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Topic: Gamma-loto renewed!

Dear Fellas,

Picking up where Burial left off I'm here to announce the 2nd Gamma-loto  running from Aug 17th till Aug 24th Server time. Drawing held on the 25th. CURRENT PRICE POOL 120m and growing

Ticket price is 1m each, sent to character "kokoturtle"

MAX OF 10 TICKET per CHARACTER. Any additional amount would be refunded back to the character.

Two winner will be announce with 70% to 1st place and 30% to 2nd place.
Prize pool is equal to 100% of the ticket sold + additional 50m

The process of determining winner will be:

Modulo of the sum of first 10 number taken in General Chat on day of the drawing by the number of ticket sold.
Repeat process for 2nd place.

A spreadsheet to keep track of your ticket number and progress of the sales can be seen here:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … 3ZfZDBWTFE

Donations of both nic and bots are welcome to grant additional prizes in the 3rd, 4th etc.

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

isnt that a little late - we are already at the "Gamma frontier"

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
Whining - It's amazing how fast your trivial concerns will disappear

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Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

I suck coming up with names, taking suggestions smile

Name changed to reflect inspiration from Burial

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

sry in a lottery every person should only be able to buy one ticket. at least with current population. if i bring 200mil then i basicly have both first and second price and can say thax for the money...

im not in under these conditions. sry.

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Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

Valid point.

Since no one bought more than 10 ticket at a time yet. I will put a max ticket number to 10 per character. Also changing prize pool to add an additional 50m.

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

This epic scam look trustworthy to me. I'm in.

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

Jackpot at 112m and growing! Get into the action before the deadline!

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

And the results are:

First Place: - Ticket Number 5 - Congrat Ikulk4 winner of 92.4M nic
[00:16:33] <Doek> 18
[00:16:54] <Blackomen> 172
[00:17:08] <Doek> 28
[00:17:14] <Tamas Vitez> 1024
[00:17:17] <Sprocket> 4
[00:17:19] <Tamas Vitez> 65535
[00:17:20] <Doek> 72
[00:17:24] <Tamas Vitez> 1234
[00:17:28] <Tamas Vitez> 4567
[00:17:31] <Tamas Vitez> 987

[00:18:29] <Kokomut> 18, 172, 28, 1024, 4, 65535, 72, 1234, 4567 and 987
[00:19:25] <Kokomut> Sum of that is 73641, and Modulo of it by 82 is 5

Second Place: Ticket Number 2 - Congrat MQX - winner of 39.6M nic
[00:21:56] <Kokomut> now let's move on to 2nd place
[00:22:11] <Kokomut> please provide 10 number, from 0 to whatever
[00:22:12] <Kokomut> start now
[00:22:13] <Sinceto> 9001 !
[00:22:19] <Celebro> 54651
[00:22:21] <cutman> 856
[00:22:45] <Doek> 6543
[00:22:55] <cutman> 8432
[00:22:58] <Doek> 8964
[00:22:59] <Celebro> 85
[00:23:03] <Doek> 442
[00:23:05] <Celebro> 1
[00:23:06] <Doek> 653

[00:23:59] <Kokomut> 9001, 54651, 856, 6543, 8432, 8964, 85, 442, 1, 653
[00:26:22] <Kokomut> Sum total = 89628 MOD by 82 = 2

I will give a chance for everyone to check the math. If no objections, Nic will be transfered within 24 hours.

Thank you all for participating. Another one will be hosted next week.

Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

Prizes are paid to winners. Thank you all for participation.


Re: Gamma-loto renewed!

thanks for organising this, it was fun! oddly enough the luck was in my favour this time! smile