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Topic: Problem with newbie starting extensions

It's a known hole in our current starting skills. Some newbie starts with accumulator expansion extension but not with the right pre-requisites for that skill, reactor expansion 5. The effect it has on the newbie is that when he wants to roll another character and downgrade the old one, some of his EP gets stuck on the old character as you can't downgrade reactor expansion because it won't let you downgrade accumulator expansion.

Fixes for that issue:
- Remove accumulator expansion from the start up skills, replace with energy management.

There could potentially be others of these skills. If there is, for the new player experience, these should get a fix too!

Re: Problem with newbie starting extensions

I think another easier solution would be to let downgrading ignore prerequisites, but the depending extension couldn't be upgraded until the prerequisite extension isn't on the required level again.

Re: Problem with newbie starting extensions

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