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Topic: Tutorial feedback

First want to say vast vast improvement on the old system. That said some changes i'd suggest are:

1) the first thing a new guy does is log in and close the box full of text you don't want to read. Even as an experienced player i was then stuck at what to do until i found that box again.

Solution: Keep the tutorial box as always open and only allow it to be minimized

2) Its not super clear that the actions here are temporary. People wont read the tutorial first page nor the inital box that you get before you get to char creation

Solution: Not sure but I think since it needs to be everywhere

3) When you complete an action on the checklist its not always intuitive that you need to move to the next one

Solution: automatically move to the next checklist item once complete

4) When you reach advanced on the checklist you buy a sequer. Considering at this point of the game peoples primary gripe is speed it may be worth introducing people to speed modules such as the lightweight frame and also at this point the different levels of tech.

Solution: Add an advanced equip task that shows the different tech levels and equips a lightweight frame to your sequer

5) When accepting the assignment it brings the detail box up. People bieng clicky like me may be confused with only an abort box as an option

Solution:  Add an OK button as well as the abort to assignments

6) There is no section for the autopilot

Solution: add a section with the autopilot in it to make moving to the internal tele's easier

7) Sometimes you get asked to do something you have previously learnt but cant remember

Solution: When the yellow text comes up telling you what to do have a right click option that gives you step by step instructions for that bit

8) The scanning and mining will only allow you to fill your cargo

Solution: During the mining and harvesting sections show people how to use field cans and perhaps a drop off and pick up with the sequer

9) When you undock in the artemis after the complex tasks tutorial section windows stay open

Solution: make all production based windows autoclose when you undock

10) Your artemis fit is *** terrible

Solution: Hang your head in shame

11) Activating the pvp flag gives an error code

Solution: a box explaining you cant do this in training

12) When you jump your modules switch off and the tutorial should tell you

Solution: Add a section in thelodica robots that shows you to switch your mods back on post jump

13) Your tyrranos setup is nearly not terrible

Solution: Swap the ACCU for a rep

14) When you get to 'this is it' there no changing your mind

Solution: Add a 'i've changed my mind' button

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Re: Tutorial feedback

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback smile

1) Yes minimize only was on my mind before, just forgot about it.

2) I think it's mentioned at least in 2-3 places. Even if you don't read at all, you'll eventually notice that this can't be all of the game.

3) This is intentional. Many times there are still explanatory texts after a trigger and you wouldn't see those if it would automatically advance. Also it's possible that a trigger gets completed while you're still reading the description of it, and if it's the last one in the task you would be cut off.

4) You can't get higher tier items during training than T1, this is intentionally like that. We could drop a sentence about tiers but we couldn't give any.
The assignment when you use the Sequer doesn't really require you to move vast distances (really, it's just from one corner of the terminal to the other), but I've been contemplating the idea to make the whole concrete area around the terminal a "highway".

5) Good point.

6) I suppose you mean the shift-click on the radar here? Because the doubleclick on the terrain has a trigger.

7) I'm afraid this would overcomplicate the system. You can always click back to the completed tasks and refresh your memory.

8) That's too much for the tutorial in my opinion. Noone starts his mining career with a field container out and a hauler waiting in the terminal.

9) Hm I think only those remain which are available on the terrain too? (research?)

10) I was sure I will get told off for the fits smile The point there isn't to show them the best fit there is (because there is no such thing obviously), but to basically make them curious for the various modules. The only thing most of the newbies will get from those bots is their color and maybe what weapons they use. And since they won't keep them, by the time they get them to use they will already know what to equip.

11) Probably forgot to fill out the error.

12) I couldn't decide yet whether to notify them to turn them back or just move those triggers after the teleport.

13) See 10). Rep is already shown before.

14) That's not the time to change your mind, you're already out of training when you see that. The time to change your mind is at the teleport, as you're being told by the yellow warning text.

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Re: Tutorial feedback

Thought I would give the new user experience a try out.
First up, it looks fine it seems to provide all the fundamental information needed to get started. There is only 2 things I would mention.
1. Every time I undocked from the virtual training terminal it would place me at co-ord 266, 266 which is quite some distance from the terminal and on the coast. At first this confused the heck out me and in the end it was just annoying as I had to then leg it all the way back to the terminal to continue the rookie checklist.. New users will definitely be confused by this.
2. I agree with Jita on point 12, remind the user to switch their modules back on after jumping.

Apart from that it looks pretty good over all.. I'm sure that some more refinements can/will be made as new players actually use it and report back about it.

Re: Tutorial feedback

Blocker wrote:

1. Every time I undocked from the virtual training terminal it would place me at co-ord 266, 266 which is quite some distance from the terminal and on the coast. At first this confused the heck out me and in the end it was just annoying as I had to then leg it all the way back to the terminal to continue the rookie checklist.. New users will definitely be confused by this.

This is definitely a bug, deploying should always put you between the terminal and the terminal teleport.

Re: Tutorial feedback

And I can't seem to reproduce it. Did that happen consistently for you? Any hints on what you did differently maybe?

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Re: Tutorial feedback

Yeah it happened every time I undocked and always in the same co-ords. I didn't do anything different from what I can tell.. I created a new char and went to the tutorial island. Then just started working my way through the rookie checklist. It happened from the first undock, confused the hell outa me cause I was looking around for that switch and I was in the middle of nowhere  lol... Then I worked out I had to get back to the terminal, so off I went and that's the way it was throughout the entire chedcklist.

I'll create another new char and see if I can get happening again.. I'll get back to you..

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Re: Tutorial feedback

IDEA: Put the real models of robots near to Tutorial Terminal

ARTIFACT: Is too hard for new players I think with this accuracy.

New, stronger NPC bots for more testing, arkhes arent that though, and Scarabs even.

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