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i agree that flaging for pvp / attacking a enemy also makes you vunrable to soe extent. if you can kill someome and just log out, with no cance of retalitation (droping tele and get there) its too abusive.

ppl will just have their scout around. and the combat bot will strike. maybe even just log in when a prey item is avalible. after that the combat bot instant logs. if noone is near or a teleport is already warmed up, then there is o chance of rataliation. you jst check with your cheap scout if its save to log beack in or if a new prey item has appeard.

thats why the 5 min pvp timer was good. as long as that one is active you will not disappear. so enough time to undock, drop tele and get somewhere if that person is stupid enough to log near the crime scene.

that why i think pvp flag is good as it was. prevent logout for the same time. you flag / go into combat then you commit for at least 5 mins. thats short enough. but anything below it is not right and will further support loging games.

+1 to keep you on the field while pvp flag is active!

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Celebro wrote:
Merkle wrote:

Right now you have no control over logins, but you do have control over people running to log out.  As a example, again Eve, uses a 15 min aggression timer.  You stay on grid until your 15 min is up, and THEN you go poof after you log out.  If your targeted then you stay no matter what (I like this btw).

Using that as a example I would, dare I say, actually INCREASE the timer.  But I highly doubt anyone will even want to touch that one with a five foot pole.

The timers purpose is for the attacker to commit themselves , and give the 'victim' enough time to retaliate. 

In Eve it is easier to warp or hide and get out of harms way, that's why it's 15min. In Perp 15min pvp timer is too high. I think because its much harder to get out of trouble but around 7min seems just about right. 2 minute timer seems that the defender has not enough time to make it 'even'.

Cel I would completely agree if they had it so you must stay on island.  Now with the way it is, I think its a toss up.

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Re: Test server up again

Any Idea when Test Server will be back???      cool

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When the tutorial testing starts, in a few days.