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Topic: Perpetuum Manufacturing Spreadsheet

Greetings All,

Finished my spreadsheet for manufacturing.  Have both formulas for refining and mass production inputted into it.

To use, just modify the sections mostly in "white" for Material Ratio Points and CT ratio.
You can also adjust "your value" of Raw Materials.

Finally, input the number of commodities needed by the "base" item you want to produce, NOT the adjusted required at the factory terminal.

I've inputted "base" value for Fragments, which you are also able to change as needed, that section is not in white however.

This spreadsheet will allow you to see the "difference" in Nic value when adding "points" into the Material Effeciency and Refining extensions, as well as the changes based on market values of minerals.  It will also allow you to look at the "value" of a commodity, and then you can decide whether to refine yourself, or put up buy orders.

REMEMBER to use the points you get at the terminals you plan on crafting at.  The current listed on the spreadsheet is my production guys.  It is a total of Facility, Relations, and Extensions, as well as the CT bonus for mass production.

Reply here if it's useful to folks, or if you find any mistakes in my formulas.

I'm planning on revising it to be more in depth for my personal uses, and will post updates here as I do for the Perpetuum crafting community.

Good luck and have fun all.


Re: Perpetuum Manufacturing Spreadsheet

Plans for future revisions:

Drop down settings for building all robots, mk1 and mk2.

Drop down setting for building all modules, T1-T4.

Will allow you to just input your numbers, and choose a selection of what you are building.

Later I will add Time Efficiency formulas to show how much time it will take to build, and modifiers based on the number to be built for both Time Efficiency and Material.

This is just the first, basic revision.  More to come in the next few days.

Re: Perpetuum Manufacturing Spreadsheet

Looks nice; thanks for sharing this!



Re: Perpetuum Manufacturing Spreadsheet

Thanks for doing this William, I have been hella lazy and just scamming off a fellow alliance mate's google Doc smile)

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Re: Perpetuum Manufacturing Spreadsheet

hehe, aye, google docs can be useful, but trying to make a more organized and functional utility.

Hoping soon that all folks will have to do is enter their bonus numbers, select what they want to build and the number of cycles they have planned (mk2 and t1-4 selectoins), then just hit enter and see all of the commodities, fragments, cortexes, and the values of them all, in one easy to use utility.

I've made a few for other games, so trying to use those as a sort of guideline.  The next phase of it is almost done.