Triaqe wrote:

Norrdec will it be ok if i call u "1" in the furture ?

Is this some kind of insult? roll

I feel butthurtness not connected with the topic. And tears, lots of tears lol

That's the correct one of 3 Seth Mk2 sitting exactly in the same place (you can see based on the distance from the robot), poping beacon after beacon on alpha. It was too synchronized to be done manually.
What was the tool? Bot, isobox? Doesn't matter, it happens.

I get the fact that you went somewhere where everyone could see you, deployed a beacon and now you are crying that bad people are taking over your beacons.  lol

Go beacon on beta or something.

Triaqe wrote:

Please go to bed Syndic u have no idea what ur talking about

You clearly weren't online in the game lately.

Let me bold it then.

DEV Zoom wrote:

It's everyone's own responsibility to find an undisturbed place for beacon operations

Singleplayer games are that way -->

DEV Zoom wrote:

To Tamas, and everyone else who thinks this is against some rule: it's not. It's everyone's own responsibility to find an undisturbed place for beacon operations, and to pick up your loot in time before it gets public. We can't and won't prevent anyone from being in the same location with you and shoot your NPCs that YOU decided to let out in the public at your chosen time and place.

So, deploy the bacon, hide in the station, let someone activate the bacon and look at the npc roam without attacking anyone?

Bacon abuse anyone? Would you like a side of eggs with that? lol

Oh so you know about it. Good. Now think about what does the third follow bot do.

Was that THAT hard? We just increased the DPS by at least 10-15%. Add a speed lock nexus and you are golden.

Names not accurate because I am too lazy to check em and at work.

Someone show this guy the crit nexus and the rate of fire nexus, because I am out.

Apparently people dont PVP or PVE, only mine.

Often, even when I have render decoration plants unticked, decorational plants are still being rendered. When I cycle the option the plants disappear.


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Different armor types (light, heavy, medium) with different damage buffs (example: concussion damage - medium gets 100%, light 150%, heavy 50%).
Higher dispersion in case of perp?


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With injectors in it. gg

Xcom Long war mod looks interesting, might have a look at it after finishing Xenonauts big_smile it's a new Xcom clone smile


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Afaik, turrets will get reinforced too. While T2/T3 have to be valid against long-range bots (either boosted or not), T1 shouldn't.

Cool idea. Make mine pink with sprinkles.


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Annihilator wrote:

The (laser) turrets, even the unboosted T1's IMHO need to be able to shoot at targets with the maximumg range a single heavy mech can reach, or else they can be shot sniped down with ease.

though, i don't understand why the SENSOR booster modules grant a stack-able OPTIMUM range bonus, when heavy mechs alread need more then 4 Range extender just to get our of its base-optimum range.

Thats a bit over the top. The gamma bases turrets are there to assist you with the defense and not do it for your.
If someone fits for all range just to be countered by a T1 turret? Thats bad and against what the devs want to do.

You fail at the game then, if you can't make a new player to get a good fit and good fights. We have a bunch of guys like that already.


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30% doesnt sound so bad when you have a fleet of organised people. 1 ECCM is less than 30% damage output loss while still giving resistance to ECM.

Everything you do has influence in battle, doing 'less-than-smart-person' injector fit e-wars does also.

Can we get a button for the intrusion scan, that uploads the data to a specific spot in territorial warfare tab for the corporation to see?


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Burial wrote:

All EW mechs I've scanned from your side have injector.

Are you sure you didn't scan your own mechs? An ictus might have an injector when I think about it, but anything else? You sir just won the lolfit award.


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I have never seen, even a lolfit, ewar mech with injectors. So is your math sound? Yes. Is that something that will happen in real world? Nope.
Also like Tung mention - this is not a solo arena game.
Let's make a tournament between both sides of the argument, to see who is right and have devs post the videos to prove all the forum warriors how it works in real life.

Hunter are you fighting here just to fight?
Or do you want to get EP, because a toon with 800k ep will farm the same amount EP faster than a new guy. So this is not a buff to the new guys, but another way to further make the gap bigger!

There are other ways to help new people. AND NEW PEOPLE and not the new account you just bought.

I went here to answer legit questions about balance, but I see u mad?

This would allow to sell accounts macro/bot farmed to millions of EP.