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Topic: Gamma-loto #3

And we are back for another round of lottery

Aug 28th till Sept 4th Server time. Drawing held on the 5th.

Ticket price is 1m each, sent to character "kokoturtle"
MAX OF 10 TICKET per CHARACTER. Any additional amount would be refunded back to the character. Spreadsheet will be updated at least once a day. Give it a few hours if you don't see your name on the sheet.

Two winner will be announce with 70% to 1st place and 30% to 2nd place.

Prize pool is equal to 100% of the ticket sold + additional 50m

The process of determining winner will be:
Modulo of the sum of first 10 number taken in General Chat on day of the drawing by the number of ticket sold.
Repeat process for 2nd place.

A spreadsheet to keep track of your ticket number and progress of the sales can be seen here:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … WTFE#gid=1

Donations of both nic and bots are welcome to grant additional prizes in the 3rd, 4th etc.

Good luck agents.

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Re: Gamma-loto #3

Prize pool: 82M
1st place: 57.4M
2nd place: 24.6M

First Place: Ticket #22 (BLACKOMEN)
[00:02:00] <Kokomut> alright people, we will start the drawing for the lottery
[00:02:23] <Kokomut> If I could get your help in typing out random numbers please
[00:02:33] <Kokomut> I will record the first 10 numbers from this point on
[00:03:32] <Kokomut> please just call out any number
[00:03:35] <Kokomut> from 1 to whatever
[00:03:45] <Slashqian> 42
[00:03:52] <satiricalTech> 900
[00:04:07] <Zhoul> 78
[00:04:07] <AnniXa> 89
[00:04:15] <AnniXa> 484598592857
[00:04:18] <AnniXa> 263544
[00:04:20] <AnniXa> 2644
[00:04:21] <AnniXa> 23
[00:04:23] <AnniXa> 2634423426
[00:04:24] <AnniXa> 9877987

Math: 42+900+78+89+484598592857+263544+2644+23+2634423426+9877987= 487243161590
Modulo by 32 = 22

2nd Place - ticket #6 (ASKULI)
lb]00:07:31] <Kokomut> Ok, can i get another set of 10 numbers for 2nd place
[00:07:37] <Kokomut> start now:
[00:07:38] <Blackomen> 1
[00:07:39] <Zhoul> 8384
[00:07:39] <AnniXa> 498
[00:07:43] <AnniXa> 98719324
[00:07:44] <Blackomen> 0
[00:07:50] <AnniXa> 9871
[00:07:54] <Zhoul> 5556789
[00:07:57] <AnniXa> 1111
[00:07:59] <AnniXa> 7331
[00:08:00] <AnniXa> 1337

Math = 1+8384+498+98719324+9871+5556789+1111+7331+1337=104304646
Modulo by 32 = 6

Winnings have been distributed

Re: Gamma-loto #3


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