This maybe a cool idea but I will have to wait to see how it works in Archage first big_smile

About the proposed speed increase, have you noticed how when you shoot a target moving between plants, it often looks like you are shooting directly at a plant even if on your screen it looked like you had line of sight?
How much worse is that going to get?

Not to mention you would be changing the balance of the whole game, but that's needed anyway.

i was in provi block for a bit and was disappointing not to have encountered a single roleplayer

p.s. Amarr victor!

I think the problem is not locking itself but that SAP stability goes up when nobody shows up. Imo it should just stay the same when nobody does the SAP.

Also the pvp zones are too small for the current mechanics (sparks, interzone and other TPs, pvp alts, gate alts, detectors, probes ).  There are too few islands, too few connections leading on/off pvp isalnds and the lack of connections between different beta pairs is just mind boggling (any news on the new TP network?).

As a side note, if this is ever implemented, it may be worth considering making maximum stability higher (160-200ish) so that corps who want to have their max aura can get there without having to alarm clock against some solo ninja in the early hours of the morning.


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This sort of thing is why:
1) the devs need to play their own game
2) we cant have nice things


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Needs someone who can sort out the economic/pvp-pve and fitting/bot balance in the game.
But most of all, someone who is willing to create an ecosystem where players are rewarded for doing things that are actually fun.


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T3xasp3t3 wrote:

i'd be willing to round up a group of my corp if the other bigger corps agree to pitch in

Have they updated the test server characters? Can your guys get on the test server now?

At some point I remember a gamma vet asking on these forums:
What do you want us to do on gamma?

Have we seen any answer to this question yet?

I would go further and ask:
What do you want us to do on Nia?


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Gwyndor wrote:

Some frequently requested content from the devs:

Alpha Content
Mission expansions

less grinding
more beta islands
detector changes
ewar changes

Some things frequently requested NOT to work on:

Gamma Islands
nonsensical NPC agro mechanics
detector changes
ewar changes

Lets make a comprehensive list smile

EDIT: I will try to be fair and put some things in both categories since the devs aren't allowed to play the game and make up their own minds and have to make decisions based on forum arguments.


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Annihilator wrote:

i wonder if you can deactivate that nodding figure... distracts a bit.

Yep, you can


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I think it's automated Gwyn, they are too lazy to to moderate the forums so they wrote a script to do it.

Burial wrote:

Motorboat, the problem is lack of content for new players not the assets or players themselves. Let's use EVE analogy: If a new corporation gets thrown against established 00 corporation, the resulting bloodshed would even put Gilles De Rais to shame. Luckily in EVE, new corporation doesn't have to do it since there's more for them to do for fun.

Let's see what future brings after Gamma. Hope dies last.

Yep, and the only fun content for a new character here is pvp (especially if they run one account)
PvE is just better in other games, sorry to be so blunt.

I think it may be worth taking a different tact to the whole probe issue.

Rather than making them corp-wide, make them character based. Something along the lines of:
- probes ping only for the character that drops them
- 4 hour expiry time after which they just blow up
- maybe increase their size in the cargo hold
- give them the same masking, size, hit points and detection value as a light bot
- decreased cost to a only a token cost so even newbs feel free to use them
- have them give bot types as well as names
- remove that stupid corp-probe-count skill

(picking up and a remote detonator would be nice functions )

Not saying that's the only way to do it but just want to open up the debate to some new ideas.
Also I am not saying that the above would be 'balanced' given the current state of the game but as far as I am concerned, without more islands and more teleports this game is screwed anyway.

Jita wrote:
Burial wrote:
Ludlow Bursar wrote:

The frustrating thing for me is that all the mechanics exist in the game already to make PvE content much much more interesting. The Devs, however, seem to lack the imagination to use those mechanics creatively to do so.

That's spot on and exactly how I feel. I do believe the game could be made a lot more fun if the developers could be pointed to the right direction. Sadly even the best attempts get overwhelmed by cynicism and trolling.

I think so too. A week of Dev work on a few things would turn this game around but seems like PVE is forever going to be a pipe dream to come six months after gamma nobody cares about. By then it will be too late.


hehe, that's actually quite a funny move tbh. Just needs a few simple (lol) fixes as the OP and other have said.

