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Hello peoples!  I played his game for about a year right after early access and then took a massive break.  Im a pel driver and i was originally in Fate, a small pvp corp that lived on norhoop.  atm i have about 307k ep and it is mainly focused in missle weapons, engineering, and bot driving.  All my appropriate support skills are at 5 or greater.  I'll edit in my lvl 10 skills later this evening.  Ideally i would find a corp thats active during PST, focused on pvp and higher tier pve.   Current goal is working toward an ictus

Any takers?

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Hi there, you may remember me from Norhoop but i'm the ceo of Joke. We are a communist PvP corp who are looking for people who are very active and willing to work together to be better together.

Drop me or Smokeyii a convo

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STC is also looking for members. Drop by in-game channel "RPS" or contact someone from STC for further info.