I think this has been mentioned already, but yeah.. +1

We need some kind of contract/escrow system.


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New: Added total NIC sum display for your own adverts.

Thank you for adding this.  But I'm not sure it is working correctly.

The total is only adding up 1 item for each advert.  Not the total for the quantity I have for sale.

Ville wrote:

Come to tellesis


Tellesis is the Jita of Perp.

DEV Gargaj wrote:

How about http://mixcloud-rss.georgipavlov.com/in … ast/mp3/20? This works with Winamp at least.

Looks like it is working!  I'm downloading the latest 3 episodes.  The download speeds seem to be a bit slow, but it's working.  Thank you for posting this link!

DEV Gargaj wrote:

BTW for Downcast and other podcast readers, take a look at http://bits.meloncholy.com/mixcloud-rss … ionpodcast

I subscribed to this feed using Downcast but all the episodes show up as "No media file".

And the Mixcloud app blows.  I'd really like to use Downcast. :-\

Any chance on fixing the issue with the Downcast app on iPhones?

Episode 13 shows up in my Downcast App on my iPhone but it says "No media file".  Any chance of fixing this?

Great news!

Yes, please do this.




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To go along with this, the latest patch doesn't seem to install the proper .exe file.  You need to manually run the new one to fix it.


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To add to this, it would be nice to see buy and sell order nic totals as well.


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My new account has two corp channels.  One from the starter corp and one from the corp I joined.  I have this issue on two different computers.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Cassius: we can certainly look into it but it would be much easier if we would know which accounts are we talking about smile

Kynes: checking

Zoom, I sent you a PM with the character name of the account I just purchased.


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I keep all of my materials in a can.  I pull out what I need when I'm building.  Once I submit the job into the factory I usually put my mats back into the can.  I noticed when I do this that if I am running more than one cycle I will only get 1 cycle to actually finish and the remaining jobs seems to get cancled.

Is this the intended behavior?  Am I required to leave all my mats in the root of my private storage for the duration of the build?

When I submit a job I noticed mats being removed but is it not removing ALL the mats for ALL the cycles?


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I started a trial account on 3/30 but didn't sub.  I bought the game yesterday and when I logged in I had 56k EP.


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http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/04/ … -in-space/


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Ville wrote:

In your base market window there's an xxx/xxx that's your remaining but and sell orders.

Yes I saw that, that is not what I'm asking about.  That is total buy/sell orders.  I would like under the quantity column the total amount of that item I have up and how many are left.


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Ville wrote:

Under your agent tingy there is a transaction tab.

Oh, thank you for pointing that out!

Maybe we can get this tab moved or linked to the maket window?

Thanks guys!

I've been out of the game a while so I apologize in advance if this has already been requested.

Can we get under the "Own Adverts" tab in the "Quantity" column something like X / X meaning, X amount left on the market out of X amount I put up for sale.

Also, can we get a journal or transactions tab, which shows more information than the Events window.  In this tab is will say what was bought or sold, the amount added or subtrated from your wallet, the date and time, and the person who bought your item.  And can we store this information for at least 30 days, so even after logout I can go back and view my transactions.

Thank you.

Burial wrote:

Amazon Kickstarter no longer solely adds the 20k EP that it used to. Every account that subscribes gets it now.

Thank you for the update!


Dev's, I was wondering the same thing.  I'm looking to start a 3rd account.  If I buy the kickstarter, add 2 more months to it, does it get converted to a lifetime account?  And, are these packages still avaiulable?  I was mainly looking to get the extra 20k EP.