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We are having trouble using our weapons against an enemy that is logged off all the time yikes

I tried to follow your argument but it was not clearly presented.  You may have a point but please explain it a bit more clearly in terms of numbers rather than politics.  Please clarify:

How much damage do you think an exploding mech should do?
How would it depend on range?
How would it depend on the bot being hit?
How many exploding mechs do you think it should take to kill a heavy mech?


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second option 3

Something like rockets would be cool: shorter range and/or line of sight missle weapons.  They would have no falloff, just blow up/plow into the ground instead big_smile

Hugh Ruka wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

add a PvE activity that requires exactly the same equip as PvP, does not include need for heavy hauling or staying in place for several hours, and can be done solo or in group. (especially does not need to bring 10 alt accounts)

giving npcs accumulator is a first step towards that (now neut/drain makes sense in PvE)

make tanking setups worth something in PvP and the PvE folks will come.


To the OP: it is already in game ... it's called NPCs .. you get plasma from them that takes almost no space and you can collect it with your PvP fit bot ... you just need to rep somehow afterwards.

1) Are you trolling when you say that the tanking setup not being useful in PvP?

2) So do you often go out on beta kill a spawn, loot their plasma and move on to kill a spawn in another location?

Back to the topic: as discussed in the first few posts the idea is not just to get groups of people out on beta.
It is about the way people spend their time on beta.  Some of us like to be out on beta taking risks and getting into fights.  It does not have to be economically favourable but at the moment it feels like sheer stupidity.  Nobody will be forced into doing this for money but some of us will have a lot more fun.  People like the element of risk in their gameplay, just look at all the poker websites.  In conclusion I believe that legalising prostitution would protect the most vulnerable in our society... eh sorry wrong topic...

This really does not have to be a big or complicated feature, hence why I put it in the balance section.  Personally I am not in favour of any artificial requirements such as a farming points system.  Its too much like something a theme park mmo would do.


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I cba to read all of this ancient thread but I really think the DEVs have made the right choice here.  Gate camping was always faggy in EvE and detered people from going out and actually finding an enemy squad to fight.  Nothing was gained from it except that everyone used to go around with a trial account scout 1 jump ahead of them.  I think it would be even worse if it was introduced in perp.

or did i just fall for some kind of troll tongue

Ideally I would like to know what kind of vision the DEVs have for beta islands in the near future.  At the moment there are 3 main types of activates on beta:

1) Ninja mining (maybe harvesting) alone or in a small group (with or without detector).  Makes sense if you are trying to get epi.
2) Big organised mining/farming ops with scout on all/most gates.
3) Roams, groups of people running around looking to kill stuff.  These require a lot of time, usually about 2hours from starting to form up to coming back home.  Nothing wrong with it in principle but its hard to get a roughly even fight.  This is due to the low population and lack of incentive to engage without having the superior force. 

RESULT: people sit around ninja mining or being semi afk until some kind of pvp occurs.  Often one side by chance or due to the time of day will have considerably more people.  Please leave the politics out of it because its a question on incentives (ranting at your enemy telling them to undock in the type of bots you would like to shoot at is not gonna solve the problem).

WHAT IF:  You instead of ninja mining/farming you could get into your combat bot and wonder around beta running a detector and collecting small patches of some kind of resource (maybe a rare plant that doesn't require a harvester or some kind of artefact that doesn't require scanning).  I am being intentionally vague here.  The idea is to give people who want to be out and about on beta in a pvp capable bot some reason to do so.  The reward does not need to be nearly as large that gained by a dedicated mining/farming operation.  However, at least the person/small group would not feel like they are committing suicide by SWAT (ie the next roaming gang that comes along) for no reason at all.  Also the resource value would be sufficiently small and widely distributed so that it would not be worthwhile to form a large group to go around collecting it.

TLDR: A lot of people would like to be out on beta and would like to have the chance to engage in occasional one on one or small group pvp.  At the moment the incentive is to form big groups and going around alone feels like a completely unjustifiable risk.


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There are two separate issues here:

1) Players that have no intension of fighting an observer getting popped or losing their container due to it timing out.

First, I think Observers should be easy to avoid, especially on alpha where it's become a case of knowing where they tend to go.  This means reducing their agro range and possibly decreasing their masking.  Also I think they should show up in a different colour on the map/overview.  The current gameplay mechanic of having to check the names of the NPCs is not that problematic but its annoying and nothing is being gained from it.

Second, roaming spawn speed should be slightly increased.  Deployed container life times should be slightly increased.

2) The combat power of the observer once engaged
I don't really care about this one tongue

p.s. I actually think that NPCs as powerful as observers should not move around on alpha, they should stay put.
p.p.s. Maybe these suggestions would not work in practice but I think it wouldn't hurt to try.


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Im not saying its un-usable.
I just saying its unnecessarily inconvenient.

15 minutes seems excessively short.

I have to have an alt sitting at a can while my other chr does the hauling.

If this is intentional to try and encourage teamwork then I think we should think of some better incentives because, as it stands, its just a pain in the *** if you don't have someone to haul for you.

I had a moment of inspiration which I will now sacrifice to the internet tongue

Lore explanation:
A catastrophic electromagnetic storm temporarily wrecked havoc with the teleport networks.  In the aftermath archaeologists examining the network discovered nodes, which lead to an island contested by all three Nian empires.  The island consist of the remains of a once prosperous but now largely ruined city.  Wrecked pylons discharge enormous arcs of lighting into the atmosphere.  Pipelines leak gases submerging the metropolis in a murky smog.  There is consistent background interference (Baseline masking is also increased).  The teleport network on this island is disrupted and unpredictable.  The locations to which the teleports lead have become scrambled and are, as far as anyone can tell, randomly chosen every time the teleport is activated
Squads of robots from all three empire lead by observers roam the island and occasionally clash.  These squads usually follow specific routes unless they detect a sufficiently dense gathering of intruders.  Early explorers swiftly discovered that gathering into groups of more than 3-4 assault bots, or even fewer mechs, attracts the attention of these small armies.
Searching through occasional wreckage initially drew only the bravest or most foolish scavengers.  This was until a certain innovator designed a small automated deployable device which would crawl through inaccessible ruins coming out at a different location with as much valuable material and/or data as it could salvage.

Gameplay details:
Randomised teleporting locations would prevent people from entering the island in large groups at a single location.  It would also discourage gate camping to some degree.

Players could deploy a device, which would after a period of time come out at a nearby location with random loot.  The value of the loot would be adjusted based on the survival rate of player visitors to the island to ensure that its worth the risk/time but not imbalanced.  The time delay would encourage pvp as players could attempt steal each other’s salvage.  No special module and few skills would be required to operate this device.  The point of this would be so people can fit their bots for pvp, and not have to gimp them if they want to scavenge as well.

Large groups would be impractical on these islands due to interference and aggression from NPCs.  Also sites where the salvaging device could be used would be scattered far enough apart to make it not profitable for too many people to wait around for a single salvaging device.

TLDR:  Several new telporters become available on alpha islands.  Each time one of these is used the robot is teleported to one of 10-20 randomly chosen locations on a special beta island.  This beta island is a ruined city maze with high background interference and groups of NPCs which will converge on clumps of intruder bigger than 3-4 assaults or 2 mechs.  The island is rich in nuggets of resources which do not need special skill to be extracted but do need to be found.
The point being to encourage solo/small group exploration, and to create exciting but easily accessible content for everyone.