is with Omega3 fatty acids.


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Is this thread hijacked now? We sorely miss new players.

Arga wrote:

Alpha corps forming is more of a 'long term' prediction, assuming the game gets more players. If it doesn't get new players, then... well, that's not really worth mentioning.

Let's be honest. If it doesn't get new players, is it srsly worth playing? Cause the way I see it only new meat creates new sand, everything else is just same old pebbles on the same old height map.

EDIT: woo snipe!!!

Any hard numbers?

Mara Kaid Pirate of Nia wrote:

Untrue, your defenders don't need that many numbers. What your trying to accomodate is having 10x the numbers so you can move easily from sap to sap and control more. For someone that's so unworthy, I seem to be on the tip of your tongues every time you die.

Really? How many saps have you defended? How many have you defended against an intruder? How many have you defended against Novaforce? As far as i know, the answer to all those questions is NONE, and i know for a fact that the answers to questions 2 and 3 is NONE. Until you've done that you have absolutely no authority to comment that part or comment that part of gameplay.

Also I dont die often, and when I do, you're not on my mind or on the tip of my tongue at all.

I'm not wasting my energy commenting anything else, P is not worth it any more.

/signing off this thread.

*edit: Removed offensive parts. - DEV Zoom

I (and most of CIR that i know)  agree with NeX and Remedy posters.

1) Intrusion 2.0 became a *** Avatar Creations Incarna project. Devs, your GAME IS LIVE! You're treating it like it's still in close or open beta, doing radical changes, and NOT! listening and acting on public opinion, rather you seem to be on a vendetta, telling players how they SHOULD play. You're failing at keeping your sandbox FULL OF PLAYERS exactly with those actions. If you want your sandbox to be yours alone, just say so, play your own damn game, and most of people will probably go play something else. You picked the worst possible time to do it, because of you hadn't noticed EVE (yes I mentioned it), which is your main contender in the sandbox mmo niche, made a fantastic patch, and is gaining popularity very fast again, with almost every bitter vet i know (in fact I only know 1 person who hasnt resubbed,yet)  resubbing again. If you don't get your heads out of the dirt, your game is about to die in a (financial) fire.

2) Capturing time/defending time needs to be brought much closer to 1 than it currently is. It is ridiculous defenders NEED 10X the numbers of attacking force (that's why 62nd totally failed at attacking any defended sap as they dont have any fighting numbers - except in the forums where Mara counts for 13-37) just because the SAP can be finished so quickly. Any nondecent attack force can kill the SAP btw while combating defenders.

3) The SAP timers need to be brought further apart. While I agree that not any 1 corp should be owning more than a few stations, defending even 1 station becomes a tedious task after a few days of doing it. Why the hell are you treating your game like it has 3k players, and average corp has 150 players? Smell the salt, check the stats of your game and build game mechanics on that. You guys are capable of data mining, which you've proved on numerous occasions, now do it in a constructive way.

4) The mechanic needs to be inserted where the defending force can CLOSE the SAP SOMEHOW! Waiting for 1 *** hour is a waste of ANYONE's $/hr, unless you're having fun with it. We're not. EULA says that if some1's keeping players from fun, we can petition it, FINE I PETITION FOR HARRASSMENT BY AC and you need to do something about it!

5) Scanning the SAP times needs to go. Away. That's the short of it. Why? You (*you* , devs) wanted the beta islands owners to be the corp(s) that had the highest active members and highest activity on the island. Your new system only allows ANY corp to simply scan the SAP, arrive in 5 person  SMALL bot force, ninja close the SAP and GTFO.  Is that the activity YOU wanted to see? If your system were trully about highest UNDISPUTED activity on an island, then defenders should be able to SEE (physically be there) when their sap goes online and will (or should) also be able to do something about it.

Probably about 1 more point I wanted to post here, but switching from a AC supporter to AC prosecutor is  taxing and I forget quickly:)



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What 9 hours and no witty replies yet? Did someone lose their tongues? Ah, no, it was mechs they lost.

smile)))))) 10 seconds then.


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Ah. finally, occupants.


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Didn't you quit the game?


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Purgatory wrote:

Troll or slander another corp again? I don't usually get involved in corp affairs so it's unlikely that you'll find me slandering anyone, I don't feel the urge to do that, it's not that important to me, i don't go down to those levels smile

Purgatory wrote:

Also, it seems there was a fail on Nex's part too.

Right. See, Nex *LOST* a fight. You failed a tournament. Difference. Slander.

EDIT: (cause u ninja edited your post) If you're not *so* serious, why do you need to defend your position?