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**SNIP** I paid for my first month after my trial period. If I still feel like someone in an Assault bot can kill me too easily while I'm in my mech because he has 3 months more EP, why stick around?

Your thread isn't the first, it isn't the last, and the concerns haven't been addressed at all.  I have 3 accounts with 3 month subs right now that I'm barely playing for basically the same reason; and 2 of those are mining/indy to support the 1 combat guy.  I posted something more angry and longer than your post without the EP buying around the 2 week mark.

Almost everyone you see against you in this thread are people who are from Early Access which means they got 20k EP on top of the 20k starting EP and now have 4 months more EP on top of that.

It's true that the only chance you have is in a big group or a very fast small roaming one (90% of pvp is this, if you don't have Nav 10 it's basically required and you will need t3 LWF at a minimum as well).  The problem with this is these groups are scarce, even in the larger Beta based corps (at least they are in my experience, I already burned my respec to go blue and get Nav 10 because that's the fastest and nothing else seems to matter as much in any aspect of the game speed appears to be king.)

I've been playing just under a month and we're still in exactly the same boat.  It's true that the EP spread won't matter as much in a year or whatever, but right now it's horrendous and definitely keeping the population down.

I don't really think that buying EP is a good idea, but maybe a skill that increased the rate at which you gain it or something like that would help, yes they would have access too but at least you'd be able to specialize in something faster.

A paid respec/rename mechanism would be nice, maybe I don't want that 2nd miner any more for whatever reason and I'd like him to be for prototyping or market playing; that should be an option to change paths but still have a penalty for doing so instead of being stuck with an account that's not played and will stop getting sub money.

yea, i sent them an email already, thanks.  i still think it would he a hell of a lot easier if i could just click "re-send request" instead of just getting "error go *** yourself".  obviously it shouldn't work on accounts that have had codes applied to it.

I have 2 accounts and I'm presently prevented from getting a 3rd one because my final email address is still listed as waiting for confirmation.  I never received the email and it's not in spam folders or anything and there is no way for me to re-send the request or remove the address to try to re-register it.:(


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i didn't know this thread existed and i posted basically the same thing which got closed by zoom.  we really need a way to check terminal storage where we're not at.

i never played eve so the discussion debating that means nothing to me

Or possibly an extra status screen that you can see all of your holdings simultaneously?  Having to travel across multiple islands trying to find something you misplaced sucks ;/


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true it can be hard to tell when these sorts of things are being used. But when the macro is just doing things that player needs to oversee there is no difference it just saves button pushes, its when the macro's automate a process to the point that the player is absent that the problems arise as this was brought us before in the beta forums and during the cbt.

If i could find the post i think it was zoom or crm that said as long as full automation and player interaction is completly removed from the activity thats when they have an issue with people macro'in

Edit: those keyboards still require the user to be active in pressing buttons and what not, they are automated software for id of things on the screen and clicking around the user environment [thats the issue i was trying to clarify above]

Perhaps, but it explicitly also says anything that gives an unfair advantage to someone else.  If i have the keyboard and you don't have I only have to press 1 button to do 10 things and you still have to push 5 or whatever, I have the advantage.  I mostly think they will be used for mining and whatnot though but I can see where there are implications for combat as well since that doesn't necessarily require mouse movement.

It also doesn't address things like hotkeynet for multiboxing or multiclient single box macros (I run two accounts but control them individually myself)


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From the license agreement which just came up with the patch:

It is forbidden to use any kind of third party application or tool that interfaces with, mimics or interferes with any part of the game system in any way, including the use of macros, control scripts, bots, system time manipulation tools, memory access tools or reverse engineering tools;
* It is forbidden to use any trick, hack or exploit that allows the player to gain ingame currency, or anything that an ingame monetary value can be assigned to, or any kind of unfair advantage over the other players.

So, what I'm going to bring up doesn't effect me personally but I know it will effect a lot of players because they are pretty popular in the MMO scene as a whole.

Does this bit of the agreement stop people from using 3rd party macroing hardware, software or in many cases both (as the hardware has software apps that allow programmed macros to be saved on the device)? 

Here are some examples (personally I'm against using hardware like this): … vices/5123 … px?pid=102

If so, how can you possibly enforce it?  As far as I can tell you'd have to have your game checking hardware and memory for both parts.