Since some people talk of this being abused by alts, here's some extra restrictions for F2P accounts

Unable to go to pvp enabled islands.

Unable to use haulers (unsure on this one).

F2P accounts would effectively be a never ending trial.

Step 1. Change to free to play model.

Step 2. Free to play accounts receive EP at a greatly reduced rate (10% rate of subscribed accounts) and is also capped at maximum of 100k ep, if you want to continue gaining EP, you must be subscribed. Subscribed accounts play the game in exactly the same way they can now.

Maybe there's a couple other restrictions you could place on free to play accounts that I haven't thought off, such as loot drops turned down and the ability to do research and production.

Surely this would only be a good thing for player numbers?

Buy to play.


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I wasn't planning on it, but if I have free time around the time of release I may play it anyway. Game was a major fail fest in release. Full of radar hacks, speed hack, teleport hack, sticky to back hack, *** joke.

Not to say I didn't do well, my character was badass, whacking on bugged bone dragons (sun exiarchs) followed by that bugged giant tree demon thing that always dropped a top level chest key for weeks on end took my combat stats and my bank to extreme levels.

I even did town suicide ganks on china farmers who were selling massive quantities of ingots. Did it mid-trade. 3 top skilled characters with a greatsword was basically instant death on them big_smile

Makes you think I give a *** about your crappy pixels? I wanted to buy one once, luckily I didn't buy the worthless crap. You're the one who continued wasting your time with this game long after I stopped playing.  It would be great if this made some kind of comeback, but I suspect they may even pull the plug on it soon.

The trolls on you.

Been following this since it was announced ages ago. Looks cool, see no talk about it here, thought I'd let you all in on it. It releases April next year, along with its counterpart television series, also called "Defiance"  The game and TV series are said to effect each other.

Defiance the game is said to have over 150 people working on it. Defiance the TV series, is said to be syfy's biggest budget ever production, with a high budget than even Battlestar Galactica.

Beta sign ups went up recently with a flashy site from the fictional Defiance corporation "Vonbach Industries" said to be recruiting people as Ark hunters for the next beta mission which takes places in about 25 days. -

You don't hear much about this game yet because they're no doubt waiting until after the holiday season to ramp up the hype, beginning with the January beta events.

Oh, and if having a TV show as part of it wasn't enough, it's also going to be released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox all at the same time, which means it's likely to be massive, no MMO has done this before, neither the multiple platform release or the TV show part.


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When is tech 5 coming?

Buy orders up.

Market order is up.


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Most types of T4 module can now be found on the market in Hersh, i'll be updating prices as necessary.

They're all on the market in Hersh.

Scarab MK2 150m
All heavy combat mech mk2s

Pickup in Hersh or on market in hersh.


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Forget it, made a spreadsheet.

Any one want to sell me a few GTC's then? Anyone who knows will know that I am loaded and you can trust me.


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Paying market price, post here or mail me in game.

Alexadar wrote:

Wanna come back and buy black bot, lol? big_smile

Depends, not really bothered about it. What kind of price?

Without paying for it.


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Twiz wrote:

They need to reintroduce the armor tanking again, right now it frankly stinks !

Tell that to the kain who tanked 2 highly ep invested gropho MK 2's firing compacts, supported by T4 critical hit/assault nexus modules. The kain had no support and tanked indefinetely.

And I do agree shields need to change, how about we take away the micromanaging aspect and do something different with them?  I would like to see their overall ability to absorb damage nerfed but allow the shield user to use weapons while the shield is active.


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Let's just remove shields from the game and replace them with something else, change them into a different kind of module big_smile I hate shields, because when multiboxing, micromanaging shields sucks!


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Triglav wrote:
Purgatory wrote:

Troll or slander another corp again? I don't usually get involved in corp affairs so it's unlikely that you'll find me slandering anyone, I don't feel the urge to do that, it's not that important to me, i don't go down to those levels smile

Purgatory wrote:

Also, it seems there was a fail on Nex's part too.

