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Topic: Gamma-loto #5 (Drawing on the 21st)

A few changes from feedbacks.

This will become a weekly lottery with winning numbers from RL lottery. I will be using www.megamillions.com They host their lottery twice a week, 1 on Tuesday and 1 on Friday Eastern Standard time at 11:00pm

This one will run until noon EST on the 21st with the drawing held at 11pm same day.


The process for purchasing and determining winner in this lottery is as following:

The winning number will be the "Megaball" drawn on Friday. It's a number from 1 to 46

You can buy a "share" into the number (from 1-46) at 1 million nic each, sent to character "Lottery" with a mail on which numbers you are purchasing and how much. There are no limit to the number of shares you purchase on any particular number and no limit to how many numbers you can participate in.

Entry must be in before Friday 12:00 Eastern Standard time (18:00 server time). Any entry after the closing will be considered as entry to following week's lottery. The spreadsheet with all participants and their shares will be revealed after Entry closes and before the REAL lottery begins.

The prize pool will be divided among the winner or winners according to the number of "Shares" they purchased on the winning number. Example: 150m prize pool, x bought 4 shares in the winning number, y bought 5 shares and z bought 1 shares.
x gets 60m, y gets 75m, z gets 15m

Prize pool = 90% of the Shares sold. 10% will be taken for administrative work.

In the case where no one purchased the winning number, the entire prize pool will be rolled onto the following week's drawing until it's won.

And to get the ball rolling: 25m Have been added to the prize pool
Good luck agents.

Re: Gamma-loto #5 (Drawing on the 21st)


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