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Greetings all,

Last year before I had my sabbatical from Perpetuum, I had begun an amatuer review series and posted them on and a few other gaming websites.  I know they are a year old, so wanted to ask some of the players to help me update them.  I was unable to really promote them as I normally like doing, so I am planning on "bringing them up to speed" on the game mechanics now.

I have already been giving a lot of interviews with other players, privately and publicly in General Chat, to begin a brand new review cycle.  I have 3 more in the works, to cover the new systems like Incursions, Gamma islands with the terraforming and station building, as the rest (mining changes, beacons).

So, if I could please borrow some time: … 03#4336403 … 11#4340311

Part three is an interview with Smokeyii and Syndic I performed, which all things considerred, I find ironic.  So enjoy: … 73#4352473

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those reviews are old ones, right?

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Aye anni, from last year.  I'm making an attempt at bringing those more "up to date" as well as writing new ones.  Last July to be exact.  They were a bit rushed, and I didn't get everything done.  Like the all of the PvE, is why I skpped ahead to PvP.