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Jack Jombardo wrote:
Gut Punch wrote:

I think Hunter's issue is that he wants to continue to get Epri products through recycling of massive NPC drops instead of going to Beta to mine the stuff in a more "hostile" and unsafe climate.

I think the devs are going in the right direction.  Epri needs to be removed from T1 items to help bring the cost of these basic items down.  Your items shouldn't cost more than the ship for T1!

The intent for the change is:

much easier and competitive entry to the industrialist career.

NOT to boost beta
NOT to give you more targets
NOT to drive player to betas

And it doesn't change anythink for new industrials. Read my post above if you are realy interested to help new indutrials and have no other intentions ..

IF you don't need epri to make the basic, T1 items, you can actually start producing them without a venture into beta or a buy order.


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I think Hunter's issue is that he wants to continue to get Epri products through recycling of massive NPC drops instead of going to Beta to mine the stuff in a more "hostile" and unsafe climate.

I think the devs are going in the right direction.  Epri needs to be removed from T1 items to help bring the cost of these basic items down.  Your items shouldn't cost more than the ship for T1!

This thread delivers.  Made me lol so hard at work everyone gave me a funny look.

+1 for universal Melee weapons.

It has one.  Go to the options menu to verify it is on.  Dan I'm curious if the recent changes fixed your issue.

I got a chance to listen to Winter on the podcast today.  She is right about the need for development of the game market beyond interal corp/alliance markets.  It would be a fundamental game changer.  Hopefully the devs will continue to adjust industry to help create said market.

Dan wrote:

Im using windows 7. About mitple sites entry, we still can use thelistal II #1 leave naming to players smile and just add the feature, please

Dan, did reinstalling fix your issue with off zero overlays?

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-pcMo … Coords.png

See where it says "Likely Location:" on the status bar (bottom of the app)?  That is the result of clicking the "calculate likely location" button.  Not only do the white crosshairs show up but that number appears as well.  I think that is what you mean.

You can also utilize the push pin button on the tool bar to allow for you to a point of the map to get its coords.

If you have the status bar active (on the bottom) when you click "calculate", it should give you a estimated position (x, y) represented by the cross hairs on the graphical part.  We fooled around with displaying the locations on the overlay but found they got lost or were hard to see when you had several scans up.  The letters became hard to read in a swarm of reds and greens.

Back on the multiple site entry... I'm going to see if the devs can put a unique ID for a scan site onto the geoscanner so when you get multiple results with the same name, you can differentiate between them.

Dan wrote:


Thats how overlay is working on my laptop hmm

I have to wonder if the PNG files were modified in some manner...

Can you try uninstalling, verifying that all png files were deleted, and reinstalling?

Lastly, just to verify, what version of Windows are you using?  Are you using a .Net emmulation in Linux by chance?

For everyone who wants to input multiple sites from one x,y position, help us try and solve this problem: how do you deal with multiple sites with the same name showing up on a scan?  Furthermore, if you go off chasing one site to its conclusion, and in the process lose one or more of these same named sites, how do you differentiate between them again?

Dan wrote:

Could you add some kind of labels for scan input? Also please add multiple distance entrys (with multiple labels) so we dont need to type same coordinates all the time for several sites which are in range.

Also display for specific bots doesnt work correctly

Why the client uses 850MB RAM? Its almost like PO client big_smile

Can you expand a bit on what you mean by overlays for bots not working?  We know that the current version doesn't have structure data on the passible terrain overlay.  Until recently, we didn't have it.  That should be added in the next release.

As for the memory usage... yeah we will look in to that.  Might be an issue with .Net grabbing all of the picture files ahead of time.


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Well besides spending time duplicating information?  The FOOM wiki is available for edit by any member of Perpetuum.  We encourage people to signup and help contribute.

+1 for these guys.  A lot of fun and can pew pew with the best. big_smile

Sindy wrote:

hai guys, who do I talk to to join?

Sindy, our recruting is currently closed for the time being.  Thanks for the interest.

Mara and the rest of 62nd are great guys and superb pvpers.  Check them out.


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Here is some basic help for you.  http://foom.electric-mayhem.org/wiki/artifact_hunting

Sites are unique, per toon.  The regeneration and distribution of sites was tweeked a coupled patches ago and the influx of players had driven the market down a bit which made sites much less lucrative.