Right. See, Nex *LOST* a fight. You failed a tournament. Difference. Slander.

EDIT: (cause u ninja edited your post) If you're not *so* serious, why do you need to defend your position?

Ok you've got me, i must be completely serious because i responded.


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Triglav wrote:

Not as big as yours smile)))

Imo if you thought u were in a no win situation, you could just hand over the victory without the unnecessary running around. 250 people were watching a tourny expecting a fight and you failed to deliver, in fact you tried to get out without a financial loss which is totally opposite of the tournament ideas, and insulted the opposing team and all viewers with your actions. It would have been better to a) lose 5x t1 nonequipped bots, b) to simply hand over victory by contacting a dev, c) failsimulate terminal sickness by not appearing.

And let's not forget that it took you 5 minutes to appear in the arena AFTER CIR already fully fielded for everyone to see.

Your act not only showed a failed fight but also a shaming flaw in character, that will probably mark you and your corp in the perpetuum future. Your post above does the same. If you ever troll or slander another corp again, you'll probably get this tourny's vid linked in your face for a reason.


Think what you like, had I not screwed up on the rules I could have taken the win, the plan was to do that and hopfully cause our next opponents to reconsider their strategy based on our actions, and use that to our advantage in the next fight. As long as people were sure of our setup, we were doomed since the first match.

Troll or slander another corp again? I don't usually get involved in corp affairs so it's unlikely that you'll find me slandering anyone, I don't feel the urge to do that, it's not that important to me, i don't go down to those levels smile

One more thing, WHY SO SERIOUS?


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Alexander wrote:

Fail on Infinity's part I think. sad

Agreed, should have remembered that it was most points fielded at the end that wins, not most points destroyed, if it wasn't for that, and I fielded 25 pts worth of troiars, I would have had a 50/50 chance to win.

Also bear in mind that I took a gamble to use that setup, I based it off the strong possibility that CIR would field a setup that was impossible for my dual gropho mk2 setup to defeat, and they did just that. I saved myself a huge financial loss. I expected them to use 2 rep tanked heavy mechs and an ictus, none of which were killable by 2 grophos.

Also, had CIR fielded some lights with demob or long range demob, the troiars would have been toast anyway. I knew there was a strong chance that they would counter my gropho setup though, so I did what I saw as my only option. I'm too heavily specialised into grophos and have very little ep in anything else, that limited my build choices to very few.

Also, it seems there was a fail on Nex's part too.


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Someone needs to fill my buy order for HEAT IX medium missiles or Infinity will be dropping out. Been offering like 17k per missile for a few weeks now but nobody wants to sell.

Brutux wrote:

Some people will complain about simply everything.

Before I joined WAR I played pretty much solo for 4 months and made more than enough nic to afford pretty much anything.  This despite TOG regularly chowing down on my Norgalis fields. big_smile

Its simply a corp v corp tourney, of course this doesnt help individuals. Its not meant to.  But the treasure hunt is more geared to individuals, so do that and enjoy it. Its part of the Devs celebrating a year of game, relax.  And as far as the prizes go, the (adjusted) T4p items will have a minor ripple on the market at best. It wont "ruin" someone's precious market empire in the long run.  By the same token, the recent kernel nerfs have done much more to protect someone's empire, but I dont recall the same player  whining over that.  But I guess everyone only looks after their own interests.  Enjoy and make do with what the Devs, and the game gives you. Some minor tweaks, sure, but the amount of whining on these forums over every little aspect of any announcement is just ridiculous.

I am looking forward to the tourney and the patch smile And of course WAR will win the tourney, biatches! cool

Kernal nerfs? So giving out easy research from observer kernals and then making observer kernals and industrial golden kernals easily obtainable en masse via beacons was a nerf? Kernals have been more available than ever as of late. They may cost more, but that's not due to a decreased drop rate, but from inflation and demand.

Prime wrote:

There is no need to invent a new bicycle if someone can not ride on existing.

Chaos comments always crack me up.