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what wars has jita been in?


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Jita wrote:

You blue balled every fight, hid and hit off saps and ganked pve people and travellers until 80% got bored and left. This is a sandbox and that kind of behaviour actively makes people quit which was your intention.

http://www.perp-kill.net/related/269320 tell me more of these pve and travelers

Or was that whole day me killing mission pve'rs ......

Don't insult my intelligence I haven't killed a true noob since the eve exodus that brought NEX in the game.


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"You can burn skill points on one character and apply them to another, meaning eve is pay to win skill points now. You can also now fund pvp ships by getting rid of all the terrible choices in skills you made, like mining or FC skills.
You can now buy skill injectors to inject SP, currently at about 600m as of April Fools Day 2016. The amount of SP injected is dependent on your total SP. 500k for <5M, 400k 5M to 50M. 300k 50M to 80M, 150k 80M+"

Directly from mittani.com


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make plate not stack with lwf or with self, make plates have more mass, re-balance demob effect and resistances.

@Ville quad plated arbs are slower than a plate frame heavy with a speed nexus.... quad plated arbs are dumb.

This problem wasnt here before the big speed buff/robot re-balance.

@Merkle have you played with a stripped speednexus tackle.... yeah speed it up roll already have people rubberbanding and invis tree issues


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Blocker wrote:

Zoom said the correct time was the scan time, was he wrong ?
In any case you guys know the game has had a lot of bugs since the latest upgrade, you knew the RF timer had issues, yet you still sounded the horn of Gondor and rallied the troops. Then you blame the Devs for people getting a bad impression of the game again. Why didn't you just wait until there was 100% confirmation that the timer was right and any bugs/issues were sorted.

You think we didn't scan and re-scan. 1/2 the scans came back N/A the other half with the wrong timer.

How can you get 100% when the game bugged and obviously the defenders got a good time cause they didn't do anything other than a few arkhe scouts.


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We do stuff on Beta...... Like kill people and mine afk, and kill our noralgis cause we forget to stop harvesting at 1.

we are good at pvp and terrible at pve...... or so its said.


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Zeniths with max skills are powerful? Yes.... Zenith with max skills a solo pvper bot..... nope. Solo Zenith with max skills can't kill a kain with max skills with only one repper unless they mess up and cap out (that kain likely wont lock *** but the zenith cant dps down kain). Sensor Suppressors powerful? Yes in combo with a vaga a zenith can wreck an enemy fleet, I've personally juggled 5 different heavys and their follow bots with Gunner in his cam and me in my zenith. You can't nerf experience and good communication.

Ville wrote:

All jokes aside, that was freaking awesome Khader

Thanks dude hopefully we can spin another one again soon

Top 6
3(tied) halloweed / myxomop

Posting for Lobo....

If we get enough vets interested in it we can throw some t4 mechs at each other to make a show of it maybe a free for all at the end.


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Yes thats what i mean..... its to close to the spark to location and has the exact same confirmation roll

Spark teleport delete. fuuu

Please add a confirmation popup for deleting spark teleport.

Really would save me from walking to a station for the 4th time.


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Bring back static spawns of alpha minerals on beta

Nuff said.


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Blood in the water sharks are circling


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least your base dropped cool things...... The extreme disappointment shared by all involved with the destruction of the hun base when it said FU to us and didn't drop a single thing was sad....


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Blackice001 wrote:

I don't think that could have been my fault, but I will admit I had no idea how rich my inactive members were....

Those theives


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Blackice001 wrote:

yah, you didn't have a 800,000 U worth of stuff on the ground in your gama...   I'm more than a little upset... 25 scarabs, 100 interzones teleports...   I'm more than just a little freeking out.

did you just try to decon a terminal with ridiculous amounts of ***, enough to make the server crash in our PEW?!?!

Lol Sound the dinner bell? I know where the pew will be after they get the server fixed!


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Wow DDos?

because beacon pits are wrong mmmkkkay

wow I really do believe that STC counters everything we suggest.

The Sky is blue! make it so Zoom!


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Why do we have a test server again? fuuu

This was fail sauce from the beginning.

Gamma will disappear for a while there is absolutely no reason for more teleports. All I see is a bunch of tears.:yarr:


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Anyone else interested in how this will change when the FTP gets released?

Will be cool to see new and old corps balloon like crazy.


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We take Indys as well tho you get put in the Support Corp!!!! -133-

But seriously if your a hardcore pvper come check us out.