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I know which bots give shield bonuses, and believe me, i've tried them all, plus others, 100 or so kernals from every type, even rank 4 and 5 npcs, and nothing, still no research to standard shield hardener. There's only about 12 items each kernal can even give, if a certain kernal had it, 100 of that kernal would give it at least once.

I deployed a mobile teleport device and it didn't appear, nothing. It also vanished from my cargo. A waste of NIC and could have gotten me killed with some bad luck.

I've had this happen before with a field container once too, i deployed it and it didn't deploy, but still gone from cargo.


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What you meant to say is "I know but I want to capitalize on it, so nobody else tell him either if you know too".


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Does anyone know which type of kernal gives shield hardener research? I have it at 56% but am not sure which kernal gave it.