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Nerf ERPs.


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It should either be only in the industrial missions or on it's own. Or be in a combat mission but not with the 100m activation range, but maybe 200 or 300. A new players who only pew pews doesnt need and want to get his geoscanner accuracy up.


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Is offensive terraforming making a phallus?


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You get different numbers because your skills are bad, if you look at the geoscanning modules you get a number that tell you how accurate the scan is. With low skill you need more luck than anything.

Jita wrote:
Gwyndor wrote:
Syndic wrote:

Gamma will not offer anything because just as Beta is inferior to Alpha, Gamma will be inferior to Beta.

Best place in the game atm is Alpha in perfect safety.

Plenty of room to come do beacons with us on alpha since they are so OP.

Syndic logic =

Beacons are OP on alpha when you have to shoot them. Beacons are not OP on beta when you can use explosion damage to do them 10X as fast.

Beacons on alpha are done with zero risk. Beacons on Beta sat 500m from a station in double plate heavies is risk.

People are using macro's to do beacons (although I have zero proof of this)! It was ok when i used macro's to accept and decline missions!



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These are the possibilities right now:
1. Either the aggro is NOT being generated at all for the RR
2. The amount of aggro is so low for RR and other modules that the mobs get killed too fast to be noticed

Additionally, it isn't global right? It's connected with the a specific mob that is spawned?

might want to look again at the whole aggro thingy.

You dont get more from a field with better skills, you just mine the field out faster. At least that is how I understand the new ore field mechanic.

Well then I understood you correctly the first time. Still think it should be a dedicated charge for it.
But the general idea is ok.

We already had that and wasn't very useful, really. It showed the % amount of tiles with that ore in the area.

You would like the exact number for that ore?
New geoscanner charges maybe?


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Good to know.
Just did a scan so it currently is more or less: 1/3 mission descriptions (+ toast messages), 1/3 new tutorial, 1/3 other tokens + gamma.


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Name of the objects and not the specific ones like for characters. Otherwise I am not sure how would it be called translating if I left all the english words in it tongue


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Sure, the 9% left are mostly the worst - all or most of the assignments still require translations, it's a *** in some cases tongue

Other than that it's some short texts or gamma buildings names that I haven't decided on.


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http://forums.watchuseek.com/attachment … omancy.jpg

Just to do a small bump, the translation is currently at 91%


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It's not all about bacons and ball and chain, but I understand what you are saying.


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I like farmin with the gropho, some mob spawns are not flatlands you know.

-1 ping me on jabber I can do pve too tongue


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Would it be possible to set it manually too? Could be a nice feature too.


No Gremrod, this is advanced stubborn. I used exactly the same qoute, hell even bolded exactly the same text, but was told I am stupid and can't read and that this is not connected.

But you did mention one important thing - should any Nora planted on alpha be harvest-able only by the owner? Because this is very similar.

But you are perfectly safe. This is not only about you, EVERYONE lost the incentive to use beta for any reason. The latest changes just enforced it - no more loot cans from explosion damage.
So sorry that I don't like your change to make the game alpha only.

We gave you the math in the other topic. Have fun printing money.

Thank you for you participation in this thread. Too bad you were the first for name-calling.

Ta-ta! smile

You don't understand that this mmo is not hello kitty online and no one is forced to be nice to you.
Just because you want to abuse a mechanic to get easy money doesn't mean the devs have to make it easier for you either.