Topic: Upgrade imgur to premium?

I really love the imgur ingame auto-upload feature.

But as Zoom already confirmed, imgur does convert screenshots to JPG if they are above 2MB.
Can't you upgrade to premium to bypass this limitation? Or at least let us tie our own imgur account to perp?

Re: Upgrade imgur to premium?

It would be nice to be able to upload to both our own account and the game account. +1

Re: Upgrade imgur to premium?

This isn't as simple as it sounds although you're kinda on the right track, and let me explain why:

It is true that Imgur offers a pro account where the limits are less restrictive. However, this is a user account-level restriction, not a client account which we use. In other words, it depends on you, not us. But since all images we upload from the client are using the anonymous access, you cannot authenticate with your account even if it is pro. This is partly due to the fact that we use one of the outdated API end points - it is true that I should've upgraded that a long time ago, but it wouldn't change the bigger issue, that we'd need to somehow connect the Perpetuum and Imgur accounts and I don't really have a gameplan for that yet. That doesn't mean it's not possible, just that it's not particularly high on the priority list at this point.

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Re: Upgrade imgur to premium?

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