From months of use, we've figured that hitting an islands major teleporters is about the only effective means of finding sites.  If you are targeting high value sites - aka tier 2 and 3 Sci and Observers - then you will need to spend more time hoping islands.  If you don't find these sites, then it really isn't worth the trouble to check all the nooks and crannies of each island.  You have a better chance of finding something big if you quickly check all alphas and the major teleporters on the empty betas.

You can try and clear out the tier 1 sites and you will eventually find something of higher value.  But given the drop rate this just sucks up time with little return.  Buy the fastest bot you can drive and cover the alphas looking.  Bookmark the good ones and come back later in a big bot/with friends.  When the server gets reset, go back out and do it again (because sites get refreshed).


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Syndic wrote:
Jita wrote:

I think thats more down to the cohesive nature of politics and that its a LOT easier to defend one place with lots of people. If it bothers you then decare one of the betas a safe zone from Novablob and police it from undesirables in much the same way hoop did and watch the population rise.

You cant complain about an island bieng dead when you actively try to stamp on people who move there.

I can give you some instructions in politics.

Lesson 1:

When someone you declared war on presents themselves as "extended blue family" and hides behind fledgeling corporations, after you've previously explained the situation and offered unconditional support to these fledgeling corporations, and strongly recommended to them NOT to get involved; you don't just ignore your enemy happily farming on a Beta island. You come over, gun them down, along with everything that gets between you and them.

Nobody forced the corp in question - FOOM - to go blue with 62nd, or to squad-up with them and try to shoot at our guys. Nobody bent their arm behind their back or put a gun to their temple.

As we've stated elsewhere (SovNov Statement of Intent) we're quite happy to help out new corps get settled on Beta, help them take outposts, advise them how to stand on their own two feet without being affiliated in any way with us. That is not the point. The point is that we are neither *** or stupid to just watch while our enemies hide behind new-corps they NAP-ed and live & farm on Beta.

The same will happen with this M2S/62nd/FOOM/ATG push to form up on Hokkagaros. In two weeks time we'll be back to Jelan shooting vomit-balls on the forums because his toys fell out of the pram.

You know, I was going to give you a thumbs up for your earlier post about the risk/reward issues that go along with operating out of beta islands - because you are right...

But then you had to go and bring [strike]politics[/strike] spin into the General Discussion. roll

The terrain data, such as it is, is now part of the FOOM ScanApp.  It is broken down by bot size for each map.  Unfortunately we found out the terrain data does not include buildings, highways, or plant data.  On islands like Hershfield, you can really see that there is a lot missing.  If AC ever releases that data, it would be very easy to put it into the overlays.

Nice look app there Aero!

Heh, already ahead of you there.  Next release will have terrain overlays based on your bot type.

The program checks for updates (another one to come shortly to update maps to include terrain).  Thus it is referencing back to Engr's site.  Hence the connection.

Good work!

FOOM is still recruiting...

As you guys have seen by our actions (Wiki, Scan Tool, and more to come tongue), FOOM prides itself on not just getting pew pew or pushing corp objectives but by helping the community grow.

If you are a motivated, self starter who wishes to strive to be the best in all aspects of your play style and would like to join a community with a long history of helping fellow corpmates and the overall community talk to an officer in our public channel "DPS Recruit".

Very cool.

Hopefully the devs get some time to put together an API in the near future to help this killboard take off.

Cpt Underpants wrote:

Current version installs "XDCC Catcher Basic" and is flagged as malware.


Engr and I have looked at the issue.  It appear to be a problem with the WinZip self extractor.  The program is using a temp file shared by all WinZip self extractor programs.  For one reason or another, my setup.exe isn't overwriting previous files.  Thus, when the msi goes to start the install process another application's installer is launched.

To resolve the issue, download and extract into an empty folder.  That workaround solves the issue for the mean time.  We are also looking at tweaking the self extractor to give us a unique setup name and a longer term solution.

We did scan the tool before publishing it and it doesn't contain anything we are aware of.  However, if you have any questions about the authenticity of the download, the checksums are on the download page to verify.

/updated OP with this info.

Annihilator wrote:

After using it for while - got some suggestions:

  • please add a dropdownlist where i can choose which artifact the entry is. like "numiquol observer II".
    That way i can enter all results the scanner shows at once, and identifie them afterwards

  • different color for result circles depending on the choice

  • asking for an actuall screen-capture ocr option would be to much... big_smile

btw, great tool!


I've joked with Engr about OCR.  I'd love to change the app to read the geoscanner and then display only circles (to scale) over your radar.  But you can only do so much... big_smile

Can you expand a bit on your multicolor idea?  What are you trying to accomplish?