Alternatively, don't limit probe numbers by corp.  These kinds of artificial limits just lead to more multi-account shenanigans as well as the kind of abuse pointed out here.


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It's a meta-sandbox (aka gravel pit).  You have to grind the stones yourself to make the sand.

Annihilator wrote:

dont get me wrong - your are talking to someone who asked for PvE integration since... the beginning. and you know how long i am here.

Firefall was planned as a Sandbox game, was for a long time a arena PvP game and even aimed at becomming an eSport title. During Beta they did not only ditch the PvP part, they also ditched almost any aspect of its Sandbox.

Maybe those 10 Million Dollar and replacing more then half of their staff (of 80 DEVs) helped a bit to give them the current 10k+ player online via steam.

Avatar Creations, with their 4? sparetime DEVs have gradually dumbed down PvE to a point where i wonder why they even bother with AI robots.

Sure they have to concentrate fully on PvE. I just dislike the example of Firefall because they made a differnt game with the assets they had.
in other words, if AC would do the same, they would put syndicate protection on all islands with the next patch, and PvP would only be possible if someone flags up or SAPs would make the protection drop in a 3km radius when they are active (compare with "Sunken Harbor")

Agreed, I am always going on about PvP content because making the PvE combat fun in this game would be like building a whole new game.
At the moment PvE combat is as fun as smashing bugs with rocks ( and it's going to stay that way weather the NPCs are red, yellow or pink.


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Well, it's no JOKE tongue


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Well, propaganda is a part of group pvp in a game like this. It's actually quite a significant piece of content.


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I actually think the best thing for the future of the game would be if the devs stopped working so hard and just played their game as a day job for like a month smile


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DEV Zoom wrote:

(Because yes, we do play the game occasionally, just not on the live server).



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I also have fond memories of the good old days when you could take out a fleet of T2 fit assaults, just roam around and get a fight with a fleet of a similar EP/tech level (ok that's a lie those were always rare occasions).

Lets not for get why people actually farm NPCs.  It's to get resources for bots to use in PvP.  Even the carebear who will never PvP is still farming for, ultimately, the same reason.  Its just that someone else will blow up those resources in PvP (or stockpile them until the end of days).

Now in the good old days you could get PvP in cheap fits and not feel like a total scrub all the time but times have moved on.  Players have a lot more EP and many vets have large stockpiles of Mk2 mechs/heavies.  This is not a bad thing but it exacerbates the glaring imbalance between the amount of time players spend farming and the amount of time they spend enjoying the fruits of their labour.

"All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy."

TLDR: make NPCs as tough as you like, just make it worth the player's time go out and kill them.


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Shadowmine wrote:

You just have to watch out for npcs...

But that's the point, you don't have to watch out for NPCs unless you are running energy transfer.  This change may not be a big deal by itself but there is no reason for creating inconsistencies like this. 

This is the kind of approach that left us for example:
- unable to drop a TP after jumping through a gate flagged.
- made beta spawns/observers even less worth doing becuase they dont drop loot if they blow up on eachother
- gave us the insanely agressive red NPC problem that lead to the orange NPCs in the first place


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Shadowmine wrote:
Kaldenines wrote:
Shadowmine wrote:

TBH, I would tell the miners to learn to make yourself cap stable.

Thats exactly the kind of attitude that drives people away from this game.  "Here are the tools to do something... what you want to actually use them?"

This change is not game breaking, it's just the latest of a long list of poorly implemented "fixes" that break at least two other unrelated things in the process.

I still say, if your mining bot needs remote energy, you are doing it wrong.

The list of ways of playing this game that are "wrong" just keeps growing.

My mining bot transfers energy to my scarab so I can run a nexus and two small miners on it, is that wrong as well?

Thats all missing the point anyway.  The question is why are miners are taking a hit here?


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Annihilator wrote:

hmm, that article about EVE says NPC grinding there is to easy and broken because you can do it .

That's quite an impressive misrepresentation of what the article is about and what it actually says.  I suggest reading the source instead of relying on that summary.