+1 for this idea


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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SomS17yteWA/T … ry-mob.JPG


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devs r sleeping


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you just blew my mind



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as title says Noobs getting stuck in Que DEVS need to login & fix it!


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+1 for fix got blasted last night with my headphones on sad

heres an idea:

Termis Mk2 gets a masking bonus with maybe a speed or demob bonus. Lets be honest its a useless mech that no serious miner will use for very long. So why not give it a better more specialized role. NINJA MINING big_smile

TBH alot of the Mk2 bots should get bonuses that make them more specialized. Like an argano Mk2 give it a scanning bonus instead of a mined amount bonus.

Make mechs that r little used be more appealing to player after they have "moved" on to bigger & better.

+1 for get a 50% boost when you buy the game on steam.

also way to many nerd posts in this thread smile


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Cassius wrote:
Burial wrote:

We knew it a while ago lol.

What? Who knew this?!?

Also, Zoom, I appreciate you fixing this, but wouldn't it be better to simply drop the teleporting altogether? Just doesn't seem right to have them exhibit behaviour that is not possible in game.

If path finding works like it should then NPCs telleporting will only happen with anyone that attempts to use beacon pits.

I see no issues with this.

Burial wrote:

We knew it a while ago lol.

And im sure like the good player you are you reported this to the DEVs.



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DEV Zoom wrote:

There is a fix out on the test server, please try it if you can.

As it turned out, pathfinding used heavy mech slope calculation for all NPCs. This has been like this for probably quite a while, just noone noticed it before because they would just sit around and do nothing if they couldn't reach you. Now with the teleporting feature this became apparent, because they could jump on you even when the slope wasn't right for them. And they suicided because they thought they were stuck on an impassable slope. So there is something good in this after all, otherwise we would have probably never noticed this.

actually knowing that makes so much sense now lol

Rage Blackout wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

A little known feature is that you can doubleclick on empty storage space to select all (works anywhere, between icons, after rows, at the end, etc.). I'll try to check what's up with the highlights.


Yep its a small but life changing feature smile

I use it ALOT big_smile

Gunner wrote:


pay 2 win

since some dumbass nerfed Sparks, the more PvP accounts available, the better.

All they needed to do was add a cool down on use .. BUT NOOOO ...

what ever ....

And this is why after doing missions for 2-3 weeks, nearly 2 years ago for standings ive never done them again.... EVER.


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cat meme time:

http://www.pmslweb.com/the-blog/wp-cont … t-meme.jpg

Syndic wrote:

Would be sweet if we could produce standard teleports btw.

we gotta be able to build em all! big_smile

Jita wrote:

I don't really understand why you would want to. What's the benefit?

sum one took the cool name he wanted! DUh!


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DEV Zoom wrote:

The disappearance is a known bug, if you spin around your camera that should fix it.

LOL ... so you guys are going to fix this or do we have to put up with snining our cameras around all the time ? smile

MoBIoS wrote:

You are so wrong on your thoughts EP resets have no tactical side to it, which cannot be abused! It has already been severely abused, when we did have EP resets for a short time. Old players know.

I like everything in the DEV Blog bar EP resets. the last time we had ep resets it was bad for the game & Full ep resets have a huge tactical impact.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

What do you mean by "gets full"?

Um loaded with 100s if not 1000s of items ?


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-1 bad idea. for above reasons given


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+1 i like the idea. its doable given i dont see the DEVs giving us a new proper Massive station to station Freighter any time soon sad

Get rid of random 24/7 saps Have it like Gamma in that you specify the approx timer for an intrusion & you get no intrusion generated unless some one comes along & shoots your station. ect ect



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Ugly walls is only one of many issues inda that Zoom brought up. The current Terra forming mechanics we have right now are way to powerful to be given into the hands of players. 2 years to address this issues is to long but were here now & the Devs have finally pulled their finger out & are fixing what should have been fixed back when Gamma first came out on the test server.

I can even still link the thread where TFing was talked about lol on the Test server forums tongue

Inda wrote:
Merkle wrote:

What we have... http://clip2net.com/s/6Dk1v4

What we should have... http://clip2net.com/s/6Dk209


This is it, no really need change any terraforming, OK I understand you dont want to see ugly ingame but hell after 2 year of Gamma terraforming you decided that???

So the easiest way should be what Merkle suggest. You dont have the DEVtime for better I think, maybe later 1-2 year after. We have WAY more WORSE problems than "ugly walls"!

Also a few other things i think that are worth considering:
Some posts have talked about dropping the Island Terminal cap. Can i propose another idea (only new idea tongue )
Why not have a minimum distance between terminals? this would then allow the cap on Islands to be different due to Island shape / Good or bad player planning. This will create another factor in giving islands varying Appeal.

Movement around a Gamma island.
With Telleports now being open for roamers any one who lives on a Gamma will be at a disadvantage for moving around a island between different player built bases. Unlike Beta 2 islands there arnt any High ways to help you along between destinations. And unlike Beta 1 & 2 you dont have internal TP networks either.

So Devs please consider this whether you do anything about it now or in the near future.

Ill never stop asking for player built High ways tongue

Infact with the proposed changes & addition of maybe CPU & Grid this could be a good way to balance player Made highways. Make them require lots of Grid.
Or maybe have it so each terminal has a separate points system (depending on the Tech level of the station) that is the factor on the Length of Highways connected to it.
But make it the HWYs can be used by any one no matter standings & that they cant be damaged unless the station they are connected to is destroyed or w/e.

Just an idea smile


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DEV Zoom wrote:

If you want to have (another) full game reset topic, go ahead and do one, I won't take part in it. But in this topic it's considered offtopic.

Please no not this again Dont give this one subject traction Zoom it brings into question so many problems & legality issues that its not worth it.

Reset Gamma Terraforming & decon all buildings & move to alpha. Ans (maybe?) If possible refund Terra forming charges & leave it at that.


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Oh one more thing Zoom, We will need to have this on the TEst server smile And this time just give us a few gamma islands not the whole bl**dy game lol. Last time gamma came out i know allot couldn't get proper testing due to short time frame & bad server smile