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Topic: Market 'marketrangedemand/supply' exports are misnamed

On the 'markets in range' tab, if you shift-click to export global buy/sell orders, the filename is based on the item last viewed under the 'supply/demand' tab, even if the 'markets in range' tab is from a different item, thus exporting the data under the wrong filename.

This is easily reproduced:

- open the market, select an item to view (e.g. Arbalest) and click on the 'supply & demand' tab (if this was not already selected).
- click the 'markets in range' tab (it'll show it's from the Arbalest), and export the views
- now, with this tab open, click another item (Argano comes to mind); the views will change accordingly
- if you export these views, the filename will still be from the Arbalest, but containing the displayed data, so this is from the Argano.

If you proceed to click the 'supply/demand' tab, the view will quickly switch from the Arbalest to the Argano, showing the market window (not the views) internally still thinks you're viewing the Arbalest as far as naming the exports go. This is also the work-around, but annoying if you export a batch (e.g. a whole market group).

Re: Market 'marketrangedemand/supply' exports are misnamed


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