The problem is not getting players into bigger bots. Most newer players can't even drive the mechs well enough to be of any use right now. No point to have the bot and sucky extensions.


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The obvious problem is risk/reward.  Anytime a small corp tries to take an outpost, they get curb stomped. Its like taking an outpost comes with a sign saying I live and mine here now, please come kill me. I am not saying that it shouldn't be like that, but there has to be some line drawn that offers people some incentive. Maybe its station defenses, maybe its opening up a "free trade zone", maybe its saying only the OWNING corp can use the faculties, but there has to be some mechanism that allows people to fight and SURVIVE on beta. More money/resources/kernals is only going to widen the gap as the beta corps will be able to grind out even more stuff and the alpha corps will only be able to ninja stuff. I think that the effort should be focused on beta survival, not beta rewards. Hell, maybe its removing the epi requirement from mechs. I honestly don't know what the answer is I am just throwing *** against the wall hoping something sticks.

A small change can be made to the CT degradation. Make it static instead of random. It would allow accurate calculation of materials.

Additionally, I would love to be able to designate an output folder for Corp production. For instance I should be able to designate an folder in corp storage for my output instead of having people wait till I get home from work or wake up to put things in there.

Nice work guys! Awesome job, I  hope to see it out soon I would love to help test it.

I have noticed that the Devs never tell you what's in the patch. Its kinda like that Christmas present your mom hid to well from you. I kinda like it. But I suspect as the game grows, that masses will clamor to demand the devs tell us what's in the coming patches.


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This definitely needs to be brought in line. A good pilot in a Squeaker can make three runs in the time a lithus can make one run.  I like to mine far out, so hauling takes forever for me. Plus trying to move stuff between alpha and beta is a pain.

Is it a pain in the butt, sure...However I have only lost a can once, that was because my GF was arguing with me and My second and third accounts logged out while I was trying to get back to station.

I mine a little further out becuase I like to mine alone, I get possesive of "My" fields of ore. But I will tell you how much of a PIA it is to mine that far out and hault it back. I have to plan my mining around my bed time. For instance, If I have to haul 1000units of ore, then I have to typically start hauling around an hour before I am getting off to allow for 5 lithus trips. You probably have a sequer so imagine 15 trips, at some point it gets counter productive when you are solo mining and you are best to stick closer to the stations. The 15 minute can actually helps encourage this.

1136 sounds good.

great too, works perfect. Get a donate link up if you can. I would donate.

(BTW for those having problems, just make sure it is in its own folder and it will install fine.)

LOL Love the log in button spam....spammed the button for about a minute and it finally let me in. Guess the server figured what the hell, he's knocking at our door being annoying and won't stop, we better let him in.

Its obvious what CIR is doing, I appauld them on it. Small investment really. If gestures like this help people get past that initial hurdle and into some PVP action, they are far more likely to stay. Things like this just help the community grow to a healthy level where there is good fun compeitition. Nia is about to exlode into action very soon!

More Targets!

I would like the dungeon idea if it was more of a heavily populated NPC area. Take something smilar to the "cities" on the new alpha and basically make a whole island like that. You have to fight your way to the various bosses to open up new areas you can get to. Additionally, bosses are not always spawned, they have a random chance. Think "Observer Island"


It seems that with the large influx of new players you might want to make the tutorials availible at the new stations to help spread out the populations a bit.