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Topic: In Game Recruitment

Before Steam this needs a revamp I think.

When I click on "Extended Corporation Search" instead of being presented with a bafflingly large list of options I want immediately see a list of actively recruiting corps. Not just a bland list of meaningless names, preferably with the corp logo, corp name in a large font and the first few words of the copy.

To appear on the list a corp would have to actively renew their advertisement every, say, 30 days.

With so many non-playing but still open corps - as is inevitable in any mmo after time - it can be a slog to find the right corp.

Recruitment via the forums is ok but all to quickly turns into CD and I doubt that many people can be bothered to trawl through it.

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Could give a nicely displayed list of corps that have recruited most in 30 days.

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This could be an option for the corps to pay 50k nic to renew every 10 days or 30 days just like corp storage .. but not automatically .. it must be manually done


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Something similar could be applied to chat channels too. In game mail sent 1 week before expiry would be nice too.

For recruitment though, I think this would be really positive for new player experience.

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Just a little bump. Recruitment and Channels